Soar (Page 50)

“Maybe. I don’t really care whether I walk.” Luckily, I didn’t need to finish any of my classes to graduate. I had enough credits by the end of my junior year. There just never seemed to be any rush to finish.

“If you get bored again, just give me a call.”

“I won’t get bored.”

He grinned. “Tell her I said hi.”

“Who says I’m talking about Casey?”

“You just did.” He lightly punched my arm.

“I don’t know if I’ll even call her.”

“You know she dumped Toby.”

“What?” Was he serious?

“Yeah. Hailey and Allie were talking about it.”

Had Casey dumped Toby for me? Maybe what happened in the cell meant more to her than I thought.

I checked-in for my flight and called Allie. My curiosity had gotten the best of me.

“Missing me already?” Allie didn’t bother with a normal greeting.

I let out a deep breath. Allie was never going to let me hear the end of this. “I heard Casey broke it off with Toby.”

“You heard right. But the question is who told you?”


“Oh, I guess he heard me telling Hailey.”

“When did it happen?”

“Right after she got back to New York. She’s feeling pretty awful about it, but she didn’t want to lead him on I guess.”

“Wait. You talked to her?”

“How else would I know?”

“Why were you talking to Casey?” I wasn’t sure how I felt about Allie and Casey having some sort of friendship.

“I was worried about her. I happen to know how frustrating the Pteron world can be to humans.”

“Sure, sure. Did she mention me?”

“Oh my god. I wish I could record this conversation. Yes, she mentioned you. Call her.”

“I might.”

“She really likes you.”

“You think?”

“I know. And now you’re scaring me. You never get weird about girls.”

“I’m not being weird.”

“Don’t use her, Jared. I like her.”

“Good to know.” I reached my gate. “I’ve got to go. Talk to you soon.” I hung up, ready to get to New York.


“Hello?” That sweet yet sultry voice answered the phone, and I knew I’d made the right decision. I’d debated whether to call her or not for weeks, but I could still picture how good that body of hers felt against mine, and my willpower lost out. Girls didn’t usually do that to me. I liked them, but I didn’t need them. At least not anyone in particular. Casey was different. She’d gotten under my skin, and our few stolen moments in that prison cell weren’t going to cut it. I needed to finish what I’d started. Maybe then I’d get her out of my head. Besides, she’d dumped Toby for me. I’d be an ass if I didn’t at least go see her.

“Hello there. I’m looking for a girl I used to share a cell with. Any idea where I can find her?”

“Jared?” She sounded both surprised and excited. “I wondered if I’d ever hear from you.”

“Did you? Glad to know you’ve been thinking about me.” I leaned back against a brick wall.

“You left an impression. Believe it or not, you’re the only guy I’ve ever made out with while trapped in a prison.”

“Yeah? Glad I can be your first in one way.” I was glad I’d given her one memorable night. If things went my way, I’d be giving her an even more memorable one.

“How are things in New Orleans?”

“I wouldn’t know.”

“Why not?”

“Look outside your balcony window.” I watched as that pretty face of hers peeked out.

“I don’t see anything.”

I stepped out of the shadows, and she jumped back from the glass door.

“Jared?” she asked with disbelief when she opened the door.

“I thought I’d come by for a visit.”

“I’m glad.” She was wearing a little set of PJs. They showed off her legs and just enough cle**age to make my pants tight.

“Do you want to come in?” She sounded coy, but the look in her eyes could only be read one way. She wanted me as much as I wanted her.

“I thought I’d take you for a flight.”

“A flight, huh?”

“Sound good?” I watched her, assuming she knew I was talking about two different kinds of flights.

“Yeah. I should change though.”

“Don’t.” I reached out for her arm and pulled her against me. “I’m the only one who’s going to be looking at you, and you’ll be wearing less than that very soon.”

“Will I?” She smiled at me in a teasing way.

“Yes, you will. I hope you know what you’re getting into though.” I closed the balcony door. She wasn’t going back inside that night.

“And what’s that?”

“A night you’ll never forget.”

I tightened my hold on her and jumped off the balcony. Her chest was pressed against mine, and she was staring up while we flew. By the look of euphoria on her face, she liked it.

I landed on my balcony without releasing her. We were on the highest floor, so I wasn’t worried about too many people seeing us.

I laid her on the padded double chaise and pressed my weight down on her. I wasn’t messing around. “I’ve missed you, Casey, and it’s time to find out just how much you’ve missed me.”

“Oh yeah?” Her eyes were wide with anticipation and adrenaline from the flight.

“Yeah.” I pulled her shirt over her head, refusing to have any fabric separating our chests. I needed her skin against mine, and I needed my mouth on her. I tasted the first breast while fondling the other, all the while keeping my eyes trained on hers. I wasn’t going to miss a second of her reaction. She reached out to fumble with my belt buckle and finally released me from the jeans I’d been straining against.

Her hands were tentative, but mine weren’t as I pushed down her shorts and panties in one motion. Without moving my mouth from her breast, I spread open her legs with my free hand.

She moaned, her hand tightening around me.

I shifted out of my jeans, kicking them, along with my boxers, off the chair.

I had her completely naked and waiting for me, looking up at me with an expression of anticipation and nerves that was so completely hot it actually tested my resistance.