Tease (Page 16)

Tease (Take It Off #2)(16)
Author: Cambria Hebert

Her place might have been over the top, but she was just right. I smiled thinking about the way she called me “Shug.”

The girls were all in the back, getting dressed and talking amongst themselves. I felt a little awkward, like I didn’t belong, but I was grateful that I had my clothes and things to busy my hands with so I wasn’t just standing around like a little lost lamb.

Most of the girls back here were all gorgeous and tall with model-like bodies. In fact, some of them probably could be models. I wondered why they didn’t do that instead, but it wasn’t my place to ask. After all, I was doing this too.

None of them seemed bothered by showing so much of their skin, either. Heck, a couple of the girls walked around completely topless and wearing only a thong. It made me begin to doubt my plan and my outfit choices… My clothes had a lot more fabric than these girls’.

I decided to just give it a shot (and go a little heavier on the makeup). If it didn’t work out tonight, maybe Adam would just let me serve tables, and if he didn’t, I could always quit and find another job.

Feeling a little better, I slipped into the black outfit with the corset and thigh-high stockings. I struggled a little with the garter, but one of the girls named Candy offered to help me, and in no time I had them strapped on and was stepping into my black stilettos (the only pair of really nice shoes I owned). The last thing I did was clip the purple hair extension in my hair and give it a quick curl to match the rest.

Roxie wasn’t here yet to give me a pep talk, so it was up to me to get my booty out onto that stage and perform. Thank goodness she lent me one of her mix CDs with music from a set of routines she hadn’t performed in several years. It was already with the DJ, and I just told him to play the songs in order as I came out on stage to do my routines.

And then it was my turn. Candy motioned me to the stage behind the curtain, I was shaking and so nervous I felt like I was going to throw up right there in front of everyone.

I still didn’t know what I was going to do.

The DJ announced me and then the spotlight clicked on over the center of the stage, illuminating a circle of light on the floor. Everything else around it was completely dark. The crowd in the bar had quieted to a low murmur, and I could hear the pounding of my own heart.

The music started playing.

It was something with a heavy beat that made my hips want to swing a little more than usual. This could work.

Taking a deep breath, I stepped out from behind the curtain, at the last moment grabbing a white wooden chair and dragging it behind me with one hand as I went. I did my best to slink along the floor, to take long, drawn-out steps and really bump out my hips when I moved.

When I got to the circle of light, I moved around it so I dragged the chair into the center and set it down with the back facing the crowd. I was still in the dark.

The music picked up a little, thumping a little harder, the intensity growing, and I stepped into the light, keeping my back to the crowd. Then I spread my legs wide, planted my stilettos on the floor, and bent, letting my hands touch the floor. Then quickly my butt sank down, and as I stood, I pushed it out so everyone got an eyeful of the slightly see-through panties.

A couple guys whistled and then I spun. I grabbed the back of the chair and straddled it, gyrating my hips like I was riding a wild bull. Then I reached up for the zipper, lowering it between my breasts.

I went on for several moments, parading around the stage, especially the part that jutted out into the crowd. I even stomped the toe of my high heel down on a nearby table and, feeling brave, leaned down and licked my leg.

Seriously? Who thinks this is hot? the inner girl in me said.

They do, another voice answered. Apparently, a dirty ho had taken up residence within me without my knowledge.

Dirty ho was right, though. Some guy shoved a twenty in the top of my stocking.

On impulse, I grabbed him by the hair (I was taller than him because I was on stage) and towed him back, and the men went nuts. Then I shimmied my still pretty covered chest in his face and then shoved him away.

He fell to his knees and put his hand over his heart.

Oh please, said my inner voice.

Undo your zipper, urged the dirty ho.

I took her advice and slid it a little farther down. Then I took a finger and trailed it all the way down between my breasts and back up again.

As the song winded down, I did a few more shimmies and shakes and then walked toward the back of the stage near the chair.

As the last notes of the song played, I climbed on the chair, stood up, and put my back to the crowd. Then I undid the rest of the zipper, slipping the corset so it was around my wrists, not even on my body anymore.

I couldn’t even hear the pounding of my heart over the whistling and catcalls.

I tipped my head back, like I was going to spin around and show them the goods… and then the song ended and the spotlight went out.

Darkness completely concealed me.

I let out a huge breath and hurried to zip the corset back around me.

I left the chair where it was and collected all the money from the stage and then ran behind the curtain.

Roxie stood there waiting. “Damn, Violet.”

“Was it okay?” I worried as we moved backstage. I hadn’t shown a single glimpse of my really private parts.

“Are you kidding? I’ve never seen men so enthralled by a woman who was still wearing clothes.”

I laughed.

But then I caught a look at her face in the brighter light backstage. “What’s wrong?”


“You look like you’ve been crying.”

“It’s no big deal.”

“I know we just met and all, but if you ever need to talk, I’ll listen.”

Roxie smiled. Her long, nearly black hair fell over her shoulder. “Thanks.”

I nodded as she moved away to get ready for her routine. I wondered if she was late for the same reason her eyes were a little puffy. But I wasn’t sure I should press the issue. I mean, she might be showing me the ropes around here, but that didn’t mean she wanted to confide in me.

I shrugged it off and went to check myself in the mirror and decided to just wear this outfit while I served for the hour. Instead of just shoving my cash in my bag and letting it lay back here, I straightened it all out, folded it, and put it in the pocket of the little black apron that I tied around my waist. I would rather have it on me than just sitting back here. I didn’t think the girls would take it, but I didn’t know them and I wasn’t about to trust them.

Roxie was putting on some barely there spandex number when I ducked out of the room to head for the bar.