The Cowboy Earns a Bride (Page 59)

The Cowboy Earns a Bride (Cowboys of Chance Creek #8)(59)
Author: Cora Seton


“I’m serious. Close your eyes.”

She did so, but opened them again when she heard him click on the small, dim bedside light. “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to read you a bedtime story.”

She laughed. “Really?”

“Really.” He bent down and shuffled through the paperbacks on the bottom shelf of her bedside table. “You read this one yet?”

“No.” It was a mystery set in a small New England town.

“Good. Close your eyes and go to sleep.”

At first she thought she’d never be able to fall asleep with Luke reading aloud to her, but she found she couldn’t simultaneously think of to-do lists and follow the storyline, too. It wasn’t long before her eyes drifted shut, and not much longer until she was dreaming.

In the morning, Luke was pleased to see that Mia looked much brighter than she had the night before. He knew she needed to get ready for another busy day, but his body wanted more alone time with her. He lay in bed considering his options as she got up, picked out her clothes and made her way to the bathroom. He waited until he heard the shower running before he got up, too, and knocked on the bathroom door. “Mia? Can I come in?”

“It’s unlocked.”

Luke slipped inside and shut the door behind him just as Mia pulled the shower’s sliding glass door shut. She raised her eyebrows when he shucked off what little clothing he was wearing and made to join her.

“You don’t mind, do you?” he asked, slipping under the warm water with her.

“I have to keep moving.”

“I won’t slow you down. Here, you wash your hair. I’ll wash the rest of you.”


“Get going—you don’t want to be late.”

“Fine.” She took the shampoo from him and lathered up her hair, but as soon as he soaped up his hands and began to wash the rest of her, her movements slowed. Luke started with her shoulders and neck, moved down to her arms and chest, and when he skimmed his hands around to lather her breasts, Mia moaned and sank back against him.

“Is that good?” he asked as he circled her breasts and smoothed his palms over her nipples.

“That is so good,” Mia murmured. Sensing her acquiescence, Luke took advantage of the situation. He did all the hard work, supporting her as she leaned forward to brace herself against the wall, spreading her legs with his thighs and then easing into her from behind.

He used one arm to keep her upright, but slipped the other hand between her legs to move in sensual circles as he moved inside her. Her lush, ripe, wet body turned him on until he found it difficult to keep Mia’s pleasure foremost in mind. He wanted this to be a special experience for her, but his own need made itself known and soon he’d be hard pressed to hold back.

He needn’t have worried. Mia came with a cry that echoed against the tiled walls and her obvious pleasure tugged him right there with her. His release shuddered through him until his whole body tingled with it. Afterward, he moved out of Mia and helped her clean up.

“I hope I didn’t make you late,” he said as he helped her out of the shower.

“I don’t care if you did. I needed that more than anything,” Mia said, standing on her tiptoes to give him a kiss.

“Don’t ever be afraid to ask me for what you need—whatever it is. I’m yours—especially today.”

“Well…” Mia considered this as she wrapped a towel around her body. “First, I have to eat. I refuse to collapse at Rose’s wedding.”

A grin spread across his face. “One pancake breakfast, coming right up.”

Chapter Twenty

Mia thought she’d be exhausted after Tracey’s wedding the night before, but her encounter with Luke in the bathroom energized her and she had a spring in her step as she went about the business of setting up for Rose’s big day. The Cruz ranch’s guesthouse made the perfect setting for a wedding, with its floor-to-ceiling windows in the great room and panoramic views. She should have guessed that all her friends would pitch in to help, too. The four couples who lived on the ranch were already hard at work by the time she and Luke arrived to set up, and pretty soon the other couples from the Double-Bar-K arrived to join in. Mia was afraid that she’d have a hard time making everyone listen to her, but when she showed up, clipboard in hand, with Luke standing guard behind her, her friends put themselves at her disposal and carried out her orders willingly.

“I could get used to this,” she told Luke after she’d dispatched Ethan, Cab, Jamie and Rob to move into position the tables that had been dropped off the night before.

“You’ll make the prettiest tyrant ever, princess.”

With so many willing hands it was a cinch to get all the chairs set up in rows for the ceremony and all the decorations in place, too. Autumn was helping Fila and Camila with the catering, so Mia didn’t have to worry about that. They finished setting up so early, Mia had plenty of time to help Rose dress for the wedding and soothe her friend’s last minute wedding jitters.

Rose looked regal in her form-fitting white dress as she took her place at the top of the aisle. Mia thought all her hard work was worth it when she slid into her seat just as the wedding march started and she saw Cab’s face as he caught sight of his bride. His love for her was so plain to see, and when she turned her head, Mia saw that Rose had eyes for no one but Cab, either.

“That’s what I want,” Mia whispered to herself.

“Me, too,” Luke said in her ear and handed her a handkerchief. She took it gratefully and dabbed her eyes, her heart swelling at his words, and at the kind gesture. Luke put an arm around her shoulder as Rose joined Cab at the altar and Reverend Halpern began the service.

“You did great,” Luke whispered in her ear.

“This is the easy part. Wait and see how the reception goes.” But his praise touched her.

Was Luke finally on her side?

Luke had to hand it to Mia; she could really throw a party. He didn’t think he’d been to a wedding where the guests had so much fun. The furniture that normally filled the guesthouse living room was gone, replaced by the same circular tables used at Tracey’s wedding the night before. This time the color scheme was white and peach, and Mia had made the place a festive springtime oasis. Fila, Camila and Autumn had outdone themselves with the food and had hired several local teens as servers for the evening. A bartender kept drinks flowing, and when the meal was done the guests had pitched in to move tables and form a dance floor.