Not Quite Crazy (Page 41)

The smile on his face fell, his nose flared.

“I fantasized about what I shouldn’t want.”

He dropped the material, rounded his palm over her ass, and pulled her close. “Now I’m going to picture you in my office every day I’m in there.”

There was a whole lot of satisfaction in his statement.

“Jason,” she said, moving closer.


“Stop. Talking.”

He kissed her with an open mouth, a hungry kiss she returned with the same fervor.

Fire already burned hot with every sweep of his hands over her body, like she’d only dreamt about. And she touched everywhere, his broad shoulders and strong arms. The dress shirt he wore was soft under her hands, but she needed skin and pulled at his clothing to find it. It wasn’t fair that she was standing in a dress that had about the same amount of material as a pillowcase and he was fully dressed from head to toe.

She lost her train of thought when he slid his hand into her dress and cupped her breast. Delightful shivers coursed through her body.

Jason’s tongue disengaged from hers, his lips reaching for the place his hand had been.

With her head leaning back, the heat of his breath brushed the edge of her nipple long before he tasted it. She was breathless before he stopped.

“This dress should be illegal.” He moved to the other side.

When her knees buckled, he caught her in his arms and lifted her off her feet.

She kicked off her pumps as he walked them into the bedroom.

The city offered the only light in the room. The occasional thump of music from the party going on upstairs managed to permeate her senses. Otherwise it was only Jason in her thoughts as he lowered her onto the bed.

She loved the way he was touching her, the whispering of things he wanted to do to her . . . with her. Every word was a level of foreplay Rachel couldn’t remember ever having.

She gave up on the buttons of his shirt and pulled it over his head. The feel of him over her made her squirm. The stiffness of the erection still held tight in his clothing pushed against her, making her gasp.

Jason lowered the sleeves of her dress and reached around to take down the zipper. “I’ll make love to you in my office with your clothes on, but tonight I want to see all of you.”

She lifted her hips when he pulled her dress away. “We’ll get caught in your office.”

Her dress hit the floor.

“That’s what makes it hot.”

He leaned over and kissed her from nipple to belly button, his fingers playing with the edges of her thong. Rachel knew she was wet, his touch firing every nerve in her being. But when he touched her, that slickness welcomed him.

“So beautiful,” he whispered as he kissed the inside of her thigh.

She opened, wanting . . . hoping . . . waiting.

He moved the strap of clothing aside, and he found her with his mouth and tongue.

“Oh, God.” She arched closer, her heels dug into the bed, her hands clasping the bedspread.

The hard tip of his tongue found the perfect spot. She rose to meet his every touch, and the slow burn lit a fuse. He pulled away and returned more times than she could count. “You’re killing me.”

“Not yet.”

She tried to hold his head in place, keep him where she needed him to orgasm. He teased her until she demanded.


He chuckled against her and buried his head.

Her body exploded, the teasing made everything more powerful as she rode out the pleasure in crashing waves.

It was a very good thing there was a party going on and not people sleeping all around them, or she wouldn’t have been able to show her face outside the room in the morning.

He took one more pass with his tongue and she jumped.

“Now that is what I fantasized about,” he whispered.

“I like your fantasy better.”

He crawled up her body, lowered himself between her legs. “We’ll make all the dreams come true,” he told her.

She smiled into his eyes and wrapped one leg around his. “We’re going to have to get you out of these pants before we do that.”

He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and rolled off the bed.

Rachel tossed her damp panties on the floor and made room for him when he returned.

“You look entirely too relaxed,” he said when he pulled her back into his arms.

“All your fault.” She ran her fingernails over his hip and down his thigh. For a man who sat in an office every day, he sure felt as if he spent most of it at the gym.

He positioned his knee between her legs and kissed her briefly. “I have to confess . . . I love long fingernails.”

She scraped him again just to see his eyes widen in the dark.

“And dresses that barely cover a thing.”

“Less material to gather paint,” she said.

“And high heels. I love your legs in high heels.”

Rachel ran her fingernails up his leg and around the front of him. His cock reached forward for her touch. She brushed against him twice, teasing him.

“I’ll see about adding more shoes to my bedroom collection.”

“You do that.”

She ran a nail along the length of him.

Jason shuddered as if he wasn’t able to control himself.

With her thumb, she played with the head of his penis, thankful for the size she felt in her hand.

His hips thrust forward, searching, before he kissed her again.

Legs tangled and hands searched out forgotten places.

Rachel rolled on top of him, let her hair fall forward to cradle their kiss. He searched the core of her.

“Condom,” she whispered.

He moaned, let his hand hang over the bed. “In my wallet.”

Reaching over, she found his pants and handed them over.

Fumbling, he tossed what he didn’t need away and ripped into the prophylactic before handing it to her.

Rachel took her time securing it in position, let her hands play with all the soft and especially all the hard places. Two could play at teasing, and she wanted him to know she could step up to the plate to make him squirm.

When he couldn’t take it any longer, he removed her hands from his erection before lifting her hips over his. She leaned over him, her breasts brushing against his chest, her lips hovering over his as she slowly sank down on him.

He filled her so completely it took her breath away.

Both of them paused, the moment seeping deep into their systems. “So good,” she told him.

“Perfect,” he agreed.

He kissed her, soft and tender as his hips started to move against hers.

She might have been on top, but it was Jason making love to her. He used his knees, his hips . . . guided her with his hands. Everything inside her opened for the length and girth of him. The deeper he went, the harder it was to stay calm.

At some point they both stopped being polite in their quest for completion, and that made everything even better.

She clawed.

He pinched.

She felt a bite that might leave a mark, but didn’t care.

Soon the edge of the cliff rushed toward her, and with one last leap, she was falling into pieces, calling Jason’s name.

His thrusts came harder, his hands gripped firm, and he, too, moaned until his body stilled with his release.

The muscles inside her squeezed him hard, she felt him jump within her with one last surge. Only then did she collapse on top of him and welcome the calm.

Breathless, they said nothing.

And then the sky outside lit up with a crash and pop.