Take Two (Page 35)

Take Two (Lights, Camera #1)(35)
Author: Laurelin Paige

She wriggled underneath him until she felt him hot against her entrance. She bucked, begging him to enter. “I want you inside me,” she whispered.

Micah gazed at her with hooded eyes. Then, in one swift stroke, he plunged into her.

She cried out as he filled and twitched within her. This was so…so…so much better than she had ever imagined, and she had imagined it quite a few times over the past weeks. She felt beautiful, desired, special. She felt perfect.

He stilled as her body stretched to accommodate him. “My, God, you’re so tight.”

Maddie rocked her h*ps up, urging him to keep on.

And then he began to move. Long, deliberate strokes pierced her, each bringing more heat and electricity, driving her mad. It was too much and not enough. She simultaneously wanted release and to never, ever stop.

She wrapped her legs around him, granting him deeper access. “Oh baby,” he groaned. Her senses heightened at his exclamation. This was because of her—she had brought him here.

His pace increased and he moved longer, deeper. She lifted her h*ps to meet each thrust, the new friction threatening to send her over the edge. Tightening her grip, she dug her fingernails into his shoulders. Pressure built and grew inside her, pushing her further, further, further until she knew she was close, so close.

“Come for me, baby,” he commanded.

And she did, exploding gloriously around him. Her cl**ax sent uncontrollable ripples throughout her body as she cried out. She continued to shudder, milking him as he thrust through her orgasm until he let out a low moan, finding his own release.

He lingered there while their breathing slowed, his ragged respiration matching hers. She reveled in the feel of him against her and inside her. It occurred to her that the other men she’d slept with would have rolled over by now, fallen asleep. But not Micah. He tenderly stroked her neck, holding her in his arms, his forehead pressed to hers. The afterglow was sweet and she savored it.

“You’re here.” Micah’s voice startled her eyes open.


“I just can’t believe you’re here.” He stroked the side of her cheek with his thumb. “I’m very glad you’re here.”

Warmth spread throughout her. “Me too.”

“I looked for you tonight.”

“You did?” She had wondered if he would.

“And I texted—”

“Yeah, I got that. It was sweet. I didn’t reply because I was already here and I wasn’t sure what to say.”

“Um, how about, ‘Hurry the hell up to your room. Where I’m waiting. Naked.’ I know the na**d wasn’t exactly true, but it would have gotten me moving.”

Maddie giggled. “That wouldn’t have made a very good surprise.”

He rubbed his fingers slowly up and down her arm. “I suppose not. And it was a very good surprise.”

They lay silent for a moment. Despite his affirmations, doubt began to creep in. “So, stocked with condoms, huh? Have you had the opportunity to…uh…use them recently?”

He chuckled. “Someone always stocks my trailer with a box. It’s probably written in my contract somewhere as standard protocol. But no, I haven’t broken into them at all this shoot. And the few I have here in my room… Well, I was hopeful that I might get a certain lady here. Eventually.”

Maddie played along. “A certain lady?”

“Yeah, she’s really amazing and beautiful and incredibly sexy. She’s working on the movie, but I met her ages ago. I wanted her in my bed then, but it didn’t work out. Then I got a second chance…”

She stared into his deep, blue eyes. Had he really only wanted her these past days? Pined for her, even? It was incredible and still so hard to believe. But she knew he was telling the truth, had felt it as his body had moved inside her. She saw it now in his eyes still dilated with desire.

She kissed him, sweet and tenderly, and for several minutes she was lost again in his mouth.

When Micah finally pulled away he said, “Maddie, I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

He furrowed his brow. “I missed my mark.”

She clenched around him still inside her. “I think you hit it pretty well, actually.”

“Did I now?” His eyes glinted and she felt his staff thickening. “But what I meant—”

She put a lone finger up to his lips, shushing him. “I know what you meant. You apologized already. I don’t care anymore. I’m happy.”

Micah closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh. “Me too.”

She lay in his arms, sated, as he continued to stroke her arm. Exhaustion began to claim her, and she allowed herself to close her eyes and drift.

“Hey, you can’t go to sleep!”

Maddie jumped as he shook her gently.

“I’ve waited for this with far too much anticipation to let this evening end so soon.” With a wicked grin, he flipped her over, drew her up to her knees, and reached his hand around to stoke the fire in her loins.

Yes, she thought as her body awoke to his touch. Very happy.

Chapter Sixteen

Maddie’s inner thigh muscles groaned as she squatted to look for the lens cap she’d dropped. And why shouldn’t her muscles groan? She and Micah didn’t leave his hotel room once in the twenty-seven hours they’d had off from production, and very little of that time was spent sleeping.

She smiled at the memory of that morning’s shower together before she ran to her hotel room for a change of clothing. He had sponged and cleansed her so thoroughly, they’d run out of time to take care of other business. Unwilling to let Micah leave for work with such a huge “problem”, Maddie had serviced him orally. She’d not given many blow jobs in her lifetime—a handful, mostly in college. They had seemed so impersonal and dirty. But when she placed her lips on Micah’s shaft and sucked and licked and moved him in and out of her mouth, she felt powerful and intimately close to him. She’d watched the look of exquisite pleasure on his face, and the knowledge that it was her mouth making him feel that way…well, she had a feeling she’d be giving a lot more in the future.

The future.

The thought brought her plummeting from her Micah high. Did she even have a future with him? They’d said they would take it one day at a time, wait and see. But that’s all they’d said. No talk or plans of any future, including the near future. Would she get to spend time with him at all that day? Should she ask him or wait for him to say something? She could invite him to a late dinner after the day’s shoot. Or maybe that was too clingy. Drinks with the crew, maybe.