Resisting Her (Page 12)

Resisting Her(12)
Author: Kendall Ryan

He took a deep breath. One drink. He could do this. One stiff as f**k drink. He took one last wistful look at the gorgeous blonde and approached the brunette instead. “Hi, you must be Sali.”

Her face pinched in confusion. “No, sorry.”

His head swung around and he met the blonde’s eyes as a slow grin spread across his face. Marissa loved him after all.

He left the brunette staring after him and approached the blonde. “Please tell me you’re Sali.”

She smiled. “Cole, I presume?”

Dear God, she had an Australian accent. His sister really loved him.

He slid in next to her and they each ordered a drink. Sali knew his sister from yoga, but Marissa hadn’t mentioned that Sali was the instructor. They shared some laughs about Marissa’s clumsy mishaps in yoga, talked about where she grew up in Australia, and he made her laugh with his poor attempt at an Aussie accent.

One drink turned into two, and then three. She was easygoing, flirty and sexy as hell. That accent had him half hard all night. At first he felt guilty about leaving Savannah alone, but as the alcohol softened his mood, he figured perhaps some time apart may do them both good. She needed to gain some independence from him, and Lord knew he needed to get her off his mind.

When Sali excused herself for the restroom, Cole took stock of how the night was going. They were getting along well, and she’d begun leaning in towards him, placing her hand on his thigh as she laughed, or finding other ways to brush up against him, like pressing her breast into his arm when she reached across the bar for her drink. Cole wondered if she’d be game for continuing things back at her place.

Sali returned with a fresh coat of pink gloss on her lips and a seductive smile. Finding that his patience and manners had disappeared along with that last drink, Cole stood and pulled her against him. “Let’s go somewhere,” he whispered low, near her ear.

She smiled a little, her eyes dancing on his. “What did you have in mind?” A playful smirk tugged on her mouth.

“Somewhere we can be alone.” Without waiting for her to answer, Cole took her hand and pulled her outside of the club. They waited on the sidewalk, Sali’s arms wrapped around his middle.

“And here I thought you were a nice guy. Your sister had you pegged to be some saint. I thought tonight was going to be totally dull.”

“It doesn’t have to be.” He leaned over and pressed a soft kiss on her mouth, testing her. She wrapped her hands around his neck, pulling him even closer. Fuck he needed this, needed the distraction before he did something with Savannah he’d regret.

“I have roommates. We can’t go my place,” she whispered.

“It’s okay, we’ll be quiet,” he said between kisses. Well he would, he couldn’t say the same for her, since he was hoping to make her scream.

She pressed a hand against his chest. “I can’t, sexy. I share a room with Jenny. She’ll kill me if I bring a guy home again.”

Again? He wondered how often she did this, but let it go. Cole supposed he had a roommate too, though he had no idea how to explain Savannah.

“Let’s go to your place,” Sali suggested, placing a hand over the already hard budge in his jeans and gave him a squeeze.

Cole reluctantly agreed. Well, not all that reluctantly. The thought of getting laid and pushing Savannah into the back corner of his mind, if only for thirty minutes or so, sounded too good to pass up. He only hopped Savannah wasn’t in his bed. He’d do a sweep of the apartment first, and hell if necessary, he’d f**k Sali in his truck.

Cole realized he was in no shape to drive. “Okay, come on We’ll grab a cab.”

Sali spent the ride in the cab licking his neck and gripping the hard ridge in his jeans. He knew he had a freaky girl on his hands. The thought made him both deliriously happy and nervous since the last thing he wanted to do was hurt Savannah. He warned Sali that he had someone staying with him right now, and they’d have to be extra quiet. In between nibbling on his earlobe, and licking his neck, she said no problem.

They staggered from the cab into the stairwell, kissing and groping each other as they went.

“Remember, extra quiet,” he reminded her when he unlocked the door.

Rather than answering, Sali worked her hand into the front of his jeans and gave him a gentle squeeze. He closed his eyes, imaging briefly it was Savannah’s hand around him. His eyes shot open. Where had that thought come from? He would never be with Savannah. Not like this. He pulled Sali’s hand from his pants and asked her to wait in the kitchen.

