Resisting Her (Page 25)

Resisting Her(25)
Author: Kendall Ryan

She rolled to her side, her dark hair spilling across the pillow and reached a hand toward him, her eyes still watching everything. She caressed his thigh, his abs, fingernails scraping against his skin. He continued his slow lazy strokes for his incredibly sexy audience of one. If he could get her to touch herself for him, fuck, that would probably be his undoing. Her hand continued lightly brushing his skin, deliciously close to where his throbbing dick begged for her attention.

With one hand still wrapped firmly around himself, he took her hand in his and brought it to the juncture between her legs. Savannah’s eyes widened, but she went with it, letting one knee drop open. Knowing how sweet she tasted, how wet he could get her, the sexy moans she made in the back of her throat tempted him to pleasure her again; but reading her body, he knew she needed something more. He pressed one finger inside her, watching his middle finger disappear to the second knuckle and he was rewarded with a satisfied groan from Savannah. He retracted his hand, encouraging her to take over. Savannah’s hand stilled as if this was unexplored territory. She’d never touched herself before?

She took a deep breath, her chest rising, and used her fingers to rub and explore. This moment was more meaningful than just the two of them touching, discovering. He knew Savannah was opening herself up to him, to everything, to life. She was done being sheltered and feeling ashamed for what she wanted. She wanted to feel—every little thing—all that life had to offer. His heart surged knowing she wouldn’t hold back from him.

Watching her fingers, tipped in pink nail polish rubbing against her tender flesh, circling that that little nub near the top sent a rush of heat through him, producing another drop of fluid to leak from his cock. He bit back a groan. “Savannah…” he breathed, bending to kiss her, their mouths desperately moving against one another in a flash of gliding wet tongues and barely contained moans. “I need to be inside you, baby.”

He joined her on the bed, pulling her h*ps closer, causing her entire body to slide down the bed towards him. She placed a hand on his forearm to stop him.

“Can we…try a different position?” Without waiting for him to answer, she rolled to her stomach, displaying that fine little ass for him. Fuck. Was this girl made just for him?

“Anything you want, babe,” he said in a low whisper since all the air was sucked from his lungs at the sight of her. He trailed a hand down her back, lightly tickling, and Savannah squirmed in the most enticing way. He straddled her tightly closed thighs, and Savannah turned her face on the pillow to watch him. Dropping a kiss to her mouth, her chin, her shoulder, he took himself in hand and gently stoked his length as it rested between her buttocks.

She watched him with a hooded gaze, still squirming beneath him. “Do I need to open my legs?” she asked, blinking up at him.

He supposed it was an honest question, but no, he could reach all of her delicious parts just like this, and she’d feel even tighter with her legs clamped together. “No, baby. Stay just like you are.”

She swallowed and nodded.

The anticipation of being inside her nearly killed him. He gripped her hips, his fingers digging into her flesh, his thumbs parting her cheeks, so he could see below to her beautiful little p**sy. His c*ck was rock hard and sliding along her ass, as if seeking the heat between her legs. Her head remained turned on the pillow so she could watch him. He met her eyes and continued rubbing himself along the crease of her ass. Savannah flinched at the new sensations, and he leaned down to drop a kiss to her mouth. He wouldn’t take her there. Wouldn’t do anything she wasn’t ready for. “Do you trust me?”

She nodded, her lips parted and breaths escaping in quick succession.

He inched forward, watching as the head of his c*ck disappeared into her slick, pink flesh. Her h*ps lifted to meet his next thrust, sending him deeper. A surge of pleasure flooded his system, prickling against his spine and a low guttural groan escaped his throat. His placed a hand on her lower back, keeping her still. If she was going to work her ass against him like that, he’d lose it.

Holding her h*ps steady, he plunged into her, again and again, his pace quickening as the pleasure became too much. Savannah was writhing and wiggling underneath him, and each time he thrust forward, burying himself deep, she let out a small cry. Fuck, she was tight.

