Say You Won't Let Go (Page 19)

“Not a word. Made it easy to respect your wishes to keep him out of the loop.”

I drop my eyes to the floor to hide my disappointment. “I guess I wasn’t that important.”

Or I hurt him so bad he can’t stand the thought of me.

“You really have no idea how much he cares for you, do you?” Wade asks.

“Cared,” I correct.


“You don’t know the whole story. I assure you, there’s no comin’ back from it.”

Wade smirks. “You know what drives a cowboy to go radio silent?”

“Pants too tight?”

He laughs and walks closer. “When he doesn’t know how to handle feelin’ out of control. I’m assuming it was you who ended it?”

I nod.

“And he was against it?”

“At first.” Right until I told him it was you who I had feelings for.

Wade towers over me and sighs. “Until you pushed him to the brink?”

“Yeah,” I admit.

“Well, he’s probably pissed, but more than that, he doesn’t know what to do about it. He’ll figure it out, and when he does, darlin’, I hope you’re ready for what’s comin’.”

I have no idea what any of that means.

A knock on the door causes my heart to leap from my chest.

Wade walks over and steps outside. I can hear his voice raise but can’t understand what he’s saying. The other voices argue with him, and then he storms back into the bus, furious.

“Everything okay?” I ask, my throat dry as I wait for him to answer.

“I’m going to find this motherfucker,” Wade says. “I’m going to tear him apart for what he’s done.”

“Done?” Fear grips me more than ever before as another possibility hits me. “Oh, God!” I sink down on the couch. “Please tell me…” Breathing is difficult as I gasp for air. I think about Cooper being hurt, or worse, because of me.

“Breathe, Emily.” Wade’s hands are on my shoulders. “I’m just upset.”

“Is it Cooper?” I look at him, waiting for the worst.

Wade’s warm brown eyes narrow. “Why would you think it’s Cooper?”

“I-I…” I stammer. “I just…”

He’s crouched in front of me and takes my face in his hands.

“Why would that be what you thought?”

Before I can answer him, the door flies open and my world goes upside down.

Chapter Seventeen


Wade is holding her face as if he’s going to kiss her.

“Get your hands off her,” I say as I charge forward. I’m going to beat the shit out of him. Some fucking friend. “You son of a bitch!”

“Cooper!” Emily yells and moves in front of me. “Don’t do this.”

“What the hell is your problem?” Wade questions.

“You!” I bellow and push toward my target.

Emily tries to move me back, but there’s no stopping me. I saw her tonight. I heard her sing that damn song, and I stupidly thought it was about us. Seems I was wrong… It was about her and Wade.

“Please! Calm down, Coop!” Emily yells, but there isn’t a chance of that. “Please! It’s not… It’s not what you think.”

Her small hands pull at my shoulders, but I’m heading toward him, ready to fight.

“Not what?” I laugh. “Not walking in on you and Wade in your intimate moment?”

“Intimate?” Wade slides back a step, casually leaning a shoulder against a wall as if I’m not two seconds away from ripping his throat out.

“At least give me the respect of admitting to whatever the two of you are doing.” I shove closer.

Emily’s fingers press against my face and she tilts my head down. “I lied, Cooper.”

“Don’t lie to me now, Emily. I saw you!”

She shakes her head. “No, I lied before. There’s nothing goin’ on.”

“Can someone fill me in?” Wade’s voice echoes in the small space.

Without taking her eyes from mine, Emily says, “I told Cooper I had feelings for you.”

“You what?” His eyes dart between us. “Why the fuck would you say that?”

Emily takes a step back and wraps her arms around her stomach. “Because he told me I had to get rid of Cooper or he would!”

Wade clears his throat. “Who is he?”

“Him! Who do you think?”

“So that’s why you pushed me away. Not because you have feelings for Wade?” I ask, the tight knot of rage loosening even though the hurt is still there.

“No! God, it isn’t like that… I can’t do this. I can’t let him take you from me.” Emily’s voice cracks on the last word.

Her blue eyes lock on mine, and my anger dissipates a bit more. She’s terrified, and her entire body is trembling. I step toward her, wanting to pull her into my arms and take away her fear. As much as I want that, I need to know what is going on.


“Nothing is going on here, man.” Wade gives me a look of incredulity, as if he can’t believe I would actually buy that shit.

She shakes her head. “Cooper, you have to leave before he finds out you’re here.”

This time, I do pull her to me. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Her head presses into my chest, and I feel her shake as she starts to sob.

“I’m not trying to interrupt, but when exactly did he, who I’m assuming is your stalker, make contact?” Wade presses for the answer I’d like to know as well.

“Two nights ago,” she admits.

He moves closer, and my arms instinctually tighten. “I need you to tell me everything.”

I help her to the couch, holding her the whole time. In my arms, Emily confesses everything about the other night. Her teeth chatter as she retells the details of things that were said.

All I want to do is find this guy and kill him myself. Not because of the cows—they’re replaceable—but because he’s terrified her. He’s played games, hurt her, and made her feel as if she had to be alone in order for me to be safe.

I hold my emotions inside. She’s been through enough, but if I ever come face to face with him, he’d better pray.

“What about his voice? Deep? Throaty? A lisp?”

She shakes her head and tries to describe his voice since he kept her from seeing his face. “His voice was low when he spoke, but he didn’t have a twang or accent that I could tell.”

“Okay, good. Keep going.” Wade writes down things she says, nodding as she reveals another clue.

“His hands…” She shudders.

“He touched you?” I practically growl. I thought I knew what rage was before. I had no clue. He touched her, and for that alone, I’m going to kill him.

“You have nothing to be sorry about.” Wade jumps in and shoots me a look. “If you need to step outside and cool off, go.”

Like I’m going to leave her. “I’m fine.”

Emily’s hand squeezes mine.

“I’m sorry. You’re doing great, darlin’,” I encourage her. “What else did he say?”

She tells us more, and then Wade starts a new line of questioning.

“Was he taller than I am?”

“I don’t know. He was big enough that I thought it was you.” She pats her eyes with a tissue.

“Okay, I want you to close your eyes,” Wade requests.

I see the panic of her pulse thrumming away on her neck. “We’re right here, Emmy. No one is going to get near you.”

Emily takes a few deep breaths and follows his instruction.

“Think about that night. Focus on your senses. Think about what you felt. Were his hands rough?”

“Yes.” She shivers.

“Did his cheek touch yours? What was it like?”

“He was clean-shaven.”

“Inhale and remember what you smelled. Anything you can tell me?”

Emily continues this way for a few more questions as she gives him more than I thought she ever would. Details that I can see him already starting to piece together.

“You did great, Em. I’m going to have people posted outside the door while I go to work.” Wade’s eyes meet mine, he dips his head, and walks toward the door.

We both stay quiet, the events of the last few days settling around us. Emily shifts to the side and then stands. “I know you hate me, but—”

“I don’t hate you.”

“You should.”

“Because you thought I was going to die so you lied to me?” I get to my feet, and she retreats.

Emily rubs her forehead. “You’ve ignored me for two days. I didn’t think I’d ever see you again.”

She couldn’t be more wrong. “I think me bein’ here says otherwise.”

Trent was right. I had two choices: fight for her or let her go.

“This is all too much, Cooper. It’s too much.”

“It doesn’t have to be.” I move quickly and gather her in my arms, holding her because I need to.

Emily’s arms wrap around my waist as she clings to me. “The idea of him hurting you…”