Resisting Her (Page 19)

Resisting Her(19)
Author: Kendall Ryan

“I’ll always want you here. And it’s not because of this…” He smoothed a hand across her nak*d physique, giving her a shoulder squeeze.

His words gave her the courage to continue. Jacob wouldn’t rob her of this experience. She wouldn’t let their pasts taint it. She couldn’t summon the words to tell him what she wanted, but she knew she could show him. Savannah crawled on top of Cole, settling against the length of him. His arms automatically surrounded her, pulling her to his chest and rubbing her back. Savannah could feel his erection had softened, and she feared that the moment had passed. She didn’t want to be responsible for ruining her first time. She angled her mouth up to meet his and pressed a soft kiss against his jaw, the corner of his mouth, his bottom lip. He responded slowly, carefully, tenderly kissing her back, but much more delicately than before. His fingers laced in her hair, his other hand cupped her jaw. She wanted to show him she was ready for more but didn’t know what to do, how to recapture the moment. She separated his lips with her own and felt a low rumble in the back of his throat when their tongues met. She felt his manhood thicken and stir to life beneath the fabric of his boxers.

She broke the kiss, needing more, wanting to be closer. “Cole?”

“Yeah babe?” His breathing was ragged, like he was doing everything in his power to let her go slow. Too bad she was done with slow. She bit her lip and reached a tentative hand between them as if seeking his permission. “Savannah?”

“I want you…” she murmured lightly, raking her nails along his chest. “I want to touch you.”

He groaned in relief and pushed his boxers down his hips. She moved next to him, allowing him to remove the last stitch of clothing between them. Her hand moved on its own, needing to touch the fine hair trailing down his lower stomach. His breath caught in his throat when her fingertips meant his skin and she smiled, liking the effect she had on him.

She reached lower, testing the weight of his thick length in her hand. “Cole…show me…” She breathed against his mouth.

Her eyes locked on his. The mocha-colored depths that always held the promise of protection now swirled with something much more. The promise of complete and total sexual satisfaction. Savannah knew he would own her if he so chose. And she wanted nothing more. She wanted to loose herself in Cole, to experience everything she could. To enjoy this moment like it was her last.


He needed to feel the warmth of her hand against his skin before he came just thinking about it. He pressed a soft kiss to Savannah’s mouth and reached for her hand. She carefully took his considerable length in her palm, as if unsure what to do with it.

“Touch me, baby,” he encouraged, guiding her hand down his manhood. He closed his fist around hers and demonstrated, drawing his hand up the length and squeezing over the head. A curse rumbled through his chest, breaking from his lips in a desperate cry.

Her hand stilled, and for a moment his own palm fluttered over hers, ready to encourage, to show her what he liked, but when he saw her uncertain gaze, he stopped himself and balled his fists at his sides instead. “It’s okay. You don’t have to do anything you’re not ready for.”

“It’s not that.” She brought her index finger to him and rubbed the drop of warm fluid at the tip without knowing how amazing that simple touch felt to him. “I want to taste you,” she murmured.

His heart kicked at her confession. The honest need in her voice was the most erotic thing Cole had ever heard. Would ever hear, he was certain. “Fuck, Savannah.” She remained stock still, her eyes still on his. “Sorry,” he muttered an apology for the curse. He never realized what a dirty mouth he had until Savannah arrived, but she didn’t seem to mind.

“It’s okay.” She smiled. She crawled down his body until she was face-to-face with his insanely hard c*ck jutting out in front of him, as if seeking out Savannah, begging for her attention. Determined green eyes met his. “Tell me if I do something wrong.”

He doubted that’d be happening. She could practically look at his dick at this point and he’d love it. “Don’t worry about that.” She couldn’t do anything wrong. Well, he supposed that wasn’t entirely accurate. He considered warning her to be careful of her teeth, but decided against it. He’d gently correct her if it was an issue, but until then, he’d let her explore without any fear or self-consciousness.

Savannah sat back on her heels, lifted his c*ck away from his body and then lowered her head. With eyes locked on his, she planted a tender kiss against the head. He was already leaking pearly fluid, and his scrotum was drawn tight against his body. He was poised and ready to explode.

