Tease (Page 35)

Tease (Take It Off #2)(35)
Author: Cambria Hebert

“I’ve done everything backward with you.”


“I met you in a strip club—the worst place to meet girls. Then I took you to the beach, almost drowned you, then slept with you—took your virginity—before I even asked you out on a date. This is our first date, Harlow, and I’ve already spent the night with you.”

“Technically, the morning you almost drowned me was our first date.”

“Dates that end up with someone in the medical center do not count as dates.”

I laughed. “You know what I think?”

“What?” He tucked the hair behind my ear.

“You have done everything right. I can’t imagine doing this any other way.”

“I’m serious when I tell you I don’t want you to think I’m only after you for your sexy body.”

“I can see that,” I said, pulling him along toward a big tank full of jellyfish. “But I think me and sexy in the same sentence is a stretch. Adam probably gave me tonight off because he was afraid I would ruin his busiest night of the week at the club.”

“You definitely have the goods, babe. You just need a little more confidence to put it all on display.”

“The only person I really want to put everything on display for is you,” I said shyly.

He groaned. “Stop turning me on, woman, and look at the fish.”

We walked through the darkened hallways with the portal windows and larger display windows, studying the fish, the sharks, and the squid. The fish seemed more relaxed than usual and I wondered if it was because they knew the day was winding down or because the crowds were gone.

Either way, being here at this time of night was so special and incredible. The only light came from the tanks and the small lighting lining the floor. The large room with the tank where they did the dive shows had some neon lighting and a large flat screen that played photos and facts about certain kinds of fish featured in the tanks.

We walked around, slowly, whispering and pointing at all the fish, and every so often Cam would press me up against a wall and bury his tongue in my mouth.

All night there had been little touches, steamy kisses, and long lingering looks exchanged and it served as foreplay and my body began to come alive in ways that only Cam could inspire.

“Oh, this is my favorite part of the entire place!” I said excitedly when we neared the conveyor belt on the floor that you stood on and it slid around, taking you through an underwater tunnel. It was stunning. As we moved, fish swam over our heads and alongside us, making me feel like I was literally part of the undersea world.

“Every time I come here, there’s something new to see. It’s ever-changing, yet it stays the same.”

“Yeah, I can see why you like it so much. I forgot how cool it was in here.”

I pointed out one of the biggest sharks they had here as it swam above us. We stepped off the conveyor belt and into a darkened hallway leading to another tank. Instead of walking on through, he leaned against the wall and spread his knees apart, pulling me between them. His hands were in my hair instantly, running through the silky strands, and he lifted my face to his and slanted his mouth over mine. He kissed me, turning his head one way and then the other. Each time the kiss was equally assaulting to my senses but in a whole new way.

He made good on his earlier words and sucked my upper lip into his mouth, kneading it with his tongue. An involuntary moan erupted in the back of my throat and I rose up on tiptoes, trying to get even closer.

His hands slid down my body and cupped my butt, squeezing and pulling me farther into him as he grinded the unmistakable hardness in his jeans against me.

Moisture slicked my panties, my body almost demanding him. My muscles began to quiver and my knees started to turn to Jell-O as the kiss went on and on and on.

I slid my fingers beneath the hem of his white cotton polo and lifted it, ducking my head and licking up the center of his abs and pressing soft kisses all along his abdomen. He groaned and relaxed against the wall, his hands falling to his sides, my mouth moved upward and latched onto one of his nipples as I rolled my tongue around it, teasing it into a rock hard point.

“Harlow,” he murmured, gently pulling me back. “Baby, you have to stop. I’m going to go crazy.”

I made a sound and tried to get close to him again. “It isn’t my fault you make me crazy,” I told him.

He chuckled and took my hand, pulling his shirt back down. “C’mon.”

I thought he was going to lead me toward the exit. He didn’t.

Instead, he led me back through the passageways and across the center main floor where various attractions were waiting for us to explore. We didn’t stop; he just kept going, his feet quickening with every step he took.

“Where are we going?” I asked just as we rounded the corner to the largest tank in the place. It was the tank where they did the dive shows. It was completely floor to ceiling and in a room by itself with two hallways leading away from either side.

He pulled me around the corner, toward the right, and pushed me up against the wall (the giant tank was off to our right). His mouth was on mine and his kiss hinted at a crazed desperation that hadn’t been there earlier.

“How do you expect me to get through an entire date when your hot little mouth wraps around my nipple and sucks with determined pressure?” he said between kisses.

I pushed my hands through his blond locks, enjoying their thickness against my fingers. I didn’t say anything because he was kissing me again and it was so good. He tore his mouth away and then used his hands to yank down my tops, exposing my breasts as a feast for his eyes.

Using his hands, he cupped them, pushing them up and together, and began lavishing kisses on them. My vision turned blurry because the pleasure was so intense. My head fell back against the wall and I moaned, arching against him.

He brought his hips forward without lifting his mouth so his arousal grinded against me, urging me on, taunting me with its need.

“Cam,” I begged, needing more than he was giving.

He lifted his head, pressing the softest kiss to my lips, and then our eyes locked.

He bent down, picking up the hem of my skirt and sliding it up my legs, past my knees, to bunch it around my hips. His fingers delved into the edges of my panties as he caressed the moist sensitive skin of my secret place.

I whimpered.

“I love your responses,” he whispered. “I want you now, baby. Can I have you right now?”

I nodded, unable to form even a single syllable to reply.