Until Trevor (Page 12)

“Please,” I mumble. We have been doing this same thing every day for the last couple of weeks. I’m ready to kill Trevor; I’m not sure if there’s such a thing as blue balls for women, but if it’s possible, I have a horrible case of them.

“We have to stop, baby,” he grumbles, rolling to his back, his arm going over his eyes. I can’t take it anymore. I’m in actual pain; even though he has explained it more than once, I do not understand for one second why he keeps putting off us sleeping together. I roll out of bed, run to the bathroom, and slam the door. I feel bad; I know that every time he turns me down, he’s hurting himself as well. It was endearing for the first week; now I’m starting to feel like he doesn’t want me like I want him. How would any woman feel if the guy who is known around town for being a male slut-bag kept saying no every time her hands started moving towards his X-rated body parts? I turn on the shower and jump in before the water even gets hot; the freezing cold water beating down on me helps get my body back under control. “How much longer can I do this?” I whisper, leaning my head against the tile behind me.

Chapter 5


“Jesus,” I groan, shifting my dick to the side. Three weeks of having Liz in my bed every night without taking her is killing me. I want to build on our relationship before we add sex into the mix. Every woman I have ever been with was for one reason and one reason only, and I don’t want that with her. But I can read the signs; she’s becoming fed up with my do-not-pass-second-base, do-not-collect-the-pussy rule I have instigated. Every day it is becoming harder and harder not to slide into her, or put my mouth on her. Rolling out of bed, I pull up a pair of cut off sweats. I can hear the shower running; knowing she’s in there wet and soapy makes it harder to leave the room. I walk down the hall to the kitchen, flip on the coffee pot, and Lolly comes in through the dog door I put in last night. She’s wagging her tail and I bend over to give her a rub down. “You want breakfast?” I ask her, leaning over to open the cabinet to get out a can of wet food. I mix it with some dry food and set it on the floor in front of her. I hear my cell ring from my bedroom. I walk down the hall and over to what was now my side of the bed. Liz likes to sleep on the right side, not that it matters; we always end up in the middle.


“Yo, T. We gotta go to Alabama today to pick up an order.”

“No, take Nico with you.”

“He’s up with Kenton in Nashville. It’s just one night, T. Jesus, you already p**sy whipped?”

If any of my brothers knew that I have been putting sleeping with Liz off, they would have a f**king heyday with that shit. “Its overnight?” We hadn’t had an overnight trip in a long time, and the idea of sleeping without Liz doesn’t sit well.

“We leave this afternoon from the site, and we should be back tomorrow night.” Just then, the bathroom door opens. Liz steps out in nothing but a small towel that doesn’t cover much.

“Yeah, alright. Make the reservations,” I mumble into the phone, not taking my eyes off her.

“Sure. See you at the site. Say hi to Liz.” He hangs up. I toss my phone on the bed and start stalking towards Liz, who now looks like she’s stuck in place. I feel the smile hit my face, and her eyes narrow.

“Do not touch me, Trevor Mayson.” She takes a step back when I lunge at her.

“I like touching you, and you like me touching you.”

“No. No more touching,” she moans, her body bowing back against my arm, trying to put space between us.

“I’m going to be gone overnight,” I mumble, sliding the stubble of my chin along her neck. She moans, her body melting into me. I love that she responds so easily to my touch. I take her earlobe into my mouth, biting down gently. I’m so hard that the feel of my boxers against my erection is killing me. “You’re going to sleep here tonight and keep my side of the bed warm. Right, baby?” I ask, my hand sliding down to the bottom of the towel, running my fingers along the edge. I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself. I listen as her breathing changes; her breaths coming faster and faster as my fingers run up her thigh. “Are you listening to me?” I whisper, as I bite lightly down on her neck.

“What?” she moans, her fingernails scrapping against my scalp. She loves my hair. If it wasn’t such a bitch to take care of, I would let it grow out so she could grab on to it when I’m eating her. “I’ll stay at my place with Lolly.”

“No, you’ll stay here with Lolly. All her stuff is here; she’s used to being here.” I’m grasping at straws, but I like her here in my space, knowing that when I get home she will be waiting for me. I lick her mouth, her chin, her neck, her collarbone; her fingernails are digging into my scalp. All I want to do is toss her on the bed, spread her legs, and feast; or I’d pick her up, press her into the wall, and slide into her, but there is no time for either. We both have to get to work. My hands go to her face, holding her gently. “Just give me peace of mind and stay here.”

“Fine!” she cries, trying to bend further away, but she’s so tiny that I can pick her up with one hand if I want.

“Just put my mind at ease and stay here.” I say quietly, distracted by the feel of the skin on her thighs.

“I said I’ll stay here; so let me go so I can get ready for work.” I squeeze her ass; she moans, still trying to pull away.

