Take Two (Page 19)

Take Two (Lights, Camera #1)(19)
Author: Laurelin Paige

“The Mission’s Warrior. Like I said, a gem.”

He was impressed and in awe. Not many people had ever heard of that early film of his, let alone seen it.

“It had its weaknesses,” she continued. “Mainly, the script. The directing was solid and the cast was really strong.” She blushed. “In my opinion, anyway.”

Her pink skin and sweet praise stirred his hardened cock. He wanted to take her, right then and there, no care for everyone around him. But he’d settle for a day at the film festival. He’d rent a car and it would be just the two of them, sharing their love of movies. He’d ask her as soon as they were alone.

“I’ll take you,” Sam said. Every muscle in Micah’s body tensed. “Breckenridge is beautiful and only a couple of hours from here. I’d love to show it to you.”

Micah resisted the urge to punch him. Say no, Maddie, he willed silently. Say no.

But Maddie’s face broke into a grin. “Really? Thanks.”

“Awesome. We can work out the deets before we leave. Right now I want to get in a game of pool before Chloe heads out. She thinks she can beat me. But she totally can’t.” He slipped out of the booth and called to the next table. “Did you hear that, Chloe Barfoot? I’m gonna whoop your ass!”

Chloe stood and marched over to him, her small frame barely reaching Sam’s chest. “Like hell you are. It’s on.”

“This I gotta see,” Fudge said.

Micah frowned as Sam looked down and grabbed his beer. Micah couldn’t be certain but he was pretty sure that Sam was sneaking his own peek at Maddie’s bosom.

“Come cheer me on?” Sam asked, leaning on the table.

Now Micah was certain. Sam was totally looking. Who wouldn’t sneak a peek? Maddie’s br**sts were excellent—firm, round, perky—and if Sam was sneaking peeks tonight, God knows what he’d try to do to them tomorrow. Micah couldn’t stand the thought. As soon as he could get a damn minute alone with her he’d tell her not to go. Though now she’d likely follow to the pool tables to be the douchebag’s personal cheerleader.

But she surprised him. “I’ll cheer you from here.”

Micah didn’t bother to hide his satisfaction.

After a moment of shuffling and gathering beer bottles, most of the table had dispersed to watch the game.

Maddie flashed a mischievous grin. “We’re alone.”

Hmm. He liked the tone of this conversation. Too bad they weren’t really alone. He was very aware of the waitress eyeing him and the couple in the booth behind him and the woman at the bar. “Mostly.”

“Mostly enough.” She took a deep breath—was she nervous?—and slid herself around to the farthest part of the booth. “I’m glad. I need to give you something.”

“You do?”

She nodded. “Come closer.”

Micah moved closer to her, his curiosity piqued as Maddie took a long swig finishing off her Corona. Then she put a cloth napkin on her lap and dug in her pocket for her ChapStick. He watched entranced as she applied it leisurely to her full, pink lips, just as he had seen her do so many times on set. Thank God for the dry weather.

When she’d finished with her lips, she began to rub the ChapStick liberally over her left hand. Her eyes drifted to a hoodie draped on the back of the booth behind them. She pulled it into his lap.

He raised an eyebrow. What the hell was she doing?

He was answered by the approach of her hand underneath the table and the hoodie where his c**k throbbed painfully in his jeans. His jaw dropped as she undid his zipper and freed his aching member, her eyes never leaving his. Well, this wasn’t characteristic of the Maddie he thought he’d begun to figure out. What a nice surprise.

Maddie circled his penis with her lubricated hand, eliciting a gasp. A nice surprise indeed.

He shot a glance around the bar, hoping no one was paying attention to them. But then her thumb grazed the top of his crown and his eyes raced back to her. Who f**king cared if they were noticed? It was worth the risk of being caught.

In fact, that was half the excitement.

“So, Micah, I’ve been meaning to ask you—why so many women in your life?”

Micah blinked several times before answering, not sure he could converse with her hand on his dick. With effort, he managed, “I have a very strict no-strings rule. Relationships in Hollywood are near impossible.”

“That’s pessimistic.” Slowly, Maddie began to move her hand up his shaft from the root to head of his member, driving a shiver down his spine. “There are plenty of actors who have girlfriends in Hollywood.”

Micah put his palms down on the table and stilled himself. “Hardly any of those work out. And the no-girlfriend thing has kept me focused. It’s gotten me to the top.”

She met his stare full on, a glint in her eyes. Her hand slid back down to base camp. Ho. Ly. Fuck.

“Maybe you got to the top because you’re talented.” Again, Maddie moved her hand up his shaft, dragging her thumb along the thick vein on the underside of his cock.

He suppressed a groan. “Talent means nothing in Hollywood.” Was he even making sense? It was so hard to concentrate on…uh…words.

“And lucky.” She paused then moved her hand over his head in lazy circles before sliding it back down the other side of his shaft.

He gritted his teeth. “I am very lucky.”

“And incredibly hot.” She pumped quickly once before returning to her unhurried drag up his member. Micah almost blew his load right then.

He sucked in a haggard breath, amazed that her words could have an additional effect on him. “You think I’m hot?”

“I think you aren’t bad on the eyes.” She repeated the pattern, circling his head, then moving her hand down the other side.

“No, you said hot.” She pumped twice this time, then followed with a slow tug up. “Incredibly…hot.” This was incredibly hot. So…incredibly…hot… Sure, he’d had handjobs in public before, but usually in darkened, private corners, not at a table with coworkers nearby. Certainly not from reserved serious types such as Maddie. It was totally thrillingly unexpected.

“And what do you do if you fall in love?” Three quick pumps. His c**k felt like steel, he’d never been so hard.

“That would be tricky. To fall in love.” He could only produce short sentences. “When you only spend. One night with someone.” Though, if you asked him right then, he’d likely say he loved this woman. He definitely loved what she did to him, what she was doing to him.