He gripped her ass in his hands, pushing into her faster, harder, until both their cries of pleasure were loud and uncontained. At the last moment, he pulled himself free from her body, and used his hand to wring the pleasure exploding inside him onto her buttocks, covering her, marking her. She was his. Now and forever.

She lay still and breathing hard while Cole scurried into the bathroom, returning with a warm washcloth to clean her. Once she was cleaned of the evidence of their love-making, he lay down beside her, tugging her close and buried his face in the crook of her neck. They remained that way, their hearts pounding in a matched rhythm for several minutes, neither of them willing to break the spell.

Cole eventually eased from the warm cocoon of her body, so that he could look at her.

A smile passed Savannah’s lips and she brought her hand to his hair, trying to smooth the disheveled strands. “Hi.”

“Hi.” He pressed a kiss to her mouth.

She blinked up at him. “You were drunk.”

“I know.” He’d been drunk off his ass, but Savannah’s presence and that powerful orgasm had sobered him completely. He’d been drinking to numb the pain, a deep searing pain that a few hours ago seemed impossible to overcome. “I thought I’d lost you.” He stoked her hair back from her face, amazed that she was here in his arms again. “I won’t do anything to f**k this up. I promise you, Savannah.”

She stayed quiet, letting him hold her. He waited for her to barrage him with questions, but he supposed after his admission of the entire story with Abbie earlier, and now sharing her body with him….did that mean he was forgiven?

“Does this mean you’re giving me another chance?”

She pressed a kiss to his throat. “Possibly.” Her voice was coy, but her arms around him felt strong and sure.

“I love you so much, baby.”

“I love you too, Cole.”


Three Years Later

Cole’s hands captured her hips, pulling her in snuggly so her back rested against his chest. “Enjoying the party?” his breath whispered across her ear, sending fine tingles skittering down her spine.

Things had been a little awkward for them both at the first work function Savannah attended, but now their relationship wasn’t really much of a thing anymore. Only a few people knew how they first met, and even though Cole’s boss Norm was one of them, he’d turned a blind eye, taking on a don’t ask, don’t tell philosophy. Cole had tried to explain things to him once, but Norm had waved him off, saying what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. Savannah had been to countless work functions with him since then, and she was pleased to be accepted into the fold with the other wives. She was younger than most, sure, but she’d always been mature for her age, so it really wasn’t an issue.

“Baby?” Cole was still waiting for her response.

She leaned against him. Her high heels were pinching her feet, and her panty hose cutting were into her sides, but she smiled and patted his hand resting on her belly. “I’m fine, love.”

“And my little daughter… how’s she? Still turning somersaults in there?” His hand smoothed over the satin of her dress to caress her swollen belly.

“She had the hiccups after I ate that spicy crab dip, but she seems fine now.”

He chuckled against her skin and pressed a damp kiss against the back of her neck. That was one benefit of having her hair twisted up in a knot. With his hand still on her belly, he spoke softly in her ear. “I’ll give you a massage when we get home if you like.”

While other men celebrated nine months of having a designated driver on hand, Cole hadn’t had so much as a single drink during her pregnancy. He was a saint—attending every doctor’s appointment, reading all the baby books and pretty much waiting on her hand and foot. She’d had a stern talking to him after he made her breakfast in bed for a month straight and tried to carry her from room to room. If he’d been protective and attentive before her pregnancy, he was psychotic mother hen during it.

He’d calmed down a little since then, but still insisted on massaging her shoulders, or her feet at the end of a long day. Savannah didn’t complain. Especially since the massages usually led to more. Cole had been hesitant at first about making love to her, limiting their activities to or*l s*x or extended make out sessions like they were teenagers, until she’d gotten the doctor to tell Cole it was safe. Now they were making up for lost time, for which Savannah was grateful. She found pregnancy made her highly orgasmic.