“You gotta know, it’s killing me not to slide inside you.” I press my erection into her belly; she bites her lip, shaking her head. “It is,” I tell her, pressing her against the wall, determined to at least get her off before I have to be away overnight. Putting more pressure on her h*ps stills her movements. Sliding my hand from her ass to her belly, I look into her beautiful face. Her cheeks are flushed, her lips are swollen, and her unusual green eyes are dark with lust. “I’m going to make you come, baby.” Biting her neck, my fingers slide through her wetness, making her h*ps jerk. She whimpers, holding onto my biceps, her sharp nails digging into my skin. My mouth lands on hers, doing to her mouth what I want to do to her p**sy. I slide in one finger, then another, curving them up. Her head falls back against the wall. “Open your eyes.” I can feel her getting closer; it takes everything I have not to drop to my knees, toss her leg over my shoulder, and take her with my mouth. When she looks at me, I use my thumb and press, then circle, her cl*t two times. She clamps down on my fingers, screaming my name, her head falling back, her eyes closing. When her eyes open, she gives me a smile I have never seen on her before. I want to take my fingers and suck them into my mouth, but my restraint is already slipping and knowing how she tastes would be the final straw. I pick her up, carrying her to the bed. I sit with her in my lap, her face going into the crook of my neck. I start to laugh at how relaxed she is.

“Are you laughing?” Her words mumbling into my skin make me laugh harder. Her face comes out of my neck and she glares at me. “What’s so funny?”

“Now I know if you get in a huff, all I have to do is give you an orgasm, and you settle your ass down.”

“You did not just say that.” She shakes her head, but doesn’t move from her spot on my lap. “So, you’re going to be gone overnight?”

“Yeah, we need to go pick up an order.” I pull her face away from my chest to look into her eyes. “The wedding’s coming up,” I remind her; I’m excited to spend the weekend on the beach with her half-naked.

“I know.” Her voice cracks and I’m reminded of her shithead brother. She’s worried that he won’t be able to find the money to pay back the guys he owes.

“I’m going to call Kenton and see if he can track him down.” I pull her tighter, rubbing circles on her back. We sit like that for a while, her body so relaxed that I think she’s asleep. Its’ crazy how much my life has changed, and how happy I am now that I have accepted what I was feeling for this beautiful woman who seemed so shy the first time I met her. Little did I know, she’s not shy at all, just quiet; it’s almost like she studies people before taking a chance and talking to them. “It’s going to suck sleeping without you, even if you are a bed hog,” I say, feeling her smile against my chest.

“How can I be a bed hog when you basically sleep on top of me?” True, I have never been one to cuddle; but with her, I like knowing where she is, and that she can’t get away without me knowing. “I guess I should get up and get dressed. It’s my turn to open the shop.”

“Yeah, I need to pack and meet Cash at the site.” Her lip pouts out, so I bite it, giving it a gentle tug. “Just think, in a few days, it will be you, me, ocean, sun, and sand.”

“I know. I’m just worried about Tim. He called the other day saying that he didn’t know if he was going to make it.” She rolls her eyes.

“I told you how I feel; I think you need to let your mom know what’s going on.”

“I can’t!” She jumps up so fast that she almost falls over. “Mom is stressed about the wedding; if I told her what was going on with Tim, she’d call it off to deal with his problems. She deserves her happily ever after.”

I hold up my hands, warding her off. We have been through this a few times already, and every time, it comes back to the same thing. “If he shows up for the wedding, I’m kicking his ass.”

“No, if he shows up for the wedding, I’m kicking his ass.” I lean forward, grab her behind her thighs, and drag her forward to stand between my legs.

“Why don’t you call November and see if she wants to do dinner tonight? I’m sure she wouldn’t mind getting out of the house for a little while.”

“I doubt that Asher will let her leave the house,” she grumbles, looking adorable.

I laugh, pulling her closer. My brother loves his girls, but said the other day that November needed a break. And I’d feel better knowing that Liz had something to do while I was out of town.

“Just call her.”

“Fine,” she sighs. I know she misses her friend.

“You need another orgasm?” My hands slide up the back of her thighs.

“What? No!” she laughs, her cheeks turning pink while she tries to take a step back. So I hold her behind the knees tighter, pulling her even closer.

“You sure? You seem a little grumpy, baby.”

Her eyes narrow, making her look cute as hell. “I need to get ready to work. And you need to pack.”

Running my hands up the back of her thighs again, my fingers curve inward. “Kiss me and I’ll let you go.” Seeing the effect my touch has on her makes my blood pound. It is its own aphrodisiac; I love knowing that I was the one who made her lips swollen, eyes darken, and cheeks turn pink. I want to beat my chest like a f**king caveman. “Come on, kiss me,” I say, squeezing her thighs tighter.

“Fine,” she sighs, bending her face towards mine. I fist the hair at the back of her head, causing her to moan.

“You really want another orgasm, don’t you?” I see her eyes flash right before I pull her mouth to mine, getting as much of her taste inside of me as I can.