Stay (Page 52)

He smiled faintly. “That means you are.”

“If you say so.”

“I do. You’ll be fine.”

“I hope you’re right.”

“Me too.” He patted her back. “I’m off to watch for Jett at the prison. I’m sure he’ll show his face. Before that I need to oversee an interrogation.”

“An interrogation?” Casey asked.

“We finally found the pilot. He never reported back after dropping off Levi, but we found him. Hopefully we can get some answers from him.”

“Do you want my help?” I needed to offer. I wanted him caught even if I didn’t want to leave Casey’s side.

He shook his head. “No. Protect my daughter.”

I nodded. “Of course.”

Casey and I looked at each other wide eyed. What other surprises were coming?

We got our answer just hours later. Neither of us were tired, so we just sat on the couch pretending to watch TV.

“I used to watch this show with my mom.” Casey stopped on some sitcom from the ‘90s. “I guess she grew up watching it or something.”

“What’s your favorite show?” I realized that was something I didn’t know about her.

“I’m not telling.” She looked away.

“Ok, now you have to tell.”

“It’s embarrassing.”

“So?” I inched closer to you. “That just makes it better.”

She laughed. “Fine, but no laughing.”

“I’ve been in your head. How can this be worse?”

“Fair enough. I really like watching teen dramas. They’re a guilty pleasure.”

“That’s not embarrassing.”

Before she could respond, every phone in the suite started ringing. Casey turned off the TV, and I picked up, holding the phone away from my ear as Georgina screamed. “I need Casey in the chambers immediately!”


“Because it’s essential.” Georgina hung up.

“I guess we’re going downstairs?” Casey asked.

“I guess so.”

We took the elevator straight down to the basement. When the doors opened we went right to the main chamber.

It didn’t take long to figure out what was going on. Jett was tied up and being held by two Pterons. Robert and Georgina stared him down. Robert noticed our entrance and gestured for Casey to join him.

Robert took two steps toward Jett. “I do not know what possessed you to align with evil, but you were insane to think you’d get away with it.”

“I’ve gotten away with it for over twenty years.” Jett scowled.

“You won’t anymore. And if I find out Jared is in on this, he will also be facing my wrath.”

Jett laughed. “Jared? Like I’d trust him with anything? As far as I’m concerned that son was a waste of my chromosomes.”

Robert smiled. “That’s all I needed to hear.”

“Why?’ Jett asked.

“If Jared has been able to avoid your influence, then I’m proud of him. “

“He’s useless, just like you.”

Robert picked him up by his shirt, the other men still held Jett’s arms. “You disgust me. You will spend the rest of your life paying for your crimes, and if the evidence shows you had any role in my son’s death, the punishment will be unbearable.”

“Your son was useless too. Completely useless.”

Robert punched him in the face. The rage on his face was almost frightening, like he was barely able to contain himself. “That was for Levi and his mate.” Robert rolled up his sleeves before punching him again. “And that was for messing with my daughter.”

“Casey, as the rising queen it is your duty to give his official sentence.”

“What do I have to say?” she asked nervously.

“Pending trial he will be held in the private prison. For now that is sufficient.”

She nodded and repeated his words.

Jett didn’t even look at her. Instead he spat on the floor. “And our new queen is part bear. What is this Society coming to?”

“It’s going to be better now that you’re gone.” Casey straightened her shoulders. “And this hybrid is a hell of a lot stronger than you.”

She tugged on my arm, and we left the chambers for the second time that day.


Being in the chambers for a coronation was like déjà vu. Only this time I wasn’t lonely, I was just grieving the death of a girl who would always be important to me. I’d managed to focus on taking care of Casey up until that point, but returning and watching the same procession made it impossible not to think back on the last coronation.

I wasn’t sitting in the audience this time. I was waiting in the center of the room not far from Casey. Georgina and Robert had agreed that it was fine to break tradition and not officially become mated yet, but they wanted me nearby as a symbol of our commitment. I’d have been there no matter what. I’d always be there for Casey.

Helen came out of her room for the occasion, but she chose to sit on the side. I understood and could tell Casey’s heart was breaking for the woman. She’d lost her only son. Her only child, and she now had to watch as a child that wasn’t hers took his place. It couldn’t have been easy.

“Despite the solemn nature of today, it is time that we look toward out future. It is with pride that I crown the next Queen of The Society. Casey Bates Laurent.” Georgina paused. “Casey, please kneel.”

Casey glanced at me nervously as she stepped in front of Georgina and slowly moved down to kneeling.

I watched intently as Georgina picked up the ornate crown from the pillow. It was going to be far too big on her, but she was taking over The Society. It was hers to wear.

Georgina started to lower the crown onto Casey’s head when suddenly the doors to the room burst open and everyone in the room turned. My jaw just about hit the floor. Levi sauntered in while holding Allie’s hand. “Did someone forget to invite me?”

“Levi!” Helen’s cry nearly shook the room, and Levi ran to her without dropping Allie’s hand. I’d never taken Levi to be a momma’s boy, but by the way he fell into her arms, I knew they had a close relationship.

After several moments Levi walked over to Casey. “What’s going on, sis? Trying to steal my job?”

Casey was in shock. Her whole face was pale.

“Whoa. It’s a joke.” He gave her a hug. “It’s okay.”