Take Two (Page 36)

Take Two (Lights, Camera #1)(36)
Author: Laurelin Paige

And to heighten the stress of the situation was the knowledge that Micah’s personal life wasn’t exactly personal. If they were going to have any chance to get to know each other, they’d have to keep their affair on the down-low. If an affair was what it was called.

Dammit, she hated the uncertainty. If she could just look in his eyes. His eyes would tell her.

She looked at her watch. Nine thirty. Micah was due in costume at nine. Shooting was scheduled for ten thirty. She wondered where he was now. Probably in makeup.

Her phone buzzed in her pocket.

Um, details please!

Crap, she’d forgotten about Bree. While she’d waited for Micah in his hotel room, freaked out by her decision to finally jump him, she’d texted back and forth with Bree for support. Maddie meant to update her friend but hadn’t because, well, she had been otherwise occupied.

She thought about how to answer. What could she say? That she’d had the most earth-shattering, mind-blowing, and beautiful experience of her lifetime? There were no words to capture her feelings.

Besides, it was private. Not just keep-from-prying-eyes-of-the-press private, but also don’t-tell-your-best-friend private. She typed a simple reply. It was nice.

Bree’s response came almost instantly. Nice??

Maddie sighed. More than nice. A lot more than nice.

Her response had been vague, but she knew Bree would figure she wasn’t willing to say more. At least not over text. Besides, the stand-ins had arrived and it was time to get her calculations. She worked around Joe as he blocked the scene, careful to not interfere with his instructions.

She had just finished writing down her first numbers in her notebook when her pocket buzzed again. Guessing Bree hadn’t gotten the hint, she rolled her eyes as she flipped open her phone.

But the text wasn’t from Bree. Come to my trailer.

Her heart skipped a beat.

Was he asking her to come so they could talk about their situation? Or not talk at all? Or did he want to tell her it was all over and to keep everything mum?

She had no idea. She needed to see him to find out.

Except she couldn’t go. She was in the middle of set-up and, after Adam had yelled at her the other day, she needed to be especially on game.

Still, he had wanted to see her. That had to be good. Reluctantly, she sent her reply. I’m working, silly.

Only seconds passed before his response came. Can’t u slip away?

That didn’t sound like an “it’s over” text. He really wanted to see her. Could she go? She wanted to. Her panties were already slippery, thinking about him. She looked around, assessing how much work was left. She’d only done the calculations for Heather’s character and this scene had four characters.

There was no way. It would be too hard.

She held her phone as she waited for his reply.

Speaking of hard…

Her eyes widened. She had to see him.

But she couldn’t.

Maybe just for a minute.

No, she couldn’t. She had to force her fingers to type. Sorry!

Maddie didn’t know if she was disappointed or relieved when he didn’t reply. The next twenty minutes were torture as she continued her set-up for the shoot. Wild images of Micah hard and na**d filled her mind, making her squirm as she worked.

Then the images grew ugly as she pictured him grabbing the nearest P.A. for a quickie in his trailer since Maddie was unavailable for him.

That’s ridiculous. First, he had to be on set soon. Secondly, he’d just spent the last day having glorious sex with her. He didn’t need to get some now. Third, he wouldn’t do that… Would he?

She realized that she really didn’t know the answer to that question. He didn’t have a reputation as a playboy because he never noticed other women—that was for sure. And she had no idea how regularly he got it on or who with or anything, really, except that when he got it on, he got it on very well.

Dammit. Even after she’d bedded him, she was still mixed-up, shuffled, and a total mess. Wasn’t sex supposed to have cleared her head?

They should have talked.

“Maddie.” Joe drew her from her miserable thoughts. “Beaumont just called on the headset. He said Micah took full blame for the difficult shoot the other day. Realized he’d made a mistake.”

“Good to know. Thanks for telling me.” She hadn’t talked to Micah about explaining to Beaumont since their run. She was surprised he’d remembered, and after he’d gotten what he was after—namely her—was surprised he followed through.

“Sure thing. And I guess Micah wants to apologize to you in person. He’s waiting for you in his trailer.”

Maddie flushed. A hundred warring thoughts ran through her mind. Micah had come clean to their boss, and that was really cool, but had he only done it to get Maddie in his trailer? Did Joe know? Did Beaumont know? Didn’t Micah realize she had work to do? Did he think he could just snap his fingers and she’d come running?

And wasn’t it incredibly hot if he did?

“It’s okay. I’ve got things here,” Adam said when Maddie hadn’t said anything.

“Are you sure?” Her heart began to race at the idea of being with Micah again. But she felt guilty about leaving her job.

“If Beaumont tells you to do something, you’ve gotta do it.” Adam winked.

God, did Adam suspect?

If he did, she didn’t care. She had to concentrate to keep from running to Micah’s trailer, energized by excitement. The five-minute walk seemed like five miles. Luckily it was just enough time for her to get her head straight. This was not right—leaving Adam to do her job. Maybe Micah was used to having women at his beck and call, but not this woman. He needed to know it wasn’t acceptable to summon her as he had. And she’d tell him first thing when she saw him.

She knocked on his trailer door.

“Come in.” God, his voice was sexy.

She took a deep breath, steeling herself to be firm about what was and wasn’t acceptable in the workplace. She opened the door and walked in. And all her determination went out the window.

Because there was Micah, standing in the middle of his trailer, completely na**d and fully aroused.

Micah had wondered if he’d gone too far when he asked Beaumont to send Maddie to his trailer, but as soon as he saw her, his hard and throbbing c**k told him not to care.

He’d wanted to take her the minute she’d finished giving him the most incredible shower blow job. She’d thought she was relieving him, but her amazing gift made him want to give her an orgasm of her own. He’d struggled through the morning, trying not to think about her. Finally, he knew he wouldn’t be able to concentrate on his acting if he didn’t have her. Now.