The living room was empty, which meant Savannah was in bed — but he had no idea if that meant his bed or hers. The door to the guest room was closed. He continued past it and into his own bedroom. It was empty. He breathed a little sigh of relief. God, he was so on edge about Savannah finding out about this, he wondered if he should just usher Sali out before this blew up in his face. But when he turned, Sali was already standing on the threshold of his bedroom.

“Weren’t going to get started without me, were you?” She grinned and stalked towards him.

He swallowed and watched her lean, lithe body cross the room. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t want this. His dick was already straining against his jeans, only he didn’t know if it was because of the thought of Savannah discovering them or because of Sali’s long legs wrapped around his waist.

She closed the door behind her, flipped off the lights and shoved him down onto the bed. His back hit the mattress with a thud. Sali straddled him and pulled off her shirt. Maybe he could just make this quick and get her out of the apartment. Cole moved through the foreplay faster than he liked to. “Are you ready for me?” he asked, nuzzling her neck with kisses.

He usually liked to make sure the girl got off at least once, and was nice and wet before he sunk into her. But something told him Sali wouldn’t mind moving onto the main event. She pulled her panties aside and pleasured herself while he watched, then brought her fingers to his mouth. He opened obediently. “See I’m already wet,” she whispered.

Good. Let’s get on with it. Listening to his inner dialogue was like having an angel on one shoulder, a devil on the other. Half of him wanted to f**k her senseless, to lose himself in the pleasure, and the other half wished he’d never brought her home so he could be curled up next to Savannah. But God, it wasn’t like he and Savannah were in a relationship. He should be dating other women. But sleeping with them in the apartment he shared with Savannah? That part was questionable.

Cole grabbed a condom from the drawer in his nightstand and handed it to Sali. “Put it on me,” he growled.

Sali obliged, tearing the package open with her teeth, and planting a kiss on the head of his dick before rolling the condom down to the base of his shaft. He picked her up under her arms and lifted her on top of him so she was straddling his lap. Then he folded his arms behind his head and grinned up at her in a challenging smirk. He had a feeling he could bend her into a pretzel, with her being a yoga instructor and all, but somehow the idea held no appeal. He could tell that Sali was the type of girl who liked to be in charge, who’d be happy to ride him until they both came.

She lowered herself down slowly on his shaft, throwing her head back in ecstasy as he disappeared inside her. Sali increased her speed, alternating between rolling her h*ps and bouncing against him. She let out little breathy moans and grunts each time he hit the right spot. As her speed increased, so did her volume. “Yeah…rightthere…rightthere…” she moaned.

Cole planted his palm across her mouth. “Shh.” He kept his hand secured across her lips as she moved against him. She was oblivious to his hand, and continued riding him.

After a few minutes, Cole opened to eyes to see if Sali was getting closer to finishing. He sure as hell wasn’t. He didn’t know why, but something felt off. He just couldn’t get into it. Cole noticed the room wasn’t quite as dark as it was before, and his eyes flashed around Sali’s writhing form to his bedroom door, which was now partially opened. How the hell had that happened? Light from the hallway flooded the entrance to his room. Lifting his head from the pillow, he saw Savannah standing in the doorway watching them.

Holy shit.

Her eyes were locked on his, blazing with curiosity. His dick jerked inside Sali.

“Oh yeah. Just like that,” she moaned. He clamped his hand tighter over her mouth. Sali was completely in her own world, not even noticing that they weren’t alone, or that all of Cole’s attention was on Savannah.

Savannah’s gaze flickered to Sali’s back, her ass lifting up and down on Cole.

Savannah was dressed in just a pair of panties and a tank top. She looked so innocent, yet completely f**king sexy, it made him even harder. Her lips were parted, pulling in shallow breaths and her eyes were dark with desire.

Savannah just stood watching them for several minutes, her eyes never wavering from his, until Sali gave a little shout and then climbed off of him. Savannah turned and ran for her bedroom.

“Did you finish?” Sali asked.

