Star Struck (Lights, Camera #2) by Laurelin Paige-bilion (Page 35)

Star Struck (Lights, Camera #2)(35)
Author: Laurelin Paige

“Yes, princess.” He performed a mock bow. “Wouldn’t want the royalty seen with the hired help.”

“That’s not—”

He cut her off. “I know. I’m giving you a hard time.” Had he emphasized the word hard or was her mind in the gutter? “I’ll be discreet.”

“Thank you.” She had to take a deep breath before taking off for her trailer. Wild monkey sex. She was already wet with excitement.

Seth pinched the bridge of his nose.

That was close. Too close.

He’d told Joe when he took the job on Girl Fight that he didn’t want anyone to know he was anything but a carpenter so Seth hadn’t expected to encounter anyone who knew differently. But Brandon Drake…the movie they’d worked on together had been one of the first that Seth had designed. Brandon would never have expected Seth to be building a set. He’d have to try and catch Brandon and tell him to keep it on the D.L.

Actually, what he should do is come clean with Heather.

He almost groaned at the thought of Heather. At the wonderful thought of showering with her. At the horrible thought of telling her the truth.

He couldn’t do it.

Not just because he was still intent on finding out if she could truly like him no matter what he did for a living, but because now he’d let it go too long. Now there was no way she could think of it as anything but a betrayal. And wasn’t that exactly what it was? A betrayal of her trust? A betrayal of her emotions?

Shit, he was screwed.

But even though it was tearing him up inside, he had to protect his lie. Either that, or lose Heather, and he wasn’t ready for that. He looked at his watch. He had almost twenty minutes before he was supposed to meet her. Hopefully he could catch Brandon before then.

Tamping down thoughts of the lusty afternoon that lay just ahead, he headed for the director’s trailer, figuring that was where he’d find Brandon. The door was shut when he got there, but even without pressing his ear against the door, he could hear Brandon’s voice inside.

He’d have to wait.

Seth leaned against the side of the trailer and checked his watch again. Fifteen minutes. Might as well get lunch in while he waited.

He’d finished his sandwich, a bag of chips and one whole bottle of water before the door opened. Thankfully, Brandon walked out by himself, putting on his sunglasses as he did. Seth glanced at his watch once more. T minus three minutes. He’d have to make this conversation quick.

“Brandon,” he called out, brushing his chip-greased hands on his jeans. “I hoped I’d find you again.”

Brandon pushed his sunglasses back on his head and crinkled his brow. “You were looking for me?”

“Yeah.” He hesitated. Why hadn’t he thought up a good lead in while he was waiting for the guy? Now he was winging it. “Well, like I said, I’d love to catch up sometime. But I don’t think I have your number anymore.”

Brandon cracked a grin. “Good thinking. I’m sure I don’t have yours either.” He pulled out his wallet and leafed through it until he found what he was looking for. “Here’s my card.”

“Awesome. Thanks.” Seth didn’t even look at Brandon’s business card before stuffing it in the back pocket of his jeans. “Oh, one more thing.” He lowered his voice. “You know, I’m doing this gig as a favor to Joe, and just so there wouldn’t be any awkwardness with the crew, I’m keeping my resume hush-hush.”

Brandon snapped his fingers. “That explains it! Man, I couldn’t understand why you weren’t the P.D. I was about to ask around.”

“Please, don’t do that.” Definitely a good thing he talked to Brandon.

“Oh no. Not now that you said something. But you are still in the P.D. biz? Because you’re too good at it not to be. Your talents are wasted in this shit position.”

Seemed Heather wasn’t the only one on the set with a narrow-minded view of the hard-working crew. But he knew that. It wasn’t his first time around the block. The moneybags were almost always pompous. Why was that?

“Yes, I’m still a P.D.,” he said with gritted teeth. “But it’s been really nice to get my hands back on the set. Keeps me in touch with the job and the people who work for me.”

Brandon’s face soured. “Whatever’s your thing, man. In my opinion, that’s a real nice favor you’re doing for Joe.” It was Brandon’s turn to lower his voice. “Hey, um, maybe you could do me a favor as well.”

A favor for Brandon? He wasn’t sure he wanted to know. “Shoot.”

“Heather Wainwright…”

Fucking slimy asswipe. He fought the urge to punch the guy in the face. “Come on, Brandon, you’re married.”

Brandon shrugged. “We have an understanding.”

He should just let it go. Seth knew Heather wasn’t about to hook up with a type like Brandon. Yet he still felt compelled to let Brandon know as well. “Heather isn’t your girl. She’s not into anything that might bring bad press. And she’d never go for a married man, whatever your understanding is. She’s kind of a princess.”

“That’s too bad. That chick has one heck of a smoking body.” He sighed and again Seth wanted to punch him for the dirty thoughts Brandon was surely having about Heather.

Then, Brandon’s face lit up in understanding. “Wait, are you into her?”

“Uh…” Seth hadn’t been prepared for Brandon to be insightful.

“You are!” Brandon clapped him on the back. “That’s all you had to say, man. I’ll keep my hands off. Tell ya what, maybe you could give me a holler when you’re through with her.”

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I’ll do.” The statement dripped of so much sarcasm he wouldn’t be surprised if Brandon noticed. Frankly, Seth didn’t give a f**k. He’d done what he came for and now—he looked at his watch—now he was late for Heather. “Sorry to cut this short, Brandon, but I have an appointment.”

Seth didn’t wait for a proper goodbye, taking off as soon as he’d finished speaking. But he didn’t miss Brandon’s shout after him. “Great seeing you again, Seth. Good luck with that fine slice of pu**y.”

Seth cringed. Such a crass mother f**ker.

Not that Heather didn’t have a fine slice of pu**y. She did. She also had so much more.

Of course, as he walked into Heather’s trailer, the sounds of a shower already going in the other room, it wasn’t the so much more that was at the forefront of his mind.