Say You Won't Let Go (Page 8)

Though I’m not the only one around to run things, so it isn’t such a big deal. A year ago, I knew I needed to bring on a partner. Presley was the one who caught onto how much money we were losing because of how quickly we were growing and we couldn’t keep up. I needed more help so we could scale the business, buy more land, and also sleep more than two hours a night. So, I offered the job to Wyatt Hennington, who had been my foreman for eight years. It made sense to bring him on. Between the both of us, it’s allowed us to expand and grow.

Me: I’m going to be a few more days.

Wyatt: No worries. We have things covered.

Me: I’ll call you when I have more info.

Wyatt: What has you tied up?

I debate what to tell him. I can be honest or play it off as something work related.

Me: A girl.

Wyatt: I figured. One in particular?

Me: Emily.

Wyatt: Nice! We’ll talk soon.

This is why I like having him as my partner. He gets it. Girls make us do shit we’d never consider any other time. I’ve been a very patient and practical guy. I don’t make a fool out of myself very often; yet, here I am, driving four hours because she said she misses me.


Chapter Six


I chew on the tip of my thumb as I pace in the tour bus. The guys are all partying in the hotel, but I wanted to be far away from everyone.

Then I got the flowers, and all I could think about was him. How perfect he is. I was so overcome with emotion, I couldn’t stop myself from texting him.

This could go very good or end in disaster. I’m not sure what I was thinking, other than I had to see him again. It was far beyond just want—it was need. Once I broke the dam, allowing the feelings to flood forward, I drowned in them.

I need his touch.

I need his arms.

I need him to give me air.

I hear a car door close, rush to the window, and my stomach flips at the sight of him.

Okay. I can do this. It’s Cooper, and I like him. He clearly likes me since he drove almost four hours, and this doesn’t have to be anything more than tonight.

Right. I’m a freaking liar and a fraud.

The knock on the door forces me to move.

When I see his face, my smile is instant. Cooper stands before me, looking a little tired and just as nervous as I feel. His deep green eyes bore into mine as he moves forward, climbing the steps without taking his gaze from mine.

“I’m here.” Cooper’s deep voice fills the space.

“You are.”

He takes another step, and we’re eye to eye. It feels like all the oxygen is sucked from the room. My head spins, and my legs grow weak. Cooper turns, closing the door behind him. I try to step back, give him room to come in, but he grips my hips, holding me firmly in place.

“I want to be clear,” he says while pulling my body closer to his. “I don’t know what we’re doin’ or where this is going, but I’ve never felt so…”

“Pulled?” I ask, trying to explain what I’m feeling too.

“Yeah.” Cooper grins. “I couldn’t get here fast enough. I had to touch you again.”

My hand lifts to cup his cheek. The stubble pricks my palm, a soft scratch that reverberates all the way to my heart. He’s doing something to me, and I don’t think I’m strong enough to stop it. Years of wanting and wondering all come to this moment.

Here goes nothing.

“I’m feelin’ the same thing. It was as if as soon as I allowed myself to see you as more than my friend—”

His lips crush down on mine, and I tangle my hands in his dark brown hair. He moves us back to where we laid the other night. Only tonight, we won’t be just talking.

He sets me down in front of the bed. I see the hesitation in his eyes, but there’s none in mine. I want him and whatever tonight brings. It might be fast, but I feel like we’re about ten years late on doing this.

I lean forward, gripping his shirt, pulling it over his chest. My hands move across the taut skin, feeling the muscles flex beneath my fingertips. He’s gorgeous. Absolutely freaking gorgeous. His body is even better than I dreamed of, and I did a lot of dreaming. I move slowly, trying to commit each dip and rise to memory. I move from his defined six-pack, up over his chiseled chest, and rise slowly to his broad shoulders, loving the way he feels against my palms. Cooper Townsend is going to ruin me for all men.

My eyes meet his, and he grins as if he can read my thoughts.

“Kiss me,” I request.

Cooper moves instantly. His lips are against mine, and I drop my hands to his waist, hooking my fingers in the belt loop of his jeans, pulling him back on to the bed. He moves his hand down, slowly tracing the profile of my body. “Emily,” he rasps in my ear. “Are you sure?”

