Take Two (Page 9)

Take Two (Lights, Camera #1)(9)
Author: Laurelin Paige

She tried to stay on topic. “Good cast,” she said, though she couldn’t even recall who Sam had mentioned. Focus, focus.

“They’re excellent.” Sam‘s upbeat attitude seemed to be his signature trait. “Great cast, awesome script. They shot all the interiors in L.A. and now we’re doing the exteriors in Golden. It’s beautiful up there.” Sam met her eyes again in the rearview mirror. “Not the most beautiful thing I’ve seen all day, but still pretty breathtaking.”

Oh no, could she please have some wine with the cheese? Yet Sam could prove to be a way to keep her mind off the tall, dark and, oh-my-God-hot specimen sitting next to her. And he was definitely flirting while Micah was probably just being Micah. She gave Sam a small wink. “You’ll have to show me around.”

His face lit up. “I will.”

Micah pulled his leg away—deliberately? She couldn’t tell, but his retreat blew through her like a cold draft. He covered a yawn with his hand and pulled down the armrest between their seats and closed his eyes. “Sam, is it? Are we all staying in the same hotel?”

“No. You and the other actors are up the mountain a bit. The rest are staying in a Comfort Inn.”

“Good,” Micah said, his eyes still closed. “I prefer the cast and crew separated. I hope you’re dropping me off first.”

“Certainly.” The ever cheerful Sam seemed only slightly downtrodden by the superiority in Micah’s tone.

Maddie’s insides echoed the same disappointment. Who knew Micah Preston was such a jerk? Had he been that guy when she’d first met him? Or had he become that way with fame and money? Whichever, he was bad news. Now if someone could convince her body…

Her phone buzzed with a text. He doesn’t remember u? So no replays of your night together?

Not a chance. So over him.

It was only partially a lie. He still made her insides hot and bothered like no one had in a long time, but he was cocky, a player, and had forgotten her. Three strikes against him. Maddie had never been a sports fan, but she was pretty sure that three strikes meant you were out.

Chapter Four


Even with his eyes closed he still saw her face.

Micah had spotted her talking to Sam by baggage claim, and though it took him a moment, he knew there was something familiar about her big dark eyes, high cheekbones and long legs, hidden beneath her baggy sweats. And that perky bosom of hers that peeked out above the low neckline of her tank top—he’d definitely fondled those tits before. But when?

He was so distracted trying to place her that he hadn’t even minded signing autographs for fans. He’d needed those couple of minutes to gather himself.

It wasn’t until he’d seen her up close, her hair all mussed and cheeks flushed like a woman after a night of pleasure, that he suddenly remembered her. Maddie from the party. Oh, yeah. That chick.

If he remembered correctly, that party was before he’d even signed with Stu. He had to be careful or she’d want to hook up again. Women from his past didn’t ever want anything except his fame and fortune. Hell, women in his present only wanted that. He decided it best to pretend he didn’t remember her at all.

She remembered him, though. It was obvious. Recognition spread over her face the minute he said her name. Her eyes glimmered with hopefulness.

Then the spark left and letdown settled on her features. He could have thrown her a bone then, given her a hint that he knew her, but he didn’t.

Yeah, he was an ass**le.

Then he was stuffed in the SUV with her, drowning in her unique smell and memories of their evening together crashed over him like a giant wave—her tentative flirting, his smooth moves, that apple-pear body spray she used, the one she still wore now. He hadn’t done anything big yet. She hadn’t even known he was an actor. And still, she’d let him kiss her and touch her. Very intimately.

Was she the last woman he’d kissed before he’d become known? Too many years and women had passed for him to be sure. Maybe she wasn’t, but she reminded him of that time. Before he doubted the sincerity of every compliment. When his pick-up lines were meant to start relationships, not just get some for the night.

Now no pick-up lines were necessary at all. He could bag a girl with a flash of his famous smile. And though having models and costars and willing fans lined up at his bedroom door was out-of-this-world awesome, it got boring. Hot sex wasn’t the same as just talking and flirting and connecting with a woman. How long had it been since he’d done that?

What if he could recapture those days? With her. With Maddie. They still had chemistry. He could cut the sexual tension in the backseat with a knife. He felt her lean into his leg. He got it. He wanted to touch her too. And he did—a brush of her cheek, a hand on her knee. It wouldn’t take much to get her alone and underneath him.

But then she flirted with that overly chipper, butt-kisser Sam and he remembered—he wasn’t that guy. He wasn’t the guy who was in it for the long haul. Micah was a movie star. He was into girls for a minute. He couldn’t recapture the days before his fame and that was the price he’d paid. Even if he tried to get involved with a woman, he could never trust their intentions with him. He’d chosen this life, made a very deliberate decision of career over love.

And getting tangled up with a girl like Maddie Bauers, a girl from the days when he was that guy, wasn’t what he needed.

What he needed was to get to his room and take a cold shower. He crossed his hands low in his lap to hide his stiff bulge and shut his eyes, attempting sleep. Or, at least the pretense.

“Hey, Micah.” Fudge paused. “Dude?”

His bodyguard’s insistent tone pulled Micah out of his pretend sleep. “What?”

“Look out your window. The mountains are dope. Why do we only come out here in the winter?”

“Because you think sliding down a mountain on a surfboard is fun.” But he leaned forward to look at the scenery through the front window. Fudge was right, it was gorgeous. “We’ll do some sightseeing while we’re here, okay?”

“You should invite Lulu.”

He swallowed a sigh. “Maybe.” Lulu was his mother. Lucille, actually, but he and his friends had always referred to her as Lulu.

“Come on, she’d love it out here.”

“I’ll think about it.” She would love it. His mother had a thing for nature and Micah flew her out to many of his more picturesque locations.