“Yeah,” he choked out. He doubted she’d check the condom for evidence. He peeled it off and wrapped it in tissue, hoping to keep up the ruse that it was full, and threw it in the waste basket beside his bed. There was no way he was going to be able to come with Sali. Unless he replaced the image of Sali with Savannah, but God he couldn’t think like that. It wasn’t right.

“Hey, I hope you don’t mind.” Sali threw her top on over her head. “But I don’t like to stick around after, so I already texted my roommate to come get me and she’s here.” She held up her phone, the flashing blue light indicating a new message.

Cole didn’t plan on trying to talk her into staying. “Yeah okay. Well, thanks.”

“No problem, sexy. That was fun, yeah?” Sali slipped on the rest of her clothes, while Cole stepped into a pair of jeans.

After seeing Sali out, Cole stood in the dark entryway completely bewildered and out of sorts. He cursed and fought the urge to punch the wall. He caught his reflection in the hallway mirror, and the pale, haunted man staring back at him was almost unrecognizable. He didn’t know why he had thought it had been okay to bring Sali home, because it most certainly was not f**king okay. Not at all. He had sobered up the instant Savannah’s eyes met his.

He took a deep breath and approached her bedroom door, which was left cracked open. He found Savannah sitting in the center of her bed, still dressed in just a pair of panties and white tank. Her gaze was cast down, and the sadness in her pose, the limp slump of her shoulders hit him like a physical pain in the chest. “Savannah.” His voice broke and the ache in his chest made it difficult to breathe. Not getting any response from her, he approached the bed.

Savannah’s eyes followed his feet across the carpet, until he was standing at the end of her bed. She looked up at him, chewing on her bottom lip. She watched him like he was some wild creature. Her lips were parted, her eyes wide, and her breathing shallow.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

Wide green eyes studied his. She nodded slowly. Her gaze lowered, lingering across his bare chest and stomach and stopping at the waist band of his jeans, which he’d left unbuttoned in his haste to get Sali out the door.

Her hands toyed with the edge of her tank top, and Cole’s lungs tightened. What was she… She lifted the top, exposing the soft skin of her belly and continued raising it slowly until her br**sts came into view. Cole couldn’t help but follow her movements. He bit his lip and looked down at her. Soft milky skin and pale pink n**ples, tightening in the cool air. Fuck, she was perfect, better than his imagination. He swallowed roughly.

“You can’t do that, Savannah.” He reached for the discarded shirt and handed it back to her.

She accepted the shirt from him, only to throw it across the room. Damn, she was severely overestimating his self-control. He’d give his next breath just to taste her beautiful tits.

“Savannah,” he ground out through clenched teeth. “Get dressed.” His command sounded weak even to his own ears.

She sucked her lip into her mouth rolled over with a huff, lying on her stomach and burying her face in the pillow.

Why did she seem hurt? He curled his hands into fists, then straightened them and sat next to her on the bed.

Her fine little ass was on full display in the barely there pink panties that made appearances in his dreams. His breath caught as he took in the sight of the shapely, round globes of her ass, just begging for his attention.

He placed his hand on her bare back, rubbing the skin between her shoulder blades with his thumb. She turned her head to the side, resting one cheek against the pillow so she could look up at him. “I’m sorry you had to see that. I shouldn’t have brought her home.”

“Then why did you?” she challenged.

Because he’d been thinking with his dick. But he couldn’t say that to Savannah, so he didn’t say anything, and she didn’t press him. He continued running his palm along her back.

“Are you going to do that to me — what you did to her?” she asked.

“No,” his voice came out impossibly tight. “You’re safe with me, Savannah. I won’t hurt you.”

She chewed on her lip. “It didn’t look like you were hurting her.” She batted her eyelashes.

“Savannah stop,” he pleaded.

“Unless she was hurting you…” her brow creased. He remembered the way Sali had ridden him — hard and fast, just the balls of her feet on the bed, her hands pressed onto his pecs as she bounced against him.

“No,” he choked out. God, she really didn’t know anything about sex.

He couldn’t resist running his fingertips down her back, over her spine and up to her neck again. It was a touch meant to sooth her, so why the hell was it turning him on?