She took him into the depths of her warm mouth. His h*ps shot forward off the bed, but she welcomed the intrusion, suckling at his most sensitive skin. “Fuck baby. Yeah. Just like that…” He stroked her jaw, pushed her hair back from her face, and palmed her cheek. He watched Savannah kiss and lick the length of him and was lost to the mind-numbing bliss of the moment.

She was so nurturing, so giving in everything she did, and pleasuring him was no exception. She left everything on the table, licking, kissing and stroking him as if her sole purpose was to please him.

Soon Savannah was clenching her thighs together and moaning for her own release, and he hadn’t even touched her yet. He pulled himself free from Savannah’s mouth and hauled her up his body. “My turn,” he explained at the surprise on her face.

Cole settled her against the pillow so she was lying next to him. He dropped a kiss to her lips, then slid his middle finger into her mouth, wetting it. She drew the digit in without question, swirling her tongue against his skin.

“We need to make sure you’re ready for me,” he explained.

She looked down at his long cock, resting heavily against her hip and then back up at him. “Will it hurt?”

“At first, yes But I’ll do my best to go slow.”

She nodded, trusting him.

When his finger slid inside her slowly, carefully, Savannah’s mouth dropped open. And when he drew it back and began f**king her with his hand, just a little faster with each stroke, Savannah’s knees fall apart and dropped her head back against the pillow. His other hand joined the fun, rubbing slow circles against her flesh, unwilling to rush her. Soon she was soaking wet and moaning his name, and seconds later, with her head thrown back in ecstasy, she came for him. Cole planted wet kisses all along her throat, refusing to ease up until he’d milked every last ounce of pleasure from her.

After several minutes of nuzzling against her neck, and kissing her through all the small aftershocks of her release, Savannah crawled on his lap to straddle him, placing a knee on either side of his thighs.


He didn’t respond. He knew what she was asking for, and unable to deny her, he reached for the side table and grabbed a condom. She watched as he put it on, her gaze flickering back and forth between his eyes and his manhood. He could read her expression as if she’d written it out. She was trying to understand where exactly he was going to fit that.

“Savannah, we don’t have to.”

Her eyes captured his. “I want to.” She planted her palms on his tense stomach muscles, and lifted herself up, trying to find the right angle.

“Come here.” Cole pulled her down onto his chest, needing to kiss her. He planted sweet kisses along her mouth and throat. He understood the gravity of this moment, of what she was giving him, and he wouldn’t rush it. Not when they were so close. She deserved to be worshipped and taken care of her first time. He would do everything in his power to make it what she deserved. “Just relax, babe. Let me.” Savannah relaxed in his arms, and Cole kissed her deeply as he reached behind her, holding himself in place until Savannah began to ease back, taking him in.

She ran her hands over his chest and closed her eyes, a look of concentration settling over her features. Then she eased down on him, lowering her h*ps so he sunk inside her in mind-blowing slowness. Blinding pleasure rocketed through him. Fuck, she was tight. She rocked against him, pulling him deeper in tiny increments.

“Shit….” He bit back a groan.

Savannah’s eyes widened and found his, blinking down at him. Damn she looked so innocent, he almost questioned what he was doing. Almost. But they’d gone too far to turn back now. He was inside her sweet pink p**sy, slick with moisture and heat. He wouldn’t talk her out of this, not now.

“Everything okay?” he asked instead, needing to hear her say it was all right to continue.

She nodded, and leaned forward to kiss him, gliding her tongue against his. Pleasure shot straight to his balls, drawing them up close to his body. He held her close and punctuated each kiss by lifting his h*ps to ease deeper inside her.

Her soft grunts and groans matched his thrusts, eating away at his self-control. He knew he wouldn’t last long.

“Does it feel good?” he asked, slowing his pace.

Savannah opened her eyes, her bright green gaze blinking at him in wonder. “Yeah.”

