Take Two (Page 34)

Take Two (Lights, Camera #1)(34)
Author: Laurelin Paige

She squealed as he swept her into his arms, and he reveled in the sound. He carried her through the suite to the bedroom and laid her gently on the king-size mattress. There he gazed at her for several long heated seconds. She blushed under his stare and his rock-hard member ached for release. Not yet. There was so much he wanted to do to her—do for her—he didn’t know where to begin.

He leaned over and nuzzled her neck. “Tell me what you want,” he whispered in her ear.

Her words came out throaty. “You.”

He smiled. She was so innocent. Not a virgin, no. But Micah had a feeling that her previous lovers were self-serving in their sexual exploits. She doesn’t even know what she wants. Well, he’d have to show her.

He stood again and lifted her leg. He slid off her shoe, then her sock, his eyes locked on hers as he did. “Such a pretty foot,” he said. He kissed each toe. When he reached the biggest, he sucked it, then grazed the pad with his teeth. She shivered. He lowered her leg and repeated the process on her other foot, enjoying the sparkle in her eyes that his attentions brought.

When he had finished cherishing her feet, he bent over her and drew down the zipper on her pants. He watched her, ensuring she was willing for him to continue. He didn’t know what he’d do if she wasn’t. He couldn’t stop now if he tried. He needed her.

Fortunately, her eyes mirrored the lust and desire he felt. He shimmied her pants past her h*ps and down her long legs, then replaced the fabric with a trail of kisses. She was curvier than most of the models and actresses he usually spent his nights with—one of the reasons he was so attracted to her. He could already imagine how soft and lush she would feel wrapped around him. His c**k pulsed at the thought.

He trailed his hands up her legs to return for her underwear. “Such pretty panties,” he said. “I almost hate to remove them. But for what I have in mind, they’ll only be in the way.”

Her breath caught and his erection grew harder, if it were possible. He leaned down and placed a gentle kiss over her sweet spot before hooking his fingers under the black lace and sliding them down past her ankles. He threw them to the floor behind him.

She pressed her knees together—instinctively, he guessed. “No, no, no,” he teased, placing his hands on her knees to separate her legs. He sighed at the beauty of her na**d in front of him—her nicely trimmed pu**y, her pink swollen lips. “You’re so beautiful,” he groaned as he crawled into the V of her legs, holding her open with his body.

He lowered his mouth to her stomach and swirled his tongue around and inside her navel while she moaned underneath him. Then he moved south. Her legs tensed around him as she sat up suddenly, propping herself on her elbows. Astonishment and uncertainty clouded her eyes.

“Please,” he caressed her with his voice. “Let me taste you.”

She paused, and he wondered if she wasn’t a fan of o**l s*x or if she was simply shy. He could skip it…

But he wanted to pleasure her, had fantasized about it. He nudged at her knees and this time, her legs fell open for him.

He trailed his lips slowly over her sex. She exhaled, all tension leaving her body. God, she tasted so good. He tapped his fingers fast and light on her skin where her thighs met her center as he licked and adored her, circling and stroking her cl*t with his tongue. She quivered when he seemingly surprised her with a gentle nip and he took pleasure in her delightful reaction.

When she bucked underneath him, begging for more, he responded by slipping two fingers inside her. “Ah, you’re so wet,” he murmured. He tugged and stretched her as he continued to kiss and massage her sensitive bud. She writhed, lifting her h*ps to meet his probe, her hands buried in his hair. She made the sweetest sounds he’d ever heard and he relished each groan and gasp, recognizing that she didn’t offer her vulnerability to just anybody.

When she shattered around him, he continued his assault, drinking in her salty taste until her whimpers softened and her body stilled. Then he returned to her lips. He kissed her softly and tenderly, smoothing her hair behind her ear while her breathing calmed. He knew that she’d exposed herself to him more completely than she had to anyone else before.

And he startled himself by hoping she’d never open up like that to anyone but him again.

Holy cannoli, she was lying na**d on Micah Preston’s bed. And he had gone down on her. And she’d enjoyed it.

Maddie couldn’t wrap her mind around it. She couldn’t wrap her mind around anything at the moment, actually. Her orgasm had left her numb and delirious and shaking and, wow, now he was kissing her again. Micah-From-The-Party-Preston was kissing her and doing unspeakably amazing things to her na**d body and goodness sakes alive, did he have a present for her. She could feel it, thick and hard against her leg, straining against his pants.

Now, why did he still have his clothes on? She’d have to remedy that.

She pulled herself away from his tasty lips and twisted so she was straddling his hips. “My turn.”

He smiled slyly. “And what will you do with your turn?”

“Explore.” She grabbed the hem of his shirt and he lifted his arms so she could peel it up and over his head. Oh, the rock-hard chest that had taunted her all during the shoot the night before. She ran her hands up his abs and over his pecs, then down the sides of his torso. Mighty fine indeed.

Micah inhaled sharply as her exploration reached the trail of hair leading down underneath the waist of his jeans. She moved herself lower and palmed his erection through the material. He moaned.

“My, this has to be awfully uncomfortable,” she teased. “Let’s see if this helps.” She unbuttoned and unzipped, discovering the tip of his head poking under the band of his boxer briefs. “Well, what do we have here?”

In one motion, he flipped her so she was underneath him. “Why don’t I show you?” he growled. Within seconds he’d removed his jeans and briefs and retrieved a condom from the nightstand drawer.

Maddie’s mind wandered for the briefest moment to the reason for the condom supply. He had a box at the trailer too. Had there been other girls on this shoot? Other girls in this bed? But she pushed away the thought. She was the girl in the bed now. She was the girl watching as he unrolled the condom over his thick, hard shaft. Her tummy tightened at the sight.

Then he was stretched out on top of her, kissing her with deep need. She wanted to fulfill that need, to satisfy his hunger. In turn, she knew he would slake her own longing.