#Nerd (Page 5)

Just moments ago, they were holding some girls face to his… his crotch.

“Where you off to in such a hurry?” he asked.

I jerked away from him and stepped back. “I’m leaving,” I said and lifted my chin.

Why did God have to make all the good-looking guys complete asses?

He frowned, a little crease appearing on his forehead. “We’re done?”

Irritation made me forget about what I just saw. I laughed, sounding like a moose getting hit by a car. “You made it pretty clear you aren’t really into studying.”

He brought his thumb up and swiped at his full lower lip. I wondered if that girl got to kiss him too.

“Hey, I’m sorry.” He actually sounded sincere. “I was just…” He glanced at me, and I raised my eyebrows, waiting for his explanation.

He sighed. “I didn’t ask for a tutor. It was sort of pushed on me.”

I crossed my arms over my chest, the movement making the strap of my book bag fall down my arm, and the bottom of the bag hit me in the leg. I ignored it. “Well, I didn’t sign up for this either.”

His eyebrows shot up to his hairline. “Seriously?”

“You think I don’t have better things to do than sit around this place?”

His face turned sheepish. “Well, no.”

I growled a little because his answer was idiotic.

He laughed and reached for my bag, which was starting to cut off the circulation on my lower arm. Before I could tell him no, he slipped his hand under the strap and lifted it off my arm. The relief from the pressure was really nice, so I didn’t stop him from swinging it up over his shoulder.

“So what do they got on you?” he asked, taking my bag back to the table.

“What?” I replied, spinning around to glare at him.

“You know… Why do you have to tutor me?” He sat down and placed my bag right between his legs on the floor.

“The dean said it was a requirement of my scholarship.”

“You have a scholarship?”

Duh. “Didn’t I just say that?” I snapped. I was immediately contrite, but Romeo grinned.


Damn if I didn’t notice the way his blue eyes sparkled when he looked at me.

“Maybe we could try this again?” he asked, turning on the charm.

“You didn’t even ask for my name,” I blurted out.

So much for thinking I was impervious to his charm. Clearly, it made me gullible.

“I guess I didn’t.” He agreed and pulled out the chair beside him for me to sit in. “What’s your name?”

“Rimmel.” I sat. But only because it got me one step closer to my bag.

“Hey, Rimmel.” He started, speaking my name like he’d said it a hundred times before. “I’m—”

“I know who you are, Romeo.”

His lips curved up. “My schedule says Roman.” He pointed at the paper I was given.

“No one calls you that.” And now I know why, I silently added. I mean, sure, he was like super popular and great at football, but I hadn’t realized just how far his charm extended until I followed him deep into the bookshelves.

He leaned forward, bringing his face close to mine. “My mother does.”

“Does your mother know what you do in libraries?” I countered. My lips snapped closed, and I ducked my head. Oh my God, what if he knows I saw?

His warm laugh dusted the air around us. “You mean study?”

He knew damn well I wasn’t talking about studying.

“I have to go.” I started to rise.

He placed a hand on my shoulder and pushed me back into the seat. “Stay. I really do need help or I’m going to get thrown off the team.”

“Why should I care?” I asked nonchalantly.

He tugged on the long ends of my hair. “Because if I do, you’ll be known as the tutor who couldn’t help the star player stay on the team.”

“What makes you think I care what people think of me?”

“Everyone cares.”

I looked at him from underneath the black rims of my glasses. “Well, I don’t. But I want to keep my scholarship.”

He grinned like he won.

“We should probably set some ground rules.” I continued.

He slumped back against the chair, crossing his arms over his chest. “You want to make rules for tutoring.”

I nodded. “And if you don’t follow them, I’ll quit.”

He studied me for long moments. It made me squirm in my seat. Romeo had a very intense and level stare. “Okay, Rimmel,” he drawled. “Let’s hear these rules.”

I swallowed. Every time he said my name, the spit in my mouth seemed to thicken. “Okay.” I agreed. My shoulders straightened and I held up my hand to count the rules as I went. “One: do not be late. It’s rude. If you’re late again, I won’t wait.”

His lips twitched, which brought me to the next rule. “Two: Don’t bother trying to charm me into doing your work for you. I won’t.”

He pressed a hand to his chest like he was offended. “You think so low of me.” He gasped.

I rolled my eyes. “Three: No girls during tutoring. No disappearing.”

“But you’re a girl,” he said, sitting forward swiftly and tucking a bunch of hair behind my ear. The back of my neck broke out in goose bumps and they scattered down my spine, and my toes curled in the Converse I was wearing.

“Rule four,” I said, ignoring the funny way he made me feel. “No charm at all.”

“I can’t help it, Rimmie.” His intensely azure eyes roamed over my face like he was looking at me for the first time. “It’s so easy to make you blush.”

I hit away his hand. “Rule five: Do not call me Rimmie.” Ugh, he was irritating!

He chuckled and sat back. “Fine. Now, can we get to work?” he asked, pointing at his paper.

“No,” I snapped. “Tutoring is over for today.”

“But what about this assignment?” he whined.

“Here’s a thought,” I said as I snatched my bag and stood. “Sit here and do it.”

I started to stalk away, nearly tripping over my half-untied shoelace.

He laughed beneath his breath, and I thought about kicking him.

“Rimmel,” he said. I stopped and turned. “See you day after tomorrow.”

I rushed outside into the cold autumn air and dragged in great gulps of the crisp atmosphere. He was absolutely infuriating! Full of himself. Arrogant. Far too pretty.