I’m not sure of a lot of things, but I’m one hundred percent certain if we stop, I’ll explode. All I can think about is this: there are no answers in life on if this will work. Nothing comes with a guarantee, but we have now. I know him. I know who he is, and he’s a good man. He isn’t some asshole who will use me and that’s it.

I tug a little harder. “I’m sure that I want you. I’m sure that you get on a plane back to Bell Buckle in a few days and I don’t know when I’ll be home. More than anything, I’m sure I’ll regret not bein’ with you for the rest of my life if we stop. So, yes, I’m sure. I want this, Cooper.”

He studies me for a second as he rubs his thumb across the skin on my belly. “I’m going to make sure you remember tonight.”

I have no doubt about that.

Cooper’s lips are against mine again, and he flips me on top of him. I straddle his body and lean up. He lifts my shirt off, exposing my breasts and pulling me to his mouth. My head falls back as he licks and sucks my nipple. I groan loudly as he moves to the other side and lavishes my breast. My fingers tangle in his hair, holding him in place.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been with anyone. My body seems to be hyper aware of the loving it’s been lacking. Either that or Cooper is just that good.

He flips me on my back so quickly that I squeak.

“Coop,” I moan as I squirm beneath him.

His hands glide down my sides, removing my shorts, taking my panties with them. “You’re absolutely perfect.”

I close my eyes, relishing his compliment. I hadn’t realized until just now how much I wanted his praise or just how thoroughly he’s turning me inside out. Not once have I ever cared what a man thought of me. Sure, I work hard at keeping fit, but I also love wine and candy. However, knowing that Cooper likes what he sees causes a rush of heat to flood my body.

My back bows when he bends forward, kissing his way down my body. I close my eyes and try to get my rapid breathing under control, but it’s useless. He doesn’t waste a second. He runs his tongue against my clit, and I fist the sheet. “Cooper.”

He repeats the motion, and I squirm. Then he takes my legs and throws them over his shoulders and begins to draw more pleasure from me than anyone ever has. His tongue circles and flicks the bud, making me shift and thrash beneath him.

I climb toward an orgasm, praying I can hold off because this feels incredible. I never want this to end, but I can’t hold back. He sucks my clit in his mouth and slides a finger inside me, causing me to fall over the cliff. I scream and grip his head as I continue to plummet into the depths of the most intense pleasure I’ve ever experienced.

Cooper leans up with a shit-eating grin, and I try to catch my breath. He doesn’t give me a second.

His lips are against mine, kissing me hard, forcing me to taste myself on his mouth.

I kiss him back, using my hands to push him up. If we only have tonight, I want to make sure it’s something neither of us forgets. I fumble with his belt and button and then slide his pants and boxers off, freeing his impressive length.

My hand grips his cock, and I begin to pump. His green eyes lock on mine before his lids shut. “Fuck, Em.”

“Get on your back,” I request.

Cooper lies down, and my lips move to his ear. “I’m pretty sure you won’t be the only one makin’ memories.”

He moves and takes my face in his hands. “You’re going to fuckin’ kill me.” Cooper doesn’t give me a second to respond. His mouth presses to mine, and he gives me a searing kiss. It’s rough, desperate, and filled with the promise of what’s to come.

My hand wraps around him, and he moans in my mouth. I want to hear all the sounds he’ll make. I want to make sure that Cooper Townsend never forgets what we share here. I need to know that when he’s gone, he’ll think of me.

I break away from his mouth and make my way down his chest, looking up at him with a coy smile.

Cooper grins and shakes his head. “I hope you’re ready for a long night, darlin’.”

I smirk. “I hope you’re up for it, cowboy.”

“Oh, I’m definitely up for it.”

I look down at his rock-hard erection and then back to him. “Yes, yes you are.”

I kiss his stomach and run my tongue along the rim of his cock, loving the hissing sound that escapes his lips.

I do it again before taking him in my mouth.

Now it’s my turn to make Cooper squirm.

I suck, lick, and bob my head as he moans and grunts. Cooper rests his hand on the top of my head and grips my hair gently. It spurs me on more. I love knowing I’m doing this to him. That I’m drawing this from his body.