Vampire Vacation (Page 7)

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“Can I help you?” inquires the tall, leather-clad Asian man. His rigid penis juts out from where the black chaps don't cover, exposing a tight leather cock ring complete with a metal-studded ball separator. His glans glistens with moisture from recent attention. Jet Natushara's heavy leather biker boots thump as he takes two steps toward me at the door. My eyes rise from the chaps to take in the rest of his ensemble. A finely tooled vest leaves his chest mostly exposed. The black leather showcases the slim dangling silver chain connecting his pierced nipples.

“Shut the door. You're letting the heat out,” he adds casually.

I move as if on autopilot, actions independent from thought. Stepping in, I swing the door closed with one hand and stand perfectly still. I can't stop staring. The sights assailing me have a mixed effect.

Where Jet was standing, there's a male human companion on his knees dressed like a slave. Wiping his mouth on the back of his arm, he pouts.

A burly man, with a slight paunch, stands across the room. He's wearing full body leather, complete with a hood.

Crap! It's Bob, one of our ground crew, easily identified by his familiar scent.

Bob's armed with a whip and has lowered his arm from its previous striking position. Christ, that's one for the books. I never would have pegged this leather-encased enforcer as the mild-mannered man who likes to drive the heavy machinery.

Which leaves the last in this foursome to be Natsuhara's mate. Matt must be the naked man spread-eagled while restrained against the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. The furniture has been pushed against one wall to give them all more room. Matt's head is turned to the side and he's wearing a ball gag and cage mask. It reminds me of Hannibal Lector's transport get-up. He sports bloody slash marks across his muscular upper back. Judging by the lack of struggling, eyebrows raised in question at my intrusion, and the state of his huge erection, it's a safe bet to assume this is all consensual.

I'm torn between wanting to run screaming from the room to bleach my eyeballs and wishing the floor would open up at my feet to swallow me whole.

Snapping back into focus, I realize they are all staring. At me. Why wouldn't they be? I'm the one who put a pause to the obvious fun. A clearing of a throat brings my wide-eyed gaze back to the eyes of the man in the room wearing the cock ring.

“Uh, I heard a scream and was worried. I apologize for my error. I'll be going now.” I fumble behind me for the knob, not turning because I can't seem to look away from all the heated flesh in the room. Look away! Look away! It's like a car crash you pass on the highway. You don't want to see, but can't seem to stop yourself.

A soft laugh reaches my ears. Jet looks amused by my awkwardness. “Want to join us? We can always make room for one more, especially one with new parts to explore.”

He walks to me, placing a hand on my flushed cheek. Before I have a chance to process the fact that it might not be a good idea to let him touch me, his desires rush at me full force. Apparently, Jet would like nothing better than to tie me to the bed and let every one of them here bring me over again and again “against” my will. The group doesn't enjoy rape and that wouldn't be what it was. Jet enjoys the appearance that perhaps I might not want it all to happen, making it a little bit more naughty.

Jerking my head back, I break the contact. Unfortunately, not before the images have had a chance to invade my thoughts while searing into my brain for eternity. To have them pleasure me for hours doesn't sound all bad when you actually think about it. Four mouths to explore and worship my every curve. Four sets of hands to tease, rub, and entice my hot flesh. Four eager pricks fighting to fill every hole in my body at once.

Is it hot in here? I shiver all over at the prospect while Jet's eyes dance with excitement.

“The thought intrigues you, does it not?”

Time for a little polite diplomacy and get my ass out of here.

“How could it not when you're all so beautifully aroused?” I must be careful to not insult this proud, powerful man. “I thank you for the offer, which is a tempting one, believe me. But I've made a vow to Rafe. I will not break it.”

“Ah, a lucky man, that one. Well, since you see we are all fine… ” He trails off, expecting me to pick up the blatant invite to leave. Can't blame him. If I don't want to join the party then I should leave.

Staring again at all the excited cocks, my mind freezes for a moment.

“Y-y-yeees!” I stutter like a fool.

Where is my composure of a moment ago?

“I'll be getting back to the main building now.”

Still not turning. Still fumbling for the door.

I can't seem to pull my eyes away from all of the straining, silky flesh… It should be illegal to look that tempting. Oh wait, I think in several states what they are doing may very well be illegal.

Jet reaches behind me to open the door.

“There you go now. We'll see you later.”

