Star Struck (Lights, Camera #2) by Laurelin Paige-bilion (Page 29)

Star Struck (Lights, Camera #2)(29)
Author: Laurelin Paige

The guard studied Seth’s badge then handed it back without saying a word.

“See? Everything’s fine.” Seth clipped his badge back on his belt. “Thanks for checking us out.”

The guard stared at him suspiciously, his eyes glancing down at Seth’s telltale erection. Then he shone the light back in Heather’s direction. “Ma’am? How about you? Everything okay?”

Was the guard concerned about a woman in distress or only that the woman might be a somebody? It had to be irritating to never know peoples’ intentions. Right now, the idea that the guard might just be after a scoop had Seth clenching his fists at his side.

Fortunately, Heather was used to it. Keeping her head down, she lowered her voice. “All good here.”

“Then may I suggest you keep it down in the future?” The guard turned off his flashlight and put it into its holster.

“We will. Thanks again.” Seth stayed where he was, watching as the guard left the studio. When he was sure they were alone again, he turned back to Heather.

They burst into laughter.

Heather snorted, wiping tears from her eyes. “Oh my God. That was awful.”

“Was it really?” Sure it had gotten his adrenaline pumping, but the encounter would certainly make the evening memorable. Not that he needed any help remembering anything where Heather was concerned.

“No, not really.” Her laughter settled into a wide grin.

“Come on.” Seth held out his hand for her. When she took it, he led her around the wall, farther behind the set. “We have more privacy here. In case he comes back.”

“Or we could go to my trailer.”

The thought of having to wait until they made it to her trailer made his balls throb. “We could,” he said reluctantly.

“Let’s not, though.”

“I like that plan better.” He tugged her back into his arms and started in on her neck with the same fervor they’d left off with, biting up to her earlobe.

Heather’s hands pressed against his chest, tracing the outline of his muscles through his shirt until she reached his waistline. There they worked at the fastening of his jeans. Then her palm was on him, circling his c**k with a firm grip.

“Jesus, that’s so good.” At least that was what he meant to say. It came out more of a moan than intelligible speech.

She slid her hand down. Then back up. Then down one more time before he remembered.

“Shit, Heather, stop.” He pushed at her hands, trying—though not very hard—to extricate himself from her wonderful grasp. “I don’t have a condom. We have to stop.” He didn’t generally keep his wallet stocked. The only reason he’d had protection before had been in hopeful anticipation of getting inside Heather’s pants. Which had worked out better than he could have expected. Then when it hadn’t ended so hot…well, he hadn’t bothered to repack.

Now he was deeply regretting that.

Heather, however, didn’t bat an eye. “Not a problem,” she said. She placed a hot kiss on his chin, followed by another on his neck, then one at the skin just above his T-shirt. “I’ll take care of you,” she murmured, sinking to her knees.

Next thing he knew, her hands were replaced with her lips. Fuck, her warm mouth, sucking in his crown—he had to concentrate not to blow his load right there. She glided her hand up his stem as she took him in deeper, her hollowed cheeks touching him on all sides with each pass in and out, sending sparks of electricity through his body.

A part of him wanted to let her run the show. He had wondered if his controlling nature had been what had scared her off before. It gave him pause now—tempting him to hold back.

But that wasn’t who he was, and he couldn’t pretend that it was. He was already withholding so much of himself from her, not telling her why he was on her set, what he really did for a living. He didn’t want to lie about this too.

Plus, the look in her eyes when she let go—he knew she experienced her best pleasure when someone else was taking care of her.

His decision made, he gripped her head tightly with both hands, and he took over the tempo, speeding up. She grasped his thigh with her free hand, probably trying to get her balance, but when she tried to take her other hand off his cock, he stopped her. “No. Keep it there.” She replaced it, stroking up and down, meeting her mouth on each plunge. “Yeah, just like that.”

He held her in place as he f**ked her mouth with abandon, thrusting so deeply he hit the back of her throat. And the sounds she made as he moved inside her… So. Fucking. Hot.

His release snuck up on him, but not too fast that he couldn’t warn her. “I’m about to come,” he managed through gritted teeth. “You need to decide how you want to handle that.” Not removing his hands from her head, he loosened his grip so that she could pull away if she didn’t want him coming in her mouth.

She didn’t move. Instead her eyes peered up at him and he knew then that she’d swallow. Not just that she’d swallow, but that she was looking forward to it. That was all it took to push him over the edge. With a final thrust, he pressed inside her, spilling his seed into her mouth with a groan.

She licked him clean, rocking with him until he was completely finished.

Man, but if she wasn’t the most amazing woman he’d met in years.

After tucking himself back into his jeans, he held his hand out to help Heather to a standing position. He kissed her deeply, like he’d been longing to, showing her his gratitude, his appreciation. His amazement at discovering the woman he thought he had totally figured out was actually so much more.

Chapter Ten

“Your turn,” Seth said against Heather’s mouth, his fingers stroking the skin just above the top of her jeans.

She kissed him once more. Then pulled away, moving out of his arms. For half a second he wondered if she was freaking out again, but then she smiled. “Don’t worry about it, tool boy.”

“I’m not worried. I want to.” And man, did he. Watching Heather come—there was nothing like it. “And tool boy? I assure you, I’m no boy.”

“Oh, I know.” He could hear the grin in her voice, even though she faced away. “But really, it’s not necessary. It’s good for me to do something unselfish every now and then.”

“Well, that’s certainly true.”

She peered over her shoulder with narrowed eyes. “Ha ha.”

“But trust me when I say that going down on you is not a chore.”