Take Two (Page 40)

Take Two (Lights, Camera #1)(40)
Author: Laurelin Paige

She watched him as she ran her fingers through her hair, several times, pulling and tugging at the ends. “First, I think of you doing this.” She was surprised how sultry her voice sounded. “Then, your hands would move.” This time when her hands reached the bottom of her hair length, she continued gliding them down to her br**sts.

His breath grew heavier as he watched her squeeze and crush her tits, his reaction emboldening her. She pinched at her ni**les, tugging the buds until they stood erect.

“And then your tongue would arrive.” She licked her index finger then circled a nipple with the wet pad. Next, she brushed against the tip in a zigzag motion. She repeated the pattern on her other breast, the one closest to Micah.

He leaned in, eyes large and dilated and blew across the top of her wet bud.

“Uh-uh,” she chided. “You don’t do that in my fantasy. Not that it wasn’t nice, but you’re supposed to be watching.”

He pouted but sat back.

“After you thoroughly enjoyed my br**sts—”

“I want to thoroughly enjoy your br**sts now.”

She ignored his interruption. “You’d move your hands again. Lower this time.” She trailed her hands along the sides of her torso and down to her hips, then the outside of her thighs. When she reached her knees, she slid her fingers back up her limbs, this time moving up the inside of her legs toward her core.

Just as her hands reached her center, she swept them up to splay across her belly instead of touching herself where she ached for him. “You’d tease me like this.”

He grinned. “I’m such an ass.”

“You are. But eventually…” One hand moved up to grope her breast while the other descended ever so slowly until it sat just above her slit. She was so turned on by showing him this—by sharing this most private act. “Eventually you’d arrive where I wanted you most.” She skidded a finger past her nub, moaning at the sensation. She repeated the movement, this time with two fingers, stretching her outer lips.

Micah sucked in an audible breath as her two fingers circled her clit, little by little increasing speed. Her body thrummed with a new wave of electricity at each round.

“Are those my fingers?” His eyes blazed, fixed on her movement. “Or my tongue?”

“Your fingers.” Her other hand journeyed from her bosom, drifting past the motion at her nerve center stopping at her tight, wet opening.

“Yes,” he hissed as she plunged two fingers deep inside her. When she pulled them out, she dragged her hot liquid up to moisten her clit.

“Now it’s your tongue.”

“Yes, baby.” His voice was husky with need. She moved her gaze from his face and saw he clutched his hard shaft. So hot. He stroked his penis, his rhythm echoing her fingers as they plunged again and again inside her.

“Ah, that’s it, baby. That’s it.” His encouragement combined with the sensations of her moving hands and the intense heat of his stare brought her to orgasm. She quivered as she threw her head back and shouted her release.

While she was still mid-climax, she felt the bed shift underneath her, and heard the rip of a foil packet. Then he was on top of her, inside her, with one deep thrust he filled her to the hilt.

“Ah, baby,” he growled as he pounded into her. “You are so beautiful. I’m going to come so hard. I’m going to make you come so hard.”

He continued his vigorous assault, hitting a spot deep within her, one she hadn’t known existed. “Oh, f**k me!” Her orgasm crashed over and over, long beyond what she thought possible, exhausting and elating her. By the time he joined her, coming in one long stroke as he called her name, every muscle in her body was already limp from her prolonged release.

He fell next to her, his ragged breath becoming even as he slid into sleep. She drifted into her own slumber, tingling in the warmth of her waning orgasms and the weight of his body tangled with hers and the promise of four more weeks.

Chapter Eighteen

The sun peeked through the trees and glared down on Micah’s script, making it impossible to continue reading. He tossed it in the grass beside him and glanced around, taking in the scenery. It was beautiful. One day he’d maybe buy a cabin out here in the Rockies. Not anywhere as crowded as the star-populated Aspen, but in a quiet place like this Golden recreation area, not too far from Denver.

Of course, half the reason he was fond of Colorado had to do with the girl lying on her stomach next to him. Would he still be attracted to these mountains if Maddie wasn’t with him? Probably not so intensely.

He sprawled out on the blanket and propped his head up with one hand to watch her struggle with the light, adjusting the top of her laptop to see better. It was an unusual blanket to use for a picnic—a beige hotel standard they’d found in his closet, but it did the job. The sandwiches Maddie had picked up for them at a local deli had been devoured earlier and the remnants were gathered at his feet in a trash bag that they’d also swiped from his room. Now, he was ready for dessert.

As if sensing his hungry stare, Maddie looked up from editing on her computer. “What are you thinking?” she asked.

“That it’s our one-week sexiversary.”

She chuckled as she shut the lid of her laptop then pushed her computer to the edge of the blanket. Then she also propped her head in her palm to stare at him face-to-face. “One week, huh?” She furrowed her brow. “What do you get someone for that? Paper? China?”

“Condoms.” He wished he had one now, knew his wallet was empty. “We’re out at the hotel. We need to grab some from my trailer.”

She traced the line of his nose with her finger and tapped it once when she reached the tip. “You know, I am on birth control.”

Condomless sex. His c**k pressed tight against the zipper of his jeans at the thought. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had unprotected sex. He knew Maddie well enough to know she was clean. He was too—had regular checkups for STDs—but her trust astonished him, especially since he had a reputation.

It also astonished him that he wasn’t horrified at the idea like he could have been. It suggested a step forward in their relationship. Where was he going with Maddie? Why did it feel so nice? He hadn’t forgotten the reasons that relationships in show biz didn’t work, but he was willing to admit that maybe he’d been too black-and-white about the whole thing. Maybe there were instances where his career wouldn’t get in the way of a romance.