The Cowboy Wins a Bride (Page 45)

The Cowboy Wins a Bride (The Cowboys of Chance Creek #2)(45)
Author: Cora Seton

Claire did just that, reaching up over her head to grasp the headboard. With her arms raised, her breasts were irresistible, and he didn’t hold back. As he showered them with kisses, tugging first one nipple, then the other into his mouth, squeezing them and laving them with his tongue, her breathing quickened and she closed her eyes. He kneed her legs apart and she gasped, opening them again.

He knew what she wanted and she was going to get it, but now he wanted to take his time. He kissed a trail down her stomach to her mound and then lower still. Claire groaned and bit her lip.

"Is this good?" he asked, as if he didn’t know the answer.

She looked at him with shining eyes. "It’s nice," she said, but she couldn’t fool him.

He dipped his head again. She was so sensual, so responsive. For once, all of her attention focused solely on him. He dipped lower, tasting her, teasing her, browsing her secret folds and places until she was fighting to keep from crying aloud. As he brought her to the peak of sensation, he pulled away, all of a sudden desperate to be within her – to be joined with her. A longer session would have to wait.

He moved over her, groaning himself when he positioned himself near her core. "Claire?" he whispered.

"I’m ready." Her fingers clutching the headboard were white.

She gazed at him with loving eyes and he was overcome by the strength of her trust in him. Unable to hold back any longer, he pushed inside her with a strong stroke and was rewarded with her passionate groan.

Jamie pulled out and thrust into her again, spurred on by her response. Sliding out and in again, slowly and deliberately, he moved within her until he could barely retain control. Then he sped up, the sensation building to crescendo inside him. When Claire cried out, he went over the edge with her, grunting his own release as wave after wave of feeling overpowered him.

He loved Claire, loved this woman he cradled in his arms. If she wasn’t already wearing his ring, he’d have put it on her finger tonight. They would spend their lives together, and he would make love to her every night.

He kissed her soundly and rolled off of her, snuggling her into the crook of his arm. Claire was finally his – forever.


Since no one had gotten a good night’s sleep, Ethan and Jamie decided to postpone the campout until the following day, and Rose and Tracey volunteered to take the ladies to Billings to go shopping. Claire helped Autumn do up the rooms and give the Big House a thorough cleaning. By the time the women returned, happily laden down with packages, Autumn had a gourmet dinner on that pleased everyone.

The following morning, everyone met early at the stables to saddle up for their overnight trip out onto the range. The party had swelled to nearly twice its intended size with Morgan and all the Matheson men joining in. Autumn had shaken her head, sighed, and packed more provisions into the saddle bags. She wouldn’t be coming along. Instead, Rose was taking her place as cook on the campout.

As happy as she could ever remember being, Claire helped Jamie get their guests’ horses ready for the long trek.

"I’m a little saddle sore and I haven’t even been in the saddle," he said, sneaking close for a kiss before tending to the little gray mare that Angel had ridden all week.

"You think you’re saddle sore." Claire smiled at the memory of their previous night’s lovemaking. Slow and tender and unforgettable. "Tomorrow will be worse, you know."

"Because of the ride?"

"Because of the way I’m going to ride you tonight." She blushed a little at her own boldness. Jamie’s look told her much more of that and he’d shuck off her clothes right here and now and to hell with the horses and guests.

She sobered at the thought and turned away. No illicit sex in the stable – she wasn’t her mother. A pang of unease swept through her. She was taking a hell of a chance, hitching her heart to a man like Jamie. Women adored him. How long before he got bored of her and strayed from her side?

She tried to shake off the thought. Jamie wasn’t Mack. And she wasn’t her mother. Surely the two of them could make a go of this.

Ned came into the stable and said something in low tones to Jamie. Frowning, Claire let her fingers tighten the strap she was working on. What were they talking about?

"You don’t say. Maddy? I thought she’d be more straightforward."

"She was pretty straightforward when we got down to it," Ned laughed.

"She didn’t mind the substitution?"

"She called it an upgrade." Ned slapped Jamie on the back. "Thanks, man."

"Thank you." Jamie glanced in her direction and stiffened when he caught her watching them. Ned left the stable, whistling.

"What was all that?" Claire asked the next time Jamie passed her.

He looked sheepish. "One of the guests tried to organize a little…one-on-one time with me the other night. I let Ned handle it."

"You passed up a chance for a roll in the hay? Was that before or after you found out what Morgan and I were up to?"

"Meaning would I have slept with someone else if I hadn’t known you were in danger?" There was an edge to his voice. "No, Claire. I wouldn’t have slept with her. I already arranged things with Rob. He passed it off to Ned when he heard about you and Morgan."

She dropped her gaze. "Sorry." She hated to admit to herself how much the thought of Jamie with another woman burned her through and through.

"Not sorry enough. Get it through your head. You’re the only woman for me."

She busied herself with the horses, not daring to answer that. When they exited the barn, she caught Rose’s eye. Rose was already mounted on her horse and as her gaze swept Claire and Jamie, she started in surprise, then a smile spread over her face.

Claire raised an eyebrow. What had Rose seen? Remembering their conversation in Autumn’s kitchen, she looked Jamie over, then stared down at herself. Had her energy…changed?

God, she hoped so.

* * * * *

All in all, the ride went smoothly enough and there were plenty of hands to make setting up the camp at the end of the day quick work. Rose might not have been the gourmet chef that Autumn was turning out to be, but the evening meal was incredibly tasty after a day out in the fresh air, and as dusk deepened into night the group sat around a campfire telling stories and jokes, even singing a song or two.

Autumn packed plenty of beer, and the evening definitely took on a mellow feel as it progressed. Maddy, who hadn’t made eye contact with Jamie all day, sat close to Ned. Jake and Luke made a point of squiring Liz and Adrienne around. Ethan and Christine were engaged in a conversation about the best time to wean infants. Angel had already gone to bed.