Take Two (Page 13)

Take Two (Lights, Camera #1)(13)
Author: Laurelin Paige

She pivoted away from the director before she said anything she couldn’t take back. “Give me your script, Micah. Where do you want to start?”

Micah handed her his rolled-up script. “Let’s go to my trailer. It’s easier to concentrate without all”—he waved his hand at the people around them—“this.”

“Sure.” Her voice was tight. “Fine.”

But it was far from fine. Alone in his trailer with Micah Preston and his hard-on? Lord, help her.

Chapter Six

Maddie fumed as she followed Micah to his trailer. She didn’t know if she was fuming more at Beaumont’s blatant patronization or at herself for being so affected by an actor. She did know it was easier to keep walking if she concentrated on being mad rather than the butterflies swirling around in her tummy. It didn’t help that she had to watch Micah’s sexy swagger as she tailed after him. As if she wasn’t frustrated enough.

She huffed out a breath of angry air. Micah peered over his shoulder. “Are you okay back there?”

Her throat tightened. “Fine.”

Micah climbed the three steps of his trailer and opened the door, holding it for Maddie to walk past. His trailer was one of the nicest ones she’d been in. The counter tops were brown-and-cream speckled granite. The stainless steel appliances sparkled under the abundant pot lights. The eating area featured a light brown leather bench curved around a light oak round table. Three barstools rounded the other side, providing additional seating. Farther down the trailer, a small leather loveseat faced a flat screen television.

And there was the sleeping area at the back of the trailer. Maddie didn’t even let that register for fear of the dirty thoughts that would flood her mind.

Micah closed the door, bringing Maddie back from not thinking about tumbling around on his bed. “Look, I really appreciate you doing this. I know it isn’t your job.”

Maddie ran her hand across her face before she turned toward him. Damn, he was so good-looking. His deep blue eyes stared at her intently and her mask of fury became impossible to maintain under his gaze.

“I’m sorry.” She amazed herself at the steadiness of her voice. “It’s not you who’s got me riled up.” Not only him, anyway.

“Good. I was afraid you were upset about, well, you know.”

Oh God. Was he really bringing up the penis incident? “Oh, no. I’d blocked that from my memory. Most successfully until you reminded me.” She hadn’t really forgotten. Not at all. In fact, she wondered if he was still, uh, stiff.

“Bummer to hear I’m so forgettable.”

“Oh, it’s not forgettable.” She just said his c**k wasn’t forgettable. “I mean, I really didn’t forget it.” Fuck. “I mean…” She took a deep breath trying to gain control of the words coming out of her mouth. “Are you trying to make me turn as red as possible? Because I think this is the max I can go.”

He laughed. “Maybe just a little. I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself. I shouldn’t have teased on the heels of your moment with Beaumont. He can be…how shall I put it? Intolerable.” Micah offered an understanding smile.

Maddie’s knees went weak. His smile was like sunshine. What had they been talking about? Oh yeah, Micah’s prick. No, their prick director. “Beaumont’s trying, at best.”

“Do you think he realizes it?”

“Realizes what? That everyone hates him? That he’s an incredible ass**le? That I want to smash my tape measure in his face?” She shouldn’t have said any of that. She lowered her eyes, knowing she’d crossed a line. And to avoid the yummy movie star’s gaze. He hadn’t taken his eyes off her since they’d entered the trailer.

Micah laughed, a sound that made Maddie’s legs quiver. “You said it better than I would have.”

“You should forget I said it at all. It was horribly unprofessional.”

He winked. Again. And her body jolted in response. Again. He had to stop doing that.

“Forgotten already.” He leaned back against the granite counter, and Maddie’s gaze dipped to his thigh muscles that were pressing against the material of his jeans. She wondered what they’d feel like pressed against her. Incredible.

Stop it. She had to get her mind back on track. She turned away from him and unrolled the script she was clutching. “So what page do we start on?” Her damp hands shook as she flipped through the pages.

Micah crossed behind her to peer over her shoulder. He moved his mouth near her ear. “Top of forty-seven.”

His breath tickled her and Maddie’s hands were no longer the only thing damp. She shivered.

“It’s the kissing scene,” he added softly.

She stifled a yelp. Crap. It was the kissing scene. How had she forgotten? She needed a momentary escape. “Uh, can I use your bathroom? I had way too much coffee this morning.”

Micah laughed. He took the script from her, his forearm brushing the side of her breast as he did. “Go ahead. I’ll be waiting.”

She hurried to the back of the trailer, trying to ignore the taunt in his words and the brush of his arm and the aching in her hardened ni**les. Oh, so much to ignore.

Once she’d closed the bathroom door, she took a deep breath. Why was she so smitten with this guy? He was just a guy. Yes, he was a big-time actor, but she’d never been star struck before. Especially not over a guy who was such a cad. Besides, just because she was into him didn’t mean he was into her. And if he was, that meant nothing. He was a player. The jumbo box of condoms next to his hotel key on the bathroom counter was an excellent reminder.

Seriously? A box of condoms? Who did he plan on banging in Golden, Colorado?

Certainly not her. No siree. No matter how flirtatious they got, no matter what her body seemed to want—she had more respect for herself than that.

Maddie took one more deep breath, leaned over and flushed the toilet, keeping up the pretense that she’d needed to pee. Then she spritzed her face with cold water. She wasn’t any calmer, but she’d have to fake it. She couldn’t stay in the bathroom all day hiding from the hottie—correction—coworker in the other room.

“Here you go,” Micah said as she returned, handing her the script opened to a page about halfway in. “Top of that page there.” He had resumed leaning against the counter.

Maddie took the script and leaned against the counter opposite him, refusing to pay any attention to his thighs this time. Nope, she would not look. She scanned the page instead. The dialogue seemed harmless enough. She could get through this. No problem.