My cheeks heat from embarrassment. I back up until my feet hit the porch. Jet smiles broadly at the thoughts painted clearly on my red face while closing the door on me.

His voice barks out, “Back to the whip! I want to see him bleed!”

The sounds of boots thump a retreat from the door. I hear the whoosh of leather singing through the air followed by the crack of it landing on heated flesh.

Yowza. That's not a sight I'll be able to get out of my mind for a while. I turn, running away before my hearing can pick up the wet sucking noises I'm sure will be quick to follow. There's an undeniable wetness in my long johns, making me glad I put them on. Wet and wiggling against a seam of thick jeans isn't very comfortable.

Steer the mind away… steer the mind away… deep breath in and out.

It would be smarter to focus on the business angle and how I can best use this new information. Jet's such a private man, I'm not really surprised he would rather play this out in his cabin than in the resort dungeon rooms. Then again, he may not know we have them. A fact I should note in his file and suggest a tour for their group tomorrow. Let him decide on his own if he'd like to give the rooms a whirl.

I'll need to follow up with Bob as well to make sure Jet clouds his memories enough so tales of the evening don't carry throughout our staff. I make sure any employee involved in the BDSM games either can't recall all the details or keep their mouths shut about them. Respect and privacy go hand in hand with our prices and guest reputations are a high security issue.

Realizing I'm doing more harm than good with my bumbling detective work, I decide to head back to the main building. Opening the back door to our kitchen, I'm enveloped by the heat and smells of the room. I stiffen after entry at the sounds that assail my ears. Rafe and Jon laughing together? This is an unexpected turn of events.

They are seated together at the table. The scent of caramelized onions with peppers, sauteed mushrooms and a perfectly cooked steak fills my head. They lean together over the center of the table, clinking their beers while Rafe completes the sentence I walked in on.

“… and then she starts to scribble it all down furiously in one of those damn little notebooks she's always using!”

Jon continues to laugh along with him as a slow light begins to dawn in my brain.

These son-of-a-bitches are laughing at me! Me! I could crush their little brains with a single thought. I could make them writhe on the floor in pain. I could make them pee themselves.

Or, I could use this to my advantage.

It would be nice not to have them at each other's throats. If what they need is a moment to come together, complaining or laughing at me, then so be it.

I may not be cut out to be a world-class New York City detective any time soon, but that's okay. I am secure enough I don't need to be good at everything all the time.

How to proceed? Their heads whip around at the sound of the door closing while I decide to continue the fragile moment of camaraderie.

“You think that was funny? Wait till you hear what I saw at cabin two… “

By the time I'm done narrating what I've just been through, they both have tears coursing down their faces.

“I don't think I'll ever be able to look at Bob the same way,” Jon gets out between guffaws.

“Now, now. Don't make me regret sharing. We've all seen worse in the rooms upstairs. It was so unexpected it made the moment funnier than the discovery.”

“Yeah, but still… a leather hood? Damn, that must have been a sight!” Jon rises from his chair to carry his plate to the counter. “Thanks for the meal, Rafe. I needed it.”

Judging from the time, he hadn't slept the whole hour.

He stretches then leans back against the sink. “I'm still a bit bushed. Maybe I'll head to bed early tonight. See you both later.” He heads for the door then turns back with a smile.

“Viv? How about we check out room six tomorrow morning early?” Jon says with a small smile.

I bet he's replaying the scene Rafe was telling him. Ass.

“Fine. I'll meet you here so we can head up together. Let's say around eight?” He nods his agreement and leaves. Through our entire exchange, Rafe remains silent.

“I thought it best to stay quiet to allow the good vibes last a bit longer. It's a rare moment when I don't feel like pummeling the guy.''

“Yes, I know. Imagine my surprise when I discovered what brought it about.” I give him a glare to remind him. He appears a bit uncomfortable. Good.

“Um, about that… see, it started innocent enough, with both of us rehashing what has happened so far… and… uh… “

I decide to save him from himself.

“It's okay, love. Really. I couldn't care less. There was a moment there when I almost crushed you both like bugs, but it was brief.” I smile to lessen the sting. “We've certainly had an odd day, haven't we? Considering it's not even nine o'clock yet and we've got a ways to go.”

Rafe looks at me closely. “You look better than you did when you left. How are you feeling?”

