Tease (Page 41)

Tease (Take It Off #2)(41)
Author: Cambria Hebert

“I win. Now you have to do whatever I say.”

“Darn,” I said with mock disappointment.

“You played me.”

“Like a fiddle,” I sang.

He kept walking until he was waist deep in the ocean and past the point where the waves crested and then broke, rolling up to the shore. I was already wet when he placed my feet in the water and faced me.

“My turn to play you,” he said.

“Bring it on, surfer dude,” I teased, snagging the hat off his head and putting it on mine. Then I ran my hands through his blond hair, making it stand up all over.

He leaned down so the water lapped against his chest and reached for me, covering my mouth with his. He tasted sharp and salty like the water and his tongue was rough as it delved into my mouth. My fingers flexed against his T-shirt, which was plastered to his body, and my nails scraped across his back as his kiss deepened. My legs automatically wrapped around his waist, my core coming into direct contact with the bulge beneath his shorts.

A wave bounced us slightly, rocking us even closer, and we both groaned, kissing with a passionate fervor that literally stole my breath. When my lungs began to burn, I wrenched my mouth away and sucked in a lungful of blissful oxygen as we floated in the concealment of the sea.

He lifted his hips again, thrusting against me, and in response my hips bore down, rocking, as a little shudder ran up my spine. “We’re in public,” I moaned, leaning forward and sinking my teeth into his shoulder. One of my hands found its way between us and I gripped him, giving his hardness a squeeze and then rocking myself against him once more.

It was absolutely amazing to me how I could lose thought of everything when he touched me. All he had to do was kiss me and the floodgates of desire opened and I was swamped with the kind of need that was so powerful that I was actually in the center of the ocean, on a public beach, wishing there were no clothes between us and that he would slip himself inside me and rock me like the waves.

“No one can see what we’re doing.”

I groaned when he reached inside my shorts and flicked a finger over my clitoris. “I—” But my words fell away as an orgasm threatened to take over my body.

“Oh no you don’t,” he murmured, pulling his hand away.

I whimpered.

He unwound my legs and pulled me back, reaching between us and unfastening my shorts. I kicked up my legs, treading water as he slid them off and they floated up to the surface between us. The ocean water caressed my skin and heightened my arousal even more.

Then he did the same thing with my panties, except he wound them around his wrist like some kind of bracelet.

I was beyond thinking about what kind of fashion statement that was. I reached for his shorts, sliding them down his thighs and freeing his sex. My hand went to it, stroking it, the water making my hand glide over its thickness with impossible ease.

“Damn, baby.”

“Have you ever done it in the ocean, Cam?” I purred, feeling emboldened by the desire written plainly across his face.


“Do you want to?”

He grabbed my face between his palms and yanked me forward kissing me senseless. I gripped onto his throbbing manhood and stroked it until the muscles in his stomach quivered.

He grabbed my hips and yanked me forward, my legs wrapping around his waist once more. I didn’t even have to guide him to my entrance. It was like it remembered the way; it knew exactly where it belonged.

Just before he plunged into me, he swore and stiffened.

“What?” I gasped, wiggling a little against him.

His hands flexed at my hips. “I don’t have any condoms.”

“I’m on the pill.” I’d been on it since I was seventeen and thought that my first time was going to be just weeks away. That didn’t happen, but I continued taking it.

“You would let me…” His voice trailed away as his penis flexed, brushing against me.

I looked into his eyes. “I trust you, Cam.”

“I’ve never done this with anyone else,” he swore. “I’ve never done this bare.”

“Do it,” I ground out, shifting my hips so he slipped right inside.

A shudder passed through his entire body and moved into mine. His hold on me slipped and his eyes closed. I held a little tighter around his neck and we both just sat like that, the water pushing against us as he stretched me out fully.

He held me to him, his grip almost painful. His arms were like vices, holding me so tight that not even the water could come between us. He began to move—slow rocking motions that really only flexed him inside me because he didn’t pull out but remained penetrated deeply inside.

He was so hard and so deep that he rubbed against the inside of my vaginal wall, and I suddenly understood all the talk about a G-spot. I was pretty sure that he managed to find it.

A few strings of curses slipped between his lips, sounding more like a prayer than bad language. “Is that…?” His voice was hoarse and he opened his eyes to look at me.

I nodded. “Please don’t stop.”

He laughed. “Sweetheart, I wouldn’t even be able to stop if a shark came over here and ate my arm.

I moaned as the first wave of the orgasm washed over me. I fell against him, leaving him to support my weight completely. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t hold myself up and experience the single most powerful thing to ever take over my body.

My mouth opened, but no sound came out.

It lasted longer than any other orgasm I’d ever felt. It seriously stripped away every single barrier that lay within me and bared me to him in a way that was far more intimate than being naked with our bodies joined together.

Emotion bubbled up in my chest until I thought it might burst. It was almost too intense. If I wasn’t so caught up in the sensation of him, of his skin against my skin, I might have been embarrassed.

“Baby, I got to pull out,” he murmured, his voice strained.

I made a sound of refusal, wrapping my arms tighter around him, not willing to let him go.

“Harlow, I can’t hold it off much longer.”

I found the energy to rock against him and then he came undone. I actually felt his hot seed pump into me, and it almost brought forward another climax.

I collapsed against him, laying my cheek on his shoulder, completely ignoring the water that would occasionally splash me directly in the face.

His arms were shaking, and we both sank a little lower into the ocean until just our heads were clear of the water.