Taken, Not Spurred (Page 60)

Taken, Not Spurred (Lone Star Burn #1)(60)
Author: Ruth Cardello

“You did?” Sarah asked, allowing her towel to fall to one side. She moved the sheet aside and took him in her hand, caressing him while she spoke. “I don’t mind trying that again. For research purposes, of course.”

“Of course,” he said huskily, half closing his eyes with pleasure. He flipped to another part of the notebook and said, “And I’m not sure this particular move is even humanly possible.”

Sarah moved her hand lower, cupping his balls gently. “Only one way to find out.” Then she took the notebook and turned to a scene near the end. “What did you think of this part?”

He reread a line, then rolled over so they were face-to-face on the bed. His thumb circled and teased one of her nipples until it was hard and begging for his mouth. “I thought it lacked sufficient detail, but that’s something we can fix together.”

Suddenly more serious, Tony said, “I never meant to make you feel like what you described in the second book. I wasn’t ready for what you were offering me. But I’m ready now.”

Looking into his loving green eyes, Sarah thought about how much they had both changed. They’d each been lost in their own way, and together had found a way back. Nothing would change the past. Even love couldn’t do that, but they no longer had to face it alone.

There are things we can fix and things we can’t. I guess life is about figuring out which is which, and dealing with both the best you can.

And if you’re lucky, you find someone who loves you, scars and all.

Tony rolled on top of her, seeming to sense the serious direction of her thoughts. He kissed her cheek softly and said, “Let’s take it slow and gentle this time.”

Sarah dropped her notebook on the floor beside the bed.

My cowboy . . .

Gentle or rough.

When it’s right, they’re both good.