Soar (Page 40)

“We should take a seat.” Toby walked further back and waited for me to take the window seat. I buckled my seatbelt while he sat down. “Once we take off, we can move somewhere more comfortable.”

“This is perfectly comfortable.”

He smiled. “You are so low maintenance.”

“As compared to?”

“I don’t know…you just seem so easy for a girl.” He seemed to think better about his word choice when he saw my face. “Not easy in that way, but easy going.”

“Sure.” I feigned offense, but I took it as a compliment.

“This should be a really short flight anyway.”

I shifted in my seat. “But it should be enough time for you to answer more questions.”

“Sure.” He stretched out his long legs that were currently covered in jeans. He’d taken a break from the suits.

Given carte blanche to ask any question, I found I didn’t feel like it. “Maybe later.” I rested my head back and closed my eyes.

He laughed. “Okay, that was fast.”

“Maybe asking questions isn’t the answer. I kind of like the version of things I’m creating in my head.”

“I’d love to see your version.”

“Too bad you can’t read minds.”

“Yeah, too bad. I can see in the dark though, just so you know.”

“That’s cool…but why are you telling me?”

“Because I’m hoping that you eventually spend a lot of time in the dark with me, and I thought you should know I’ll be able to see you.” He put his arm around my shoulder just as we started taxiing.

I opened my eyes. “A lot of time alone in the dark, huh?”

“Yes. Maybe not today, but soon.”

“How do you know I’m not a leave-the-lights-on type of girl?” I lowered my voice, hoping Marv and Nelly couldn’t hear.

He leaned in. “That’s fine with me, too.”

“Would you mind if I napped?”

“Mind? Of course not.”

“Okay, good.” I leaned my head on Toby’s shoulder and closed my eyes.

“Sleep well,” he whispered against my ear.

“Don’t go anywhere,” I whispered back. As little as I knew him, he was my anchor in this crazy paranormal world. I wanted him close.

“I’ll be right here.” He rubbed my arm with his hand, and I eventually slipped off to sleep.

Chapter Twenty-Two


People sometimes confuse Pterons with angels if they catch a glimpse of us, but when Casey slept against my shoulder, she looked a heck of a lot more like an angel than I ever did.

Her breathing was even, and she looked so peaceful, although occasionally a troubled expression crossed her face. I hoped it wasn’t a nightmare. Each time that happened, she tightened her hold on my shirt. I liked it. I wanted her to feel secure with me.

I’d been nervous about telling her what I actually was, but she’d taken it like a champ. If I wasn’t imagining things, she seemed even more into me. That kiss back at the estate was epic, and I was definitely ready to discover more of her. I wasn’t sure of the speed of how things would go with us, but she had a place in my life. If I needed to push other things out of the way to make room, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I’d do a lot to be with her, and I was getting the sense she felt the same way.

“She’s sweet,” Nelly whispered from the aisle next to me. Standing up, she wasn’t that much taller than me sitting.

“That she is.”

“Marv was telling me she’s a great employee too. Sounds like she understands hard work. I guess you two have a lot in common.”

“Yeah? Because I’m such a hard worker?”

“You are. You just don’t give yourself enough credit.” She put a hand on my arm. “You really are incredible at what you do.”

“Thanks.” I tried to tactfully shrug off her hand. She was more of a touchy-feeling person than I’d prefer to have working for me, but she did her job well. “Hopefully Bryant has some answers. This better not be a wild goose chase.” I knew Marv could hear me, and that was intentional. I wanted him to know there would be consequences if he was wasting our time. Even if I let it slide, Levi wouldn’t. He had to use a strong arm to maintain his kingship.

“I put out a request for information on her.” Nelly looked slightly guilty.

“Information? I didn’t ask for any.”

“I know, but I have to protect you. She could be lying about who she is.”

“She works for Marv.”

“Yeah, and look at how trustworthy he is.”

Marv turned around in his seat to glare at Nelly.

“Anyway. I haven’t heard anything back yet.”

“Thanks, but no thanks.” I wasn’t going to sabotage our relationship that way. Casey would tell me what she wanted to tell me when she was ready. “Who’d you contact? I want you to cancel it.”

She pursed her lips. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“Yes. I insist you cancel it.”

She nodded. “You really like her.”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Then isn’t a background check even more important?”

“I’ll ask her about her past when the time is right.”

“All right. I’ll let you enjoy yourself.” She patted me on the shoulder and walked back to the front.

I groaned internally. I didn’t want to think about Casey having any kind of history. The last time I found out a girl I liked had history, it was to learn that Allie was like a magnet to any Pteron heir. That’s how she ended up as queen. If Casey’s history had anything to do with Jared’s interest in her, I’d hurt someone. I wasn’t losing another girl to a crow.

Casey snuggled further into my chest. She smiled and mumbled something resembling my name. It may have been something else, but I took it.

Casey slept the whole flight. So much for the questions she’d promised to throw my way. Hopefully, we’d have more than enough time to talk about them on our trip. I’d reserved us a two bedroom suite at the Crescent City Hotel. Booking a room at a hotel owned by Allie’s dad felt weird, but it also housed the headquarters for The Society and was the safest place in the city. I hoped she didn’t mind the presumption that she’d share a suite with me. I figured it wasn’t all that different from staying in my apartment.