“Still not myself. I need to bleed some of this energy off. I almost exposed myself tonight, and not in a good way.” I fill him in on my conversation with Drew. “I think I left it okay, but he's a hard one to read.”

“Oh, that's not good. We'll see him later tonight?”

“Yes, we should.”

“You haven't touched him yet in the week he's been here? How come?”

“I was not at the front desk when he checked in,” I answer a little sharp. “The plane arrived earlier than expected, something about getting good tailwinds. Now I'm thinking no advanced phone call on behalf of the shuttle driver was an elaborate scheme to avoid me.”

“Relax, I'm not criticizing, just asking.” His sharp eyes take in my agitated state. I'm not normally so sensitive.

Rafe stares at me a bit longer, tilting his head to the side. “I know what will help.” Scooting his chair out a bit, he pats his hard thighs in invitation. “Come on over here and climb aboard. No time like the present.”

I know exactly what he intends, picking the thought from his mind. He's right.

Walking toward him in my bulky clothing, I peel off my coat, dropping it to the floor before straddling his lap.

“Hey, I do need to talk to you after this, and we don't have a lot of time. This is not going to be a major undertaking, okay, babe?”

He grins back at me. “Ah, only time for a quick bite? Then let's get to it.”

Normally, I'd never be the one to push a quickie. I love to draw every blood exchange out, letting the emotions rack our bodies. This murder hangs over our heads, while I become more tense and worried. I want to talk about the death, work out a plan on what to do, but time seems to be getting away from me. Yes, I'm a control freak. And it has helped me survive a long, long time.

Rafe senses the tension coiled under my skin. It permeates every fiber, feeling like it's pushing to get out. I feel the need to do-to be doing something-now, NOW!

He runs his hands up and down my arms to soothe me.

“Shush, my liebling, you must turn your mind off sometimes,” he coos in a soft voice.

Like I can shut it down any time soon. The werewolf blood's driving me hard and making my skin feel itchy again. So much for my yoga pose helping me to achieve some calm.

Rafe kisses me lightly on the mouth while reaching for a small silver paring knife on the kitchen table. I feel a sharp nick on my neck a split second before his hot mouth latches on to the cut. The knife clatters back to the table with a twist of his wrist. Rafe's fingers reach between us as he pulls deeply on my neck.

The pressure of his hand, palm in, on the seam of my jeans is delicious. He slowly rubs the juncture between my legs. The action gives me something to focus on in the rush of sensations. The weight against my mound feels firm and steady, arousing me in the heat of our exchange.

My attention snaps back at Rafe's first deep pull from the slight wound. The feeding allows me to push some of the excess power out with the flow of my life force. Rafe moans against my skin from the power coursing through our joining, his tongue lapping in delicate strokes at the torn edges of skin.

So much, liebling. I can see why you felt so high strung. Give more to me.

I didn't know I needed a release so soon after my last one, but my body responds instantly. My hips thrust forward into his hand while I reach up to secure his head more firmly against my neck. Pushing more power into him, I sense his teeth working the wound to keep it open. The vampire ability to heal quickly closes the wound before we've both had enough.

When Rafe bites down hard to re-open the cut, his next draw mixes with the delicious pain of his bite, sending me streaking over the brink, moaning out and thrusting like a wild woman toward his clever hand.

One more long, deep suck brings a yell from me.

Writhing in his lap, I convulse and lean forward onto his chest. The orgasm came on so quickly, there's no time to register the full intensity of the release before the after-shudders wrack my body.

Ah, quickies can be nice, especially when you don't expect them.

Rafe leans back to slip two fingers from his other hand into my mouth. I suck languidly for a brief, delectable moment. He withdraws them with reluctance to coat the bite on my neck with the saliva. It helps heals the new injury while Rafe licks the small trace amounts of blood off my neck, leaving soft kisses behind.

“You needed that, hon. The energy had to be bled off a little.”

Barking out a ragged laugh, I sag forward onto his big, warm chest. “A little? You think?”

He rubs my back slowly up and down, almost like he's trying to calm a runaway horse. Pretty accurate when considering my actions from before.

Nudging against my lower abdomen is the hardness of Rafe's unspent pleasure. “You know I don't like to leave you hanging, but there isn't a lot of time for the thorough attention I'd like to give certain parts of your anatomy right now.”

He chuckles. “Never you fear, it'll keep for later. Let's have the talk you were so concerned about.”