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Fueled (Page 66)

I lean into him, my forehead pressing against his chest, my hands gripping his biceps. I’m not sure if my responsiveness is from Colton’s willingness to try or the onslaught of sensation, but my body climbs the precipice quicker than normal. I am so close. So close to the brink that my nails dig into his arms.

Colton slides his fingers back and forth one more time before emitting a feral growl. “Not yet…I want to be buried in you when you come, Rylee,” he murmurs against the crown of my head. “I’m desperate to be.”

I suck in an audible breath, my muscles so taut and nerves so aware of the feeling of his body against mine that I can’t contain myself. I launch myself at him like an addict needing a fix. One hand grips the back of his neck, automatically fisting his hair, and pulls his face lower so I can meet his mouth. My other hand reaches down to rub the hard length of his growing erection against his slacks. His guttural moan tells me he’s bound with as much need as I am.

I kiss him with a hungry desperation, passion unfurling between us, as I pour everything I’ve been holding back into our melding of mouths. He snakes his hands between his jacket that I’m wearing and my dress, his hands mapping the lines of my backside and hips, inciting a need so strong that it rocks me senseless and leaves me breathless.

“Colton,” I moan as he laces open mouth kisses down the line of my throat, sending earthquakes of sensation rocketing through me.

“Car. Parking garage. Now,” he says between kisses with a teeming desperation, restraint non-existent.

I agree with a non-coherent moan, but my body doesn’t want to let up or let go. His hand fists my hair and pulls it down so my face is forced up. The dark desire that clouds his eyes has my thighs clenching together, begging for relief. “Ry? If we don’t walk right now, you’re going to find yourself bent over that bench right there in plain view of all of these hotel rooms.” His husky warning has me swallowing loudly. He leans down and kisses me chastely, his tongue tracing the line of my bottom lip. “You’ve annihilated my control, sweetheart. Elevator. Now,” he commands.

He pulls me to his side, his hand clamped on my hip as we walk quickly. With his free hand, Colton pulls his iPhone out of his pocket. “Sammy? Where’s Sex?” He listens for a moment. “Perfect. That works.” He laughs loudly, the timbre of it echoing off of the concrete walls we walk past. “Like you read my mind. You’re fucking awesome Sammy…Yeah. I’ll let you know.” He slips his phone back in his pocket as we reach a path, and I’m mystified as to the conversation he just had. Colton looks left and then right, weighing his options with a forced urgency before veering right.

Within moments we are in an elevator at the outskirts of a concrete parking garage. The drab grey doors shut, Colton’s presence dominating the small space, and before the elevator starts to move upwards, Colton has me pinned against the wall with his hips and his mouth feasting on mine with a raw carnality. I don’t even have time to catch my breath before the car pings. He drags his mouth from mine, leaving me shaken by his consuming desire.

When we exit the elevator, a giggle escapes my lips. Who in the hell is this girl that I turn into when I’m with Colton? This brazen, wanton woman so sure of her sexuality? I definitely wasn’t her an hour ago. I swear it’s the Colton effect.

I jolt in surprise when we turn the corner and Sammy is standing there. “Hi, Sammy,” I say shyly, for once again he’s seeing me in my Colton-induced path to indecency. He nods at me, his face remaining stoic as he hands a set of keys out to Colton.

“Thanks. All clear?” Colton asks.

“All clear,” Sammy nods before stepping onto the elevator car.

“Come,” Colton commands as he pulls my hand so I land against him forcefully before his lips meet mine again in a greedy kiss. I push him back momentarily despite his protests and glance around at our surroundings to make sure we don’t have an unsuspecting audience. My eyes focus immediately on a sexy-as-sin, sleek, red sports car in the far corner. I’m not really into cars, but all I know is that if that’s her name? It most definitely fits her.

When I pull my eyes away from the car, I’m surprised to find the monochromatic garage completely vacant. “How’d…?” Colton just smirks at me with that it’s good to be me kind of smirk and I shake my head. “Sammy?”

“Mmm-hmm.” His hand roams up my waist and cups my breast through my dress. I exhale a soft moan at the muted sensation, wanting his body, naked and moving, on mine. In mine.

“Oh, Colton…” I sigh, turning into putty in his hands as his finger dips beneath the fabric. “That man needs a raise,” I murmur as we pseudo-walk, pseudo-grope each other across the desolate garage. Colton laughs loudly at my comment, the sound mixed with the click of my heels echoing off of the walls. I push away the niggling feeling in my head that I wonder just what else Sammy has seen under Colton’s employment. That was the past. His past.

And now, he’s my future. All that matters now is that Colton’s willing to try.

We reach the car, relief that we can get out of here flooding through me. Right now I’m being selfish. I’m not thinking about the gala below or my charity or anything. All I can focus on is the feelings coursing through me. The ones I need met as I steer our bodies toward the passenger side.

But Colton stands still—doesn’t budge—just keeps my hand in his, our arms outstretched from the connection. I look over at him, his eyes trailing over the front of his car and then looking back to me. The lascivious smirk that turns up the corners of his mouth rocks my world off its balance. “Uh-uh,” he tells me, confusion filling me.

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