No Man Can Tame (Page 55)

He dipped his head down and raised her mouth to his lips, stroking away the tears rolling down her cheeks, teasing her tongue with his, coaxing her passion. His heart had swelled with love, and he hadn’t thought it possible, but with her words, it had expanded all the more.

Soft footsteps echoed closer—Gabriella’s—and he broke away with a grin. Did Gabriella know? If she didn’t, he couldn’t wait to see her reaction—

“Your Highness,” Gabriella said, holding out a missive to Aless. “It’s from Archmage Sabeyon in Courdeval.”

Aless’s brow furrowed, but she accepted the sealed parchment from Gabriella. “I haven’t seen her since… Why, it’s almost been a year.” She cracked open the seal and read. “She… She asks if we can help perform a lifebond—”

A lifebond? Courdeval was the capital of Emaurria. A human kingdom. Humans had long sought the secrets of—

Aless gasped, her face paling. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders, steadying her. “What is it? What’s the matter?”

She blinked, gaped at him, the shock of her open mouth widening to a grin. Tears welled in her eyes and spilled. “Veron… She… She says a friend of hers freed Immortali locked in a sea prison, and among them was a dark-elf… He says his name is Mirza… He says he’s… He’s your father.”

Swallowing, she took his hand.

Mirza… Ata…

He licked his lips, shook his head. No, Ata had died. He’d died. They all knew—they all—

He sucked in a sharp breath. They’d been told. They’d been told by the light-elves that Ata had been killed. They’d never seen or received his body.

It was…

His heart skipped a beat.

It was possible. He wouldn’t question it, not when there was hope.

“Veron, are you…? Is everything all right? Your father…” She huffed a disbelieving sound.

He breathed deeply, steadily, gathering his composure, and met her teary, gleaming gaze.

His father was alive. Ata was alive.

The love of his life, a child, and his father back in his life… At this rate, his heart would burst. And he’d welcome it with open arms. “Will you go with me, my love? I know you have the library here, and it’s your dream—”

“That you’re part of, Veron. The construction will continue while we’re gone. We—as in, of course I’m coming with you.” She beamed, her palm on her belly, and nodded. “To the ends of the earth and to eternity.”

* * *