The Cowboy Lassos a Bride (Page 26)

The Cowboy Lassos a Bride (Cowboys of Chance Creek #6)(26)
Author: Cora Seton

She was already slick with need for him. Soon enough she was opening to him, begging him with her body to press inside her and start the climb toward ecstasy. When he paused to put a condom, on he took longer than usual and she realized he was checking it carefully to make sure it wouldn’t fail them like the time before.

She didn’t care anymore. She was already too far gone.

“Ready?” He gripped her hips, fingers splayed toward her ass. Hannah lifted herself on her knees and positioned herself to give him access. His powerful hands guiding her down onto him made the sensation that much better. When she started to move with him, he kept his hand where it was and used the other to draw her down to a hard kiss. Wild with need she sunk and rose, sliding him far inside of her and out again. Her breath came in pants, her thigh muscles tensing, releasing and tensing again.

“I could watch you forever.” Jake’s eyes shone up at her. He was clearly taken with the sway of her breasts and her own gaze watching him. She braced her hands to either side of his shoulders when he slid his hands down to grip her ankles.

Now he could plunge deep inside her and although she rode him, he was calling the shots. Hannah didn’t care. She was too close to sliding over the edge of her release to think of anything but the sensations of her body. The grip of his fingers, the friction of their joining, the bob of her breasts against his chest. A few minutes later he brought her to a release that shook her to her fingertips and she cried out his name. He grunted, thrusting hard within her, and urged her to even higher heights. Hannah cried out again and again and Jake shuddered within her, gripping her tight. Afterward they didn’t talk much, but Jake wrapped a possessive arm around her and held her close as he fell asleep.

How would she be able to give up these nights when her two weeks were over? How could she make any plans that would take her away from this man?

Hannah pushed the uncomfortable questions away, determined to savor every minute she was here.

Chapter Ten

“If she’s pregnant, she’ll marry you quick enough,” Holt pronounced at lunch time the following day. The family was gathered around the table at the main house. Jake helped himself to a slice of ham and put it between two thick slices of bread to form a man-sized sandwich. He wondered what Hannah was eating for lunch at work. She’d been quiet this morning as she hurried to get ready. When she’d stopped to make the bed he helped her, remembering how prickly she’d been when he tried to thank her for cleaning up his mess the day before. Then he trailed behind her as she cruised through the rest of the house straightening the pillows on the couch and making sure all the dishes in the sink were done. She was a lot neater than he was, that was for sure. He kind of liked it.

“I don’t know about that.”

“Of course she will. What else would she do?”

“Times have changed,” Lisa said. “A girl can do whatever she wants to now.”

“She’s going to Montana State,” Jake said.

“When do classes start?” Lisa passed him the platter of ham.

“End of January.”

“She won’t go to school if she’s pregnant,” Holt assured him. “No woman would do that.”

Lisa gave an exasperated sigh. “This isn’t the Middle Ages, Holt. No one cares if women are pregnant. They do what they like. Half of them don’t have husbands.”

“Damn fools,” Holt said.

“If she doesn’t marry Jake, her baby won’t be a Matheson,” Ned put in, stirring things up as usual. Jake shot him a dirty look that Ned ignored.

“You mind your own business,” Lisa said to him. “Jake’s got trouble enough without you giving him more to worry about.”

“Jake’s going to be a daddy,” Ned said. “An unwed daddy. What’ll they say at church?”

“You’ll never know since you never attend,” Lisa said. “Besides, Hannah wouldn’t have cooked such a fabulous dinner for us all last night if she wasn’t in love with you, Jake.”

Holt snorted.

Lisa eyed him. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m surprised a woman like Hannah knows how to cook or clean at all. She cut some corners on that dinner, too. Frozen pizza for appetizers? And that refrigerator was a mess.”

Jake dropped his fork. It hit his plate with a clang. “She worked all day, Dad. I don’t see you cleaning and cooking when you’re done out in the barn.”

“That’s why I have a wife. A damn fine one, too.” He lifted his glass to Lisa.

“Now, I’ve always loved this life and I’m fine with the way we split the chores,” Lisa said to him. “But Hannah’s a whole other kettle of fish. She’ll have her own ways of doing things. She and Jake will have to work them out.”

“She and Jake can learn from our example,” Holt countered. “Men and women are different and they’re naturally called to different things.”

“How the hell do you stand him?” Jake asked his mother.

Lisa chuckled. “I don’t listen to half of what he says, and I ignore the rest.”

“That’s good advice.” Jake stood up to take his leave. Lisa followed him to the front hall.

“Don’t mind your father,” she said. “It’s Hannah you have to worry about. What do you plan to do?”

“What can I do? It’s all up to her now. She knows what I want.”

“I don’t think leaving everything up to Hannah is a good idea. Do you love this girl?”


“Then you’ll have to push your cause. If she’s about to start school, she’s probably not planning to get married or have children right now. On the other hand, if she is pregnant, she may not have a choice about having a child. Not one she’s likely to take, anyway. Am I right?”

He nodded.

“So why don’t you take this opportunity to show her how it can all work out.”

“How can it all work out?”

“The same way things always work out,” Lisa told him. “By working hard, by making accommodations for each other. By asking your family for help.”

Jake shoved his hands in his pockets. Asking his family for help. Yeah, right. If he did that, his father would make sure he ruined everything and his brothers would stab him in the back. At least Ned would. When had his family ever come to his aid? For as long as could remember, Holt had bribed him with the promise that he’d one day head the ranch. That day had never come. Now he had Hannah in his sights, Holt seemed determined to drive her away. “I don’t see how it’s possible.”