Her cheeks were flushed pink and he couldn’t resist watching her enjoyment. She’d stopped moving against him and allowed him to hold her h*ps while he thrust up into her. Sex was a physical act, so why should he feel more? But he couldn’t deny that he’d never felt closer to anyone. Savannah broke through all his barriers. She was needy, yet giving, sensual yet innocent, trusting and timid. She’d put both their pleasure, the whole experience, in his hands and the gravity of the moment was not lost on him.

He slid in again, exquisitely slowly until he was buried deep again. Her breath hitched, catching in her throat.

“Does it hurt?”

“Only a little.”

Damn, he was hoping it didn’t, but it was to be expected. It was her first time after all. “Do you want me to come?” he breathed against her mouth.


He pulled out and situated her so she was lying back against the pillows. He preferred being on top — being the one in control—and it was a sure fire way to get him to come quickly. He gripped her hips, his fingers clutching to pull her towards him with each thrust.

Her groans grew louder, less contained, and Cole found himself being more vocal than usual. “God you’re beautiful…” A few more thrusts. “Oh fuck…”

His hand snaked between them to bring her pleasure, rubbing, circling, using their moisture to send her over the edge again, and watching her come apart again sent him tumbling along after her, cursing and gasping as her tight channel milked him dry.

Chapter 25

Savannah and Cole had fallen asleep cuddled together, exhausted and spent after their love making the night before.

Cole stretched his arms over his head, his neck cracking with the effort. Savannah mumbled something in her sleep and then rolled over to find him, drawing her body tightly against his. He smoothed a hand along her hip, pulling her even closer. He was glad to see that in the sober, stark morning light, things didn’t feel awkward between them. It was the opposite, in fact. This felt incredibly natural.

Savannah sleepily smiled and nuzzled against his neck. “Morning,” she breathed against his skin.

“Morning.” He was suddenly aware that she was wearing one of his T-shirts with nothing on underneath, and that he had slept nude for the first time since Savannah had moved in. Memories of the previous night played at the edges of his mind, Savannah’s determination to please him, her tiny whimpers and flushed pink skin, the way she gripped his biceps when he sank into her. His c*ck stirred to life.

He traced a fingertip over her hip, pushing the T-shirt up and out of his way. Savannah trembled as the pad of his finger slowly caressed her. His hand moved down to cup her pubic bone, and she let out a groan. He rolled over, so they were facing each other in the center of the bed, the covers strewn about them, providing a warm cocoon.

He lowered his mouth to hers, kissing her softly at first. Savannah, ever responsive, moaned quietly against his lips. She draped her leg across his waist, and pulled herself in tighter against his body.

“You’re not too sore, are you?”

“I don’t think so.”

She hadn’t been up and out of bed yet either, but Cole nodded. “Good.” His hand found his c*ck and he stroked it slowly, bumping against her thigh with each stroke. Savannah’s eyes widened and then cast down to watch his movements. She bit her lip and whimpered, her hands scrambling to join his.

Once her warm hands were stroking him, Cole brought his hands to Savannah’s face. He held her jaw and kissed her deeply, sucking her tongue into his mouth.

A sound from beyond his bedroom door captured their attention and they broke apart, breathing raggedly.

“What the fuck?” he muttered. “Wait here.” He sprang from the bed and pulled on a pair of pajama pants before going to investigate.

Marissa was in his kitchen, fumbling with the coffee maker.

“What are you doing here?” He fumbled to tie the string on his waistband, panic rising that Marissa would know he’d slept with Savannah. But unless she’d checked the guest room and found it empty, maybe their secret was still safe.

She set the coffee to brew and turned to face him. “Liam and I both crashed here last night. Hope that’s okay. We were too tanked to drive.”

He swung around to the living room and found Liam still sleeping on his couch. Where had Marissa slept?

“We both just crashed on the couch. It was no big deal.”

Marissa didn’t know. Relief flooded his system. He didn’t even process that Liam and his sister shared a couch.

“Yeah, no problem.” He ran a hand across his hair in an attempt to smooth it down.

Savannah emerged from the bedroom, dressed in jeans and one of his sweatshirts that hung nearly to her knees.