The Cowboy Lassos a Bride (Page 15)

The Cowboy Lassos a Bride (Cowboys of Chance Creek #6)(15)
Author: Cora Seton

With him starting at the top and her starting at the bottom, it was only a moment before he could spread the panels wide and dip his mouth down to trace the edge of her bra. Trailing kisses over her smooth skin, he longed to see the rest of her.

He couldn’t believe this was happening so fast—at all—but he wasn’t one to squander an opportunity. Maybe Hannah had wanted him all this time, like he’d wanted her. Now they were finally together. He slid his hands under her back and fumbled with the clasp as she arched to allow him access. When it came free, and he slipped the lacy garment from her shoulders, she moved to accommodate him, then stretched beneath him.

The movement of her breasts entranced him and he dipped his mouth to take one rosy nipple into it. Heaven. He’d died and gone to heaven, and the angel in his arms, her white-blonde hair spread over the pillows, was his proof.

Hannah gasped as he sucked on her nipple and swished his tongue over it. He moved upward to kiss her again, then over to her other breast, worshipping it in turn. Jake took his time over teasing her with his mouth and tongue until he ached with too much longing for her to wait another minute. When he pulled back, Hannah forestalled his questions by reaching down, unsnapping her jeans, and wriggling out of them.

“Are you sure?” he breathed against her neck as he swooped in for another kiss. Her breasts blazed against his chest as skin touched skin and he gathered her up in his arms, held her tight and trailed more kisses under her chin, down her jaw, under her ear, and down her neck on the other side.

Hannah nodded, and he pushed himself up to his knees, undid his own belt buckle and shucked off his jeans. He watched her all the while, taking in every inch of her body, bare to his gaze except the tiny silky panties she still wore.

He groaned when she hooked a finger under their thin strap and pulled them off, too. If he’d had any doubts of her willingness to take things further, he was under no illusions now.

She wanted him as much as he wanted her.

“Jake. Protection,” Hannah whispered in his ear as he covered her.

She wanted to throw protection to the wind. Wanted to throw everything to the wind and pull Jake inside her. When she’d said yes to moving to the Double-Bar-K, this was exactly what she’d hoped for, no matter all the practical things she told herself about not getting involved with a man just before starting school.

She wanted to be right here. In Jake’s arms. Him inside of her, moving with her. Why on earth had she stayed with Cody so long? Why on earth had she ever dated anyone else than Jake?

He pushed back. “You’re not on the Pill?”

“No. Not now. And even if…”

“Got it.” He thought a second. “Hold on.”

Bereft of his presence, she moved to draw the coverlet and blankets over her. She’d barely accomplished the maneuver when he was back. He tossed the blankets aside, climbed back on top of her and fiddled for a moment with a box and wrapper before throwing them aside, too. He gave her his full attention.

“All set,” he said, and she wasn’t sure if he was making an announcement or asking her a question. She lay back and searched the face of the man poised above her. She’d always remember this moment, she thought; the moment just before she and Jake became truly intimate. Heat pulsed between her legs and she could stand the distance between them no longer.

“All set,” she agreed and wrapped her arms around his neck. She pulled him down to her, met his mouth with her own, and felt the weight of him settle on top of her, his hardness pressed against the juncture of her thighs.

Heat flooded through her. She wanted this—wanted him—more than anything she’d ever wanted before. As Jake shifted above her, settled between her legs and then nudged her core, she thought she would explode with longing right then and there.

“Tell me,” he grunted by her ear as he pressed into her. Just enough to tease her; not nearly enough to satisfy her need for him.

“Please,” she said, holding onto him tighter, pressing her hips to his, trying to draw him inside. “Please, Jake…”

“Hannah,” he said and plunged farther inside her. She ached for more; wanted all of him.

“More,” she said through gritted teeth, tipping her hips, sliding her hands down his back to his ass. “More, Jake. I want more!”

He stroked into her hard and she cried out in pleasure. Picking up his pace, he pulled out and stroked in again. Hannah held him tightly, his every movement bringing a rush of sensation that threatened to overwhelm her. She dug her fingers into his flesh, urged him on with kisses and the press of her hips. He stroked faster, harder, until all she could do was hang on and ride the wave of sensation with him. She never wanted this to end, she wanted to feel this close to Jake, this turned on by him, this overwhelmed with ecstasy for as long as she lived.

She went over the edge with a rush of feeling, and cried out as Jake bucked against her in his own release. Arching against him, she rode the sensation until she collapsed against the pillows, numb to her fingertips from the power of her release. Jake fell on top of her and she welcomed the weight of him.

“These next two weeks are going to be so much fun,” she said, luxuriating in the feel of him. Tracing a lazy finger down Jake’s back, she felt him stiffen.

“Next two weeks? I thought Autumn’s guests were staying for a month.” He pushed himself up on his elbows and gazed down at her.

“Right. I meant month.” Whoops—she’d nearly blown it. Jake thought she meant to stay here at least until Autumn’s guests went home in the new year. Well, that was fine with her. She’d stay here as long as she possibly could.

The intent, infatuated look in his eyes from just moments ago faded into something else, something deeper. “I want more than a month,” Jake said. She blinked up at him, suddenly cold. Something serious was coming. Something more than she was ready to hear. A chill rushed down her spine, perking her nipples into hard peaks.

“Hannah Ashton,” Jake said. “Will you marry me?”

Chapter Six

Hannah’s eyes went wide and she tried to pull back, but trapped as she was beneath him, she had nowhere to go.

“Jake, I…”

“Hold on, let me finish,” he rushed to say, knowing he had moments to fix things before he lost her completely. They were still joined together, something that made this moment transcend simple intimacy. He knew he had just risked everything. Whatever he said next would make or break them. “I want you, Hannah. I know it’s too soon. I know I should wait, but I can’t wait to tell you how I feel.” He bent to kiss her. “I want to wake up to you. I want to go to sleep with you, and I want to spend as many moments in between with you as I can. I think we can build a life together here that will beat just about anything else the world has to offer. You’re a pretty woman, Hannah, and I thank God for that, but what really turns me on is your mind.” He tapped her temple. “I can talk to you like no one else. Do you know how sexy that is?” He slid out of her an inch or two and slid back in, just enough to remind her how suited for each other they were in that department, too. “Say yes to me, Hannah. Let’s do this together. Let me make your dreams come true. What do you say?”