The Cowboy Imports a Bride (Page 13)

The Cowboy Imports a Bride (Cowboys of Chance Creek #3)(13)
Author: Cora Seton

He brushed another kiss over her forehead. "I’m up for fooling around."

Boy, was he. She scooted away, putting a few inches between them. "I’m serious, though, Rob. If you so much as try to go farther than the limits I’ve set, I’ll tell you to leave and I’ll mean it. It’s hard enough sticking to my guns without you pressuring me."

"Do you find it hard to stick to your guns?" He edged closer again.

"Only around you," she said.

A smile curved his mouth. "That’s what I like to hear."

"So you think you can get this done without going all the way?" she pushed.

He grinned and her heart gave a funny flip-flop. Damn, he was handsome. Damn, she wanted him.

"Probably can think of something. But about that wedding…"

"Yes?" Now that they’d settled matters she couldn’t wait to feel his touch again.

"Let’s get hitched tomorrow." He cupped her ass and pulled her in tight.

"You got it, cowboy," she said with a happy sigh.


Had he ever wanted a woman as much as he wanted Morgan? Rob didn’t think so. As he laid her back on the bed and fumbled with her nightie, he found that his fingers were trembling. He felt like he’d slipped downstairs early on Christmas morning and found all the presents he’d asked for under the tree. He couldn’t wait to see her – all of her – as soon as he got rid of this stupid piece of satin.

Morgan seemed as eager to unwrap him. She reached for his buttons, but he was ahead of her. He shucked off his shirt and groaned with pleasure as she trailed kisses down his neck and chest.

"How the hell do you get this thing off," he growled in frustration, turning back to the nightie, ready to tear it off of her.

Morgan laughed, pushed his fingers away and made short work of stripping it up over her head.

The sound that came from his throat was half animal and all desire. He swept down to sweep his tongue around one full nipple and Morgan arched back with a little gasp. That was all the invitation he needed. Hunger growing inside him, he cupped her breasts and lavished them with attention.

He’d heard what she said, and he wouldn’t push her boundaries, but otherwise all bets were off. He intended to show Morgan what he could do beneath the sheets, and meant to leave them both craving their wedding night. Nothing wrong with a little anticipation, and nothing wrong with a little fulfillment in the meantime. He was prepared to fulfill her every carnal wish.

Morgan slid her hands down his back as he took first one breast and then the other into his mouth. When Morgan cupped his ass and squeezed, he groaned aloud.

He wriggled lower, swooping kisses across her belly, running hands down her sides to curve over her hips. When he knew she was aching for a more intimate touch, he reached down and traced a finger over her folds. Morgan stiffened again.

"Shhh," he whispered into her belly. "I know the rules." With a hand on either side of her waist, he pushed himself up and kneed her legs apart, but instead of bending down then to minister to her, he sat back and gazed at her instead. He’d longed for weeks to see her like this, naked and disheveled, waiting for him, and he wanted to drink in the view.

After a moment she wriggled. "What are you doing?"

He knew what it cost her to bare herself to him this way, but that was what they’d promised each other out in the living room; that they would choose to love each other. Choose to make a life together.

Choose to give themselves to the other heart and soul.

"Looking at you." Morgan stared back at him, tense but aroused, too, judging by her flushed face and parted lips. "You’re beautiful," he assured her. "I could look at you all night."

A smile curved her lips that was nearly irresistible. Every fiber in his body tugged at him to lean forward – to cross the divide between them and touch her.

Make love to her.

Still, he held back, and not out of a fear that he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself once he did touch her. Rob wanted to see this woman he was pairing his life with. He wanted to know all of her. He’d never done this before; just sat and…looked.

"You’re scaring me," Morgan whispered finally.

He shook his head. "You have no idea what you do to me."

"Show me."

It was almost a whimper, and the thought of his fiancée waiting for his touch – longing for it – finally propelled him to action.

As he bent to touch his mouth to her core, Rob had the feeling that marrying Morgan would be the easiest thing he ever did.

* * * * *

When Rob’s mouth touched her, Morgan very nearly came undone right then and there. She’d had no idea how much she ached for him, until he began his sensual attack. His tongue was sweet agony, and she gripped the bedspread to keep from thrashing under his attention. She wanted him inside her more than she’d ever wanted anything in her life. Only the promise she’d kept for so long held her back.

What would their wedding night be like? Would they try to conceive right away? She knew one thing; she’d gladly make love to him then. She could barely restrain herself now. As Rob moved his tongue farther into her folds, she moaned aloud. He paused, and she let go of the coverlet and wrapped her hands in his hair. "Don’t stop," she cried, and he chuckled but resumed. Licking, touching, he slipped his hands beneath her ass and squeezed, crushing her against his mouth.

With a cry, Morgan went over the edge, bucking against him, shuddering with pleasure again and again until finally she was spent.

He kissed her thighs, brushed his mouth over her sensitive mound and propped himself on his elbows, the better to see her face. Morgan covered her eyes with her hands. "Sorry," she said. "I meant to wait for you."

He slid up beside her and nudged her hands away. "I liked watching you come."

Heat surged into her cheeks. No man had ever done what he’d done before – simply sat back and looked at her – all of her – for so long. At first she hadn’t liked it; she felt stripped of every defense she had along with her clothes, but as the moments ticked by, she’d understood what Rob was feeling. His desire for her and his wonder at her body bathed her in warmth until she hummed with anticipation of the acts to come. She hoped he loved to watch her as much in ten years as he did now. She hoped their marriage stayed passionate.

But right now, she wanted to get a better look at him. "Your turn now," she said, pushing him down on the bed.

"If you insist."


The next morning, Rob called his father’s cell phone as he watched Morgan grab a box of fiber cereal from her barren cupboards and a small carton of one percent milk from the fridge. Yuck. That was her idea of breakfast?