Star Struck (Lights, Camera #2) by Laurelin Paige-bilion (Page 33)

Star Struck (Lights, Camera #2)(33)
Author: Laurelin Paige

Her acting also improved. She would have imagined that being focused on him would be a distraction, but it wasn’t in the least. Instead, she felt more relaxed—more comfortable with herself than she had in ages. Her lines flowed, her scenes were perfection. She was “on”.

And her mood was decidedly brighter. She didn’t dread off-camera time like she often had before, spending it bantering with the crew and her costars instead of hiding in her phone. Even Bobblehead—um, Natalia—seemed less annoying. Her excessive cheerfulness was somehow easier to stomach when Heather was happy herself. Knowing that Seth wasn’t into the younger actress might have helped a bit. Helped a lot.

She didn’t actually get to speak to Seth until lunch. She’d planned on seeking him out—strategically, of course, so as not to draw attention—to let him know she’d go out with him. But first, she stopped at the catering table knowing, the selection would be slim if she didn’t get in early. As she searched for a lunch that fit into her daily calorie limit, she felt his presence behind her. She knew it was him without turning around, her body tensing with pleasure, her arm hairs standing on end as if to announce his presence.

“Is there something I can help you with?” he asked as he reached over her, his voice making her thighs clench.

“What do you mean?” She selected a Chef Salad and pretended to decide between yogurt flavors. Normally, there was no deciding. Strawberry was her choice, hands-down. Right now she didn’t give a flying fig about yogurt. Unless she was licking it off Seth.

He moved beside her, grabbing two bottled waters. “I thought that maybe what you wanted to eat wasn’t on this table.” Damn, could he read her mind? “Since you’ve been staring at me hungrily all morning.”

Her cheeks heated. Hopefully he’d been the only one to notice. “You’re not cocky at all, are you? Wait, don’t answer that.” He’d have some sexy comment about his cock. And she really didn’t need to be thinking about his c**k right then. They were alone at the table, but not so alone that she could jump him.

Alone enough to talk though. Or flirt. Whatever it was they did. “All right, I might have been staring. I was just thinking that I haven’t had the opportunity to see you with your shirt off.” And that a date might be a way to fix that.

He grinned at her, his blue eyes gleaming. “Is that something you’d like to see?”

“Very much so.” Her inner voice screamed something about taking it slow, but Heather wasn’t listening. Once she’d made up her mind that Seth was who she wanted to be with, she wanted him as soon as possible. To hell with taking it slow.

“I can think of ways to remedy that.” He leaned in closer and quieted his voice to a raspy whisper. “For example, if we were the only ones here, I’d strip you down and have you grab onto that pipe right there.” He pointed to a lighting track that had been lowered to allow the crew to adjust the lights. “While I f**ked you senseless.”

So much for not thinking about Seth’s cock.

“Sounds…awesome.” She was breathless just thinking about it. “But how does that remedy me seeing you without your shirt on?”

“I could agree to be na**d too.” God, he was adorable. “I, uh, I talked to Natalia, by the way.”

His quick change of subject almost threw her for a loop. “To Bobblehead?” Since she’d been watching him all morning she already knew. She’d also seen how Nat’s energy had been a bit down in her scene after that. How much of a bitch was she that Nat’s broken heart made her happy?

“Yes, to Bobblehead. She didn’t seem much of a bobblehead after I talked to her though. Had to tell her that I was sorry if I’d given her the wrong impression, but that I sorta have a thing with someone else.”

Heather swallowed her glee. “Sort of have a thing?”

“It’s undefined.”

“Hmm. Interesting.” More than interesting. He’d followed through on what he’d said he’d do. He didn’t have to do that. It wasn’t like he’d promised. He really didn’t owe her anything. But he’d done it anyway, and wow, did it feel good.

“Thank you, Seth.” She met his eyes. “I’ll have to think of some way to repay you.”

Seth reached across her again, picking a box marked as a roast beef sandwich. “I have condoms.”

For half a second she got excited. Until she remembered. “I have tampons.” Her period had started that morning. What timing.

“I told you, blood doesn’t bother me.” Abso-fuckin-lutely adorable.

“You did say that.” She’d dated other guys who didn’t care. She was usually the one who called period time Off Limits. She could do the same now, make him wait. Renew her decision to take it slow.

She could do that.

Or she could bring up the date he’d asked her on.

Instead, she found herself saying, “My scene after lunch requires a total make-up and hair redo. I’ll need a shower first.” She paused only long enough to know for sure that she really wanted to say what she said next. “Join me?”

He gave her the sexiest smile she’d ever seen. “You know all you have to do is ask.”

“That’s right. How could I forget?” If she stayed this happy, she’d for sure have to get Botox to rid her of smile lines.

Out of the corner of her eye, Heather caught movement—someone walking near them. She turned back to the catering table, hoping it looked like her conversation with Seth had been casual. Yeah, she wanted to be with him, but privately. In her life, privacy was not something she took for granted.

The person walking by stopped. “Seth Rafferty?” Heather inconspicuously looked toward the man who owned the voice. “Wow, good to see you. It’s been ages.”

Seth seemed surprised, maybe even worried, to see the man who was a stranger to Heather. She gave the new guy a quick once over. He was dressed business casual, expensive watch and wedding ring. The sunglasses propped on his stiff head of hair were designer. Not part of the crew, but maybe someone on the producer level. She placed him in his late thirties, which could easily mean late forties with a good plastic surgeon.

“Brandon.” Seth’s voice, though friendly, seemed unnatural. He shifted his bag and bottles of water to the crook of his arm so he could offer his hand to Brandon. “God, it has been forever.”