Star Struck (Lights, Camera #2) by Laurelin Paige-bilion (Page 27)

Star Struck (Lights, Camera #2)(27)
Author: Laurelin Paige

Of course, he wasn’t exactly innocent himself. He hadn’t been honest with her about who he was. He couldn’t pretend he didn’t feel just a little bit guilty. He had planned on telling her—almost did when he walked into her trailer. Then she’d been so worked up accusing him of stalking her and thinking she was pregnant and then they’d…well, he just didn’t get the chance.

“Something important?” Natalia asked, her silky smooth voice drawing him from his thoughts.

“Nah. It can wait.” For a moment, he’d forgotten what he’d been doing before he received Heather’s text—namely, flirting with Natalia. He wasn’t into her, but she seemed to be into him. It occupied his time on set, kept him from thinking about the actress he really wanted to be flirting with. So what was the harm?

“Then they’ll just put the fake glass in here?”

“What? Yeah.” But now his head was wrapped three ways around Heather and her message and he was stuck in the middle of showing Nat how he planned to attach the trick window that the stunt-double would crash through the next day. As if Nat cared about the process. She simply wanted to be near him—he wasn’t a dummy. He just wasn’t interested in sweet and nice and dyed blonde hair and fake, though attractive, br**sts. He wanted the sassy authenticity that was all Heather.


Not that he was going to run off to Heather’s trailer just because she summoned him. In fact, it was probably a good thing that Nat was there at the moment because otherwise he might very well be tempted to do just that. And he was too pissed about his last interaction with Heather and the empty days that had followed to go running to her so quickly.

Except it sure did pique his curiosity. What was Heather up to? Whatever it was that she wanted, thoughts of her trailer had him stiff in the pants with memories of his last visit. She’d been so wet for him, giving over to his commands with little hesitation, relenting to her own desires. She was so incredibly beautiful when she let herself go.

But he was beginning to doubt he’d ever see that again. That one time had proven too much for her. Good thing he still enjoyed building sets. He’d taken the job to be close to her, but except for that first day, the plan had backfired. It was a small cast and crew, but that woman knew how to stay out of sight when she wanted. When she wasn’t filming, she made herself scarce, and he hadn’t ventured to the actors’ trailers. He wasn’t going out of his way to find her again. Yeah, he could play stubborn too.

Seth lifted his drill—the same drill he’d lent to Heather for the plays—and screwed the last section of the false window frame into its place on the back of the set, angling himself so Nat wouldn’t notice his semi. Wouldn’t that just bite if she assumed it was for her?

“How do they put a new piece of glass in? If the first take doesn’t work, I mean.” She had moved closer behind him, pressing up against him in a way that would drive him mad if it were another woman. The day’s shoot was over—didn’t Nat have something else she could be doing?

“It just slides into the grooves. Like the glass on a picture frame.”

“Oh wow. That’s handy.” Nat giggled.

A giggling girl. How did he get himself into this situation?

A throat cleared behind them and Nat jumped away. Seth took his time putting his drill into his tool belt, examining the secureness of his work. He needed those extra few seconds to wipe the gratitude for his reclaimed personal space off his face before he could look to see the source of the interruption.

But by then, Nat had already announced who it was. “Heather.”

At the mention of her name, Seth turned toward the actress he’d been longing to see. He drank her in like a tall whisky—her eyes blazing with fury, arms crossed over her chest causing her boobs to perk nicely over the edge of her blue tank top. Her legs—it seemed almost unnatural for anyone to rock white skinny jeans like she did. Almost.

God, she was adorable like that—like a feisty little kitten. No wonder Nat’s usually sweet tone had noted a hint of woman rivalry.

“You usually dart out of here after shoot,” Nat said next, twirling her hair around a finger, a habit that Seth guessed was subconscious. “Pretty much everyone else is gone. Whatcha doin’ around so late?”

The set was pretty deserted. He’d sent his own crew home twenty minutes ago, and the tech crew and other actors were long gone. Seth had stayed behind to make sure the set was ready for the next day. Nat, he assumed, had stayed to flirt with him. And Heather…had she also stayed for him?

His dick twitched at the idea.

Ignoring Nat, Heather kept her eyes fixed on Seth. “You were supposed to meet me.”

Seth let out a laugh. “I wasn’t supposed to do anything.” It was hilarious and infuriating the way she thought he’d jump at the snap of her fingers. But the jealousy he thought he saw behind her fury—that was hot. Definitely hot.

“My text said—”

He mirrored her stance. “I know what your text said. That didn’t mean I’d come running.”

Several long seconds passed as they tried to stare each other down. Or communicate silently. Or undress each other with their eyes. He wasn’t quite sure what the stand-off was supposed to accomplish, just that it felt good to finally be gazing at Heather again.

It would be better if they were alone.

Nat shuffled awkwardly next to him. There wasn’t any doubt she was the third wheel in the scenario. “I, uh, guess that’s all to the windows, isn’t it, Seth?” Her eyes lifted as if she were waiting for an invitation to stay.

But Seth wanted her gone. Did that make him a major ass**le? He didn’t care if it did. All he cared about was the vixen in front of him.

“Maybe you can show me more, later?”

Another man would have thought it endearing that Nat kept trying. He wasn’t that man. “Yeah. Maybe later.” His eyes never left his target. Did Heather’s lip curl at his dismissal of her costar? Perhaps he should have made her sweat it a little, flirt more. Though he probably would have failed miserably at that. Heather was too much of a blissful distraction.

“See ya tomorrow,” Nat said on her way out.

“Uh huh.” That was the only acknowledgment Heather gave Nat. Except she did wait until Nat’s footsteps had faded into the distance before she lit into Seth. “You could have at least texted back that you were busy instead of leaving me waiting.”