The Sheriff Catches a Bride (Page 39)

The Sheriff Catches a Bride (Cowboys of Chance Creek #5)(39)
Author: Cora Seton

“Whatever you want,” she said, a blush flooding her delicate skin. “Three wishes,” she added, a playful smile curving the corners of her mouth.

Three wishes? Cab nearly groaned aloud with the possibilities. How far could he take this? Given the willingness with which Rose had played this game so far, he thought he could push her a little bit.

“Wish number one,” he said and turned her around, guided her toward the pool table and placed her hands on its edge. He stood behind her as she leaned over the table, looking back at him uncertainly. “Not to make love,” he assured her, taking a position behind her. “I just want to look at you. I want to feel you.” As if he meant to frisk a perpetrator, he used his foot to nudge her stance wider. He used one hand at her neck to bend her farther over the table, the other to pull her hips against him. Could she feel his hardness through his jeans against her backside? He hoped so. He hoped she knew how badly he wanted her, how much he wanted to worship her body. With his free hand he began to stroke her; down her hip, over her ass, wrapping around to tease the sensitive skin of inner thigh, up and over her hip again, then her waist and up to brush her breast.

Rose moaned aloud as he traced the curve of it, then whimpered as his hand fell away. He repeated the process with both hands until she writhed against him each time he cupped her breasts from behind. He could smell the muskiness of her and he knew she was ready for him to take this further. One more caress over the length of her body, and Cab took one of her wrists, turned her around and kissed her again.

By the time they broke the kiss he was straining against the confines of his pants. Time to do something about that. He undid the button and zipper, shucked them off and tossed them aside, then followed their trajectory with his boxers and stood before Rose, as naked as she was.

Her gaze dipped to take him in then rose again and her cheeks pinked even more. “Ah, Rose,” he growled and tugged her toward him. “Wish number two,” he said and pushed lightly on her shoulders. Rose dropped to her knees without any need for further explanation, and grasped him in her hands as if she was as eager for this as he was. He held his breath. His reward came swiftly as she leaned forward, her full breasts dipping and swaying with the movement, and took him into her mouth.

Cab couldn’t believe the way this was playing out. He didn’t know how he knew this would be okay with Rose, but he had the feeling he could do no wrong today. They were in sync with each other in a way he’d never been with a woman before. Rose took her time with him, letting him know this was no chore for her, but a pleasure. The way she moved her body along with her mouth was a feast for his eyes. He wrapped a hand in her hair, guided her movements and shut his eyes in the face of unbelievable pleasure.

When Rose wrapped her arms around him, taking hold of his ass and bringing him deeper, he thought he’d died and gone to heaven. He was so close… so close…

But he wasn’t going to finish this way. Not today.

Reluctantly he pulled back and gently helped her to her feet. A glance around the room told him none of the furniture in here was good enough for his first time with his Rose. He scooped her into his arms, strode out of the room and into his bedroom, where he deposited her gently on the silky comforter of his bed.

Rose stretched out, languorously lifting her arms over her head, and watched him as he climbed atop of the bed and moved to cover her.

“You’re beautiful,” he said, pinning her wrists with his much larger hands. “Is this all right?”

She nodded and the knowledge that she trusted him—in this at least—set him on fire all over again.

“Are you sure?” He waited for her answer.


Rose couldn’t believe how wanton she’d been this afternoon. Joining the game that Cab started. Stripping off her sweater, then her blouse, then her bra, then everything else.

Baring herself to him.

Granting three wishes to him.

Then playing along with each of them without even thinking twice. Now Cab hovered over her, asking her to give him permission to make love to her. She didn’t have to think twice about this, either. She knew what she wanted.


When he pinned her wrists to the bed, she felt no fear; instead she felt worshipped, adored, cherished. Cab would never hurt her, she knew that to the core of her being, and that gave her the freedom to give him reign over her entire body.

“Yes,” she said again, hoping he understood all that she meant to grant him. He reached for the side table, flicked open a drawer and pulled out a condom. After another moment he had it on and hovered over her again.

When he used his knee to nudge her legs open wide, Rose closed her eyes and waited breathlessly. Cab didn’t disappoint her. His hardness nudged at the core of her, pushed inside a little, withdrew, and pushed inside some more.

Damn it, why was he being so gentle? She wanted all of him. Right now. She wanted it so badly she couldn’t wait another minute. Her breath expelled in a rush when he bent his head and took one nipple into his mouth. He sucked it to a stiff peak, then transferred his attention to the other one. Down below, he withdrew from her again.

Rose whimpered in disappointment and Cab chuckled above her. “What’s wrong?” he asked softly and she opened her eyes.

“I want you,” she said, brimming with frustration.

“Like this?” He nudged her a little. She nodded.

“This?” He pushed inside a little more. She nodded again, her breasts rising and falling with her quickening breaths.

“What about this?” He pushed into her all the way and Rose arched back. Now Cab held nothing back, stroking in and out of her, crushing her under his weight, surrounding her with his arms as he stoked the fires within her to a raging blaze.

“Please,” Rose gasped out when she thought he might slow down again. She spread her legs wider, lifted her hips to meet his and cried out when he increased his pace. She’d never felt so filled by a man, so worshipped by one. Never felt so possessed.

Cab slowed down and timed his strokes long and even. Rose came to herself a little more, opened her eyes and warmed to see him gazing back at her. He watched her watching him as he sped up a little and then a little more. Rose, mesmerized, couldn’t look away. She wanted him to see how utterly open to him she was. Wanted him to know how she felt.

She kept her gaze locked on his, even when he picked up speed and his strong strokes set her alight. Even when she arched and writhed with each of his movements. Even when one last, deep stroke brought her over the edge and she cried out. Cab was fast behind her, his own grunts of pleasure mixing with hers. He drove into her with unbridled passion and she met him stroke for stroke, calling out again and again until he’d wrung every ounce of passion from her. With a final grunt, Cab shuddered against her, and collapsed on top of her, pinning her to the bed.