Gentling the Cowboy (Page 28)

Gentling the Cowboy (Texan Nights Series #1)(28)
Author: Ruth Cardello

Sarah tensed against the door as her body again approached the unthinkable. Laid out before him, she gave herself over to the pleasure, calling out his name as she came and clutching at him as he’d clutched at her. He lifted her and pulled her onto his lap. Spent and safely tucked into his arms, Sarah rested her head on his chest and listened to the slowing beat of his heart as they both came back to earth.

A while later, dressed again, Sarah pulled out onto the road and was shocked when a car skidded and swerved around them. This would be awkward to explain to my insurance company. I was temporarily in an orgasmic daze. Sure I saw it coming, but I was too relaxed to care.

She hadn’t considered how public the setting had been until another car flew by, impatient at her inability to determine the speed limit. “Do you think anyone saw us?” she asked.

“The press doesn’t stalk me anymore, thank God, so no.”

“The press?” Wow, cowboys are big news down here. Who knew?

He looked irritated with himself for his spontaneous comment. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“You brought it up.”

His face tightened with a guarded expression she was getting used to seeing. “Drop it.”

Sarah relented temporarily. “I don’t mean to pry. I’m just trying to get to know you.”

One of his eyebrows raised and he said, “I’d say we know each other just fine.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

His expression darkened again. “Don’t get confused about what we’re doing together.”

Sarah looked straight ahead. Pride made her say, “This is research to me. Nothing more.”

“Good, because when this is over, I don’t want you thinking I led you to believe differently.”

You really are a bastard sometimes, Tony.

What am I doing with you?

Her nether regions tingled in memory and she thought, Besides that. “You couldn’t be more clear,” Sarah said sarcastically. “But then I wouldn’t expect much from a man who won’t let a kid talk to him.”

“How I run my ranch is none of your business,” he said coldly.

Sarah threw her hands up in the air. “I get it. I get it. You don’t have to take out a billboard.” The car swerved into the left lane, which thankfully had no oncoming traffic.

Tony grabbed the wheel, correcting their path, and said, “Pay attention to where you’re going.”

Sarah took the steering wheel back and said, “You weren’t worried about that earlier.”

One side of Tony’s mouth curled in a hint of amusement. “Why are we fighting?” he asked huskily.

Heat spread through Sarah’s stomach at his coaxing tone. Still, she couldn’t stop herself from saying, “Because you’re an ass?”

Too seriously, he said, “I’m not going to change. Not for you. Not for anyone.”

“And what if I told you that I like a little ass in a man?” she asked, giving them both an out from the awkward turn the conversation had taken.

Fire leapt back into his eyes and in a flash he went from defensive to persuasive. “Then I’d say we have better things to do than argue.” He slid a hand between her thighs and rubbed her through the material of her jeans. Sarah couldn’t think of anything besides how good his hands felt and how soon she could pull over again.

What he thought could wait for the cabin became a feverish necessity on the side of the road. She was already wet and ready when he yanked her pants off and his c**k needed no coaxing, it sprang upright as soon as he freed it. He sheathed it in a condom and pulled her from her seat to straddle him.

And slowly, ever so slowly, lowered her hot and wet onto his cock. She rested her forearms on his shoulders and threw her head back, exposing her neck once again to his eager mouth. She was so small, so tight. He lifted her effortlessly up and down on him.

The pleasure he’d experienced earlier paled in comparison to how it felt to finally be beneath her, inside her. All his senses surrounded by the sweetness of her. He tried to take his time, but they soon found the frantic rhythm of new lovers. He pounded upward and she ground herself greedily down onto him. When he thought he could go no deeper, she opened herself wider for him and he groaned from the pleasure of it. He was normally a methodical lover, ensuring that he gave as much pleasure as he took, but this time he couldn’t wait. He couldn’t think. All he could do was try to slow her down. Her desire was destroying his ability to hold out.

The honk of passing cars barely registered. She was his. Completely his. Nothing else mattered. A fire spread through him, so intense he gripped her hips desperately while he came within her, loving that she cried out and collapsed onto him only seconds later.

He kissed her damp forehead.

The siren of a police car pulling up behind them set them both to scrambling for their clothing. Sarah shimmied into her underwear in record time, but was halfway through pulling on her jeans when the officer started pounding on the window. Tony had disposed of the condom in a small bag of trash on the floor and was zippered and presentable even as Sarah double-checked her shirt to make sure it was still buttoned.

“Do they arrest you in Texas for this?” she asked in a rush, seatbelting herself back into the driver’s seat.

“I don’t know,” Tony said, his senses still full of her sweetness. “I’m not sure I care.”

The officer banged on the window again.

Sarah reluctantly turned on her car and pushed the button to lower the window.

Shaking his head at the two of them, Dean said, “If you’re going to do shit like this, could you at least do it where no one knows you?”


The mocking lecture continued. “How about over the county line? Anywhere but here. Do you know how many calls I received?”

Sarah met Tony’s eyes and shook with a nervous giggle. She choked on the next and then bit her lip and sounded like she was wheezing as she tried to contain another burst of amusement.

Her laughter was as irresistible as she was, and Tony found himself fighting back a chuckle, too. She caved first and laughed out loud. He joined her until they were both laughing so hard they couldn’t speak.

Dean leaned in and said something, but Tony didn’t hear what he said and he didn’t care what he’d missed. He’d never seen anything more beautiful than Sarah, mussed from sex, laughing until she was crying. Gasping for air, she said, “I wasn’t sure I could pull off anything worse than this morning, but I think this tops it.”