The music changed and softened and Cole swayed with her in his arms. The pregnancy made him deliriously happy — her too, but she’d always wanted children —he hadn’t been so sure when they first met. But with Cole’s thirtieth birthday drawing closer, he became more and more persistent about the idea of becoming a father. They’d been tempting fate without condoms or birth control for the last couple of years anyway, but suddenly Savannah noticed he was asking about her cycles, talking about timing sex, coming home from the drug store with boxes of pregnancy tests. She still smiled at the memory. She’d never pictured FBI agent, alpha-male Cole to be modeling baby carriers in the store, or checking the thread-count on baby blankets. All the many sides of this man surprised her. She loved the way he still made her feel like the most gorgeous woman in the room, instead of the beached whale she felt like a in the wine-colored evening gown stretching across her growing belly.

“How are your feet holding up?” he asked, speaking low near her ear once again.

Cole knew her feet often swelled to the size of balloons by the end of the night — and that was when they weren’t stuffed into stiletto heels.

“I’m looking forward to that massage later.” She didn’t want to complain, knowing he’d insist on whisking her away.

He lifted the hem of her floor-length gown. Yep, swollen like sausages. “Why didn’t you say something?”

She shrugged. She hadn’t wanted him to miss the part of the reception where he was receiving special honors for his work on a critical case he’d helped solve.

Without another word Cole ushered her through the crowd, nodding once to Norm on their way toward the exit. He handed the valet their ticket and soon they were seated in the darkened cab of his SUV, Cole’s hand resting on her knee. The infant seat was already installed in the backseat, a full two months before her due date.

Once inside, Cuddles greeted them in her customary manner — providing wet kisses to Savannah, and nipping at Cole’s ankles. They both chuckled and Cole bent and scooped Cuddles into his arms. “I’ll take her out. Go get comfortable.” He pressed a kiss to her mouth before heading out the door.

Savannah shed her dress and the offensive undergarments cutting off her circulation before stretching out on the bed. Cole returned a few minutes later, and she felt his presence before she saw him. He stood in the doorway just watching her. He still held the power to heat her skin with a single look and she was pretty sure if she was wearing panties, they’d be damp. “Are you going to join me, or are you going to stand there staring all night?”

His expression changed, breaking into an easy smile. “I want to remember you like this.” He crossed the room toward her. “You are so beautiful, Savannah.”

He sat beside her stretched out form, gently taking her feet into his lap, kneading one foot, working his thumbs up the arch.

“Did you ever think we’d be married and have a baby on the way?”

He switched his treatment to her other foot, his knuckles pressing into her instep. “You mean when we first met?”

She nodded, fighting off the chill bumps his talented hands were sending up her body.

“No, but only because I wouldn’t let myself picture it. I was trying my damnedest to resist you. Of course you were beautiful, but then you were so unexpected too, caring, giving and sweet.”

“And eventually you stopped resisting me,” she commented.

“Yes, I did. Thank f**king God,” he returned, leaning over her to drop a tender kiss to her mouth.

Her fingers found the top button of his dress shirt, and began working to unbutton them. “Skin,” she mumbled against his mouth. “I need to feel your skin.”

He obliged, quickly losing his shirt, dress pants, socks, and pushing his boxers down his thighs to lie next to her fully nude.

As Cole’s body wrapped around hers, Savannah gave a contented sigh and allowed him to hold her. Their heartbeats thumped together as if acknowledging the courage it took to pursue what was in their hearts. Life had unfolded in unexpected ways, the events of the last few years irrevocably drawing them together. His large hands smoothed over her hips, down to her backside to draw her closer. His touch no longer set off sparks against her skin, but always made her feel safe, loved and cherished.

“I love you, Cole Fletcher,” Savannah murmured into his warm chest.

“I love you more, baby.”

She rested her head against his firm chest and closed her eyes, feeling safe and secure in his arms. She was home.

~The End~