#Nerd (Page 13)

I slowed the Hellcat as I turned onto the narrow dirt road that wound through trees with leaves and limbs that reached across the sky to create a tunnel-like effect. The windows were down so our loud music competed with the music blaring at the party. It pumped through my system and vibrated the steering wheel beneath my hands.

I could already feel the energy of the night swirling around and a little jolt of adrenaline released itself into my bloodstream. We curved around the final bend in the dirt and tons of cars parked haphazardly in long grass came into view. Beyond them a large field opened up, a clearing in the center of all the trees.

There was an empty spot just off the dirt path and I slid the Hellcat into it with ease. I shut off the engine and pocketed the keys.

Braeden was looking at me, shaking his head. “You’re the only guy I’ve ever met who gets his own personal parking spot at parties in a field.”

I rolled my head toward him and grinned. When I opened the door, the music pumped even louder, and I threw my arms up in the air and let out a loud whoop. “Wolves!” I hollered.

Everyone joined in, and soon everyone was howling at the moon.

I laughed as a full beer was passed into my hand in less than a minute. The team was in a prime spot near the fire. Braeden and I took up position with them. Everything out here was cast in a red-orange glow that stretched out across the ground until it gave way to darkness. The trees loomed in the near distance, their coloring leaves shaking lightly in the night air.

I took a swig of beer and watched some of the girls who were dancing on open tailgates. One of the girls had long blond hair, cut-off shorts, a cropped top, and a pair of cowboy boots. She was shaking her ass like it was a fine art. Beside her were several other girls, all doing an impressive job of showcasing their dancing skills.

Hells yeah. The view from here was good.

It was a good party. The beer was flowing, the team was in high spirits, and the ladies were ripe for the picking. I was into my third beer of the night when my cell went off in my pocket. After another swift chug, I fished it out and lit up the screen.


“What the fuck?” I muttered and looked around for anyone pranking me.

No one seemed to be amused by the text I just read.

I hit the button and sent the screen dark so I could shove it back in my pocket. Over the rim of my SOLO cup, Trent caught my eye.

Our gazes locked for one second and he gave me a knowing look.


That text wasn’t a joke. It was fucking for real.

It was part of rush for the Omegas. They had said the other night I would be texted certain tasks that I had to complete.

What the hell kind of pervert wanted to watch me kiss a dude? I downed the rest of my beer and tried to think of a way out of it.

I glanced back at Trent. He was on the team with me. He was also an Omega and the guy who helped me out with the stairs during the night I was taken to the rush meeting.

He must have known I would get texted tonight. I wondered if he knew what they asked me to do. Shit, they would want me to do this at a huge party where everyone would see. I thought about Zach and the way he stared at me that first night.

I wasn’t going to let him win. No way in hell. If they wanted me to kiss a dude, then I would.

But first I was getting another beer. I wasn’t drunk enough for this shit yet.

I went to the keg and filled up my cup and chugged half of it right there. As I was chugging, a slim hand wound around me from behind and flattened against my chest. I looked down, my lips curling up in a smile.

I covered her hand with mine and spun to see who was there. It was the girl with the shorts and boots. Her eyes were heavy lidded and she licked her lips when I caught her gaze. “I’m thirsty,” she purred, stroking my chest.

I was taller than her so when I looked down, I was afforded a first-class view down the front of her top. “We can’t have that,” I said and handed her my beer. “Hold this.”

I turned and pumped another cup full of the amber-colored liquid and turned back. She was drinking out of my cup.

I shrugged and started drinking out of the one I got for her. She wasn’t quite as hot up close as she looked from across the field, but those boots were doing it for me and she had a nice ass. I slung my arm across her shoulders. “Hang with me.”

She giggled and leaned into my side.

When we made it back to the team, I was feeling the buzz. I usually drank slower, paced myself, but given the text I received, I had extra motivation to get smashed.

Trent was watching me and I knew he probably would until it was done. I glanced around at all the crowds of people but didn’t see anyone else watching. ‘Course, that didn’t mean they weren’t. There was a ton of people here, and I knew a lot—if not all—of the Omegas were here.

“Yo!” I hollered. “I got something to say!”

The roar of the crowd around us lowered to a soft buzz and a couple of my fellow Wolves yelled, “Speech!”

I grinned and held up my beer. “A toast!” I yelled, swaying a little to make myself appear even drunker than I was.

“To the Wolves, all our supporters, and to those poor losers that have to get pounded by us tomorrow night!”

Shouts of agreement and cheers lifted up over the fire and floated through the sky. Everyone drank to the toast and then quieted back down, looking at me expectantly again.

“One last shout out to my brothers, my teammates, the defensive linemen, like my buddy Braeden here.” I released the girl with the boots and flung my arm around Braeden’s shoulders and pulled him in. Some of my beer sloshed over the rim of my cup and onto him. “Who keep the assholes at bay so I can throw some sah-weet passes!”

Everyone cheered again and started drinking.

I swayed, pretending to be super drunk, and glanced at Braeden. He was probably gonna deck me for this.

“I love you, man,” I roared and then pressed my lips to his.

It was over in two seconds flat. Long enough for me to press our lips together and then jerk back. Everyone around us roared with laughter and whistles cut through the music.

I lifted my beer and howled at the moon. “Wolves!” Then I downed the rest of the cup.

Braeden was looking a little shocked, and I gave him a short, clear-eyed gaze, hoping he’d let me explain later.

A heartbeat passed and then he lifted his beer and followed my actions.

I found Trent in the boozy crowd. He gave me a slight nod with a half-smile on his lips.


I threw my arm back around Boots and pulled her in. “I just kissed a dude,” I said loudly. People around us snickered. “I’m gonna need you to erase that from my memory.”