Free Me (Page 33)

Free Me (The Found Duet #1)(33)
Author: Laurelin Paige

I walked to the window to look out. We were forty-nine floors up, the sun was going down, and the park was across the street. The likelihood of anyone seeing me was slim to none.

“It’s pretty private.” Goddamn, JC could always read my thoughts. Was I that transparent? “But it doesn’t feel private. It feels exposed. Doesn’t it?”

I nodded.

“Even if someone happens to look up and think they see a body at the window, they won’t be able to tell it’s naked. They certainly won’t be able to tell it’s you.”

I wasn’t so sure. But, trust.

JC removed his suit jacket and laid it on the back of the couch. “Now. Undress.”

There would be no more thinking about it. I handed him the reins, then. I did as he said, first taking off my boots. Then, with shaking hands, I removed my sweater, followed by my jeans.

When I was only in my lingerie, JC inhaled sharply.

I paused my undressing to bask in his appreciation. Silently, I thanked Norma. I didn’t own a garter belt, but I did have thigh highs, and the sexy way she’d looked the other morning wearing hers had inspired me to wear my own under my pants. I’d debated it at first, unsure if my thoughtful preparation would give the wrong message. I still hadn’t been sure when I’d left the apartment with them on.

JC’s reaction now made me glad I’d chosen as I had, even if he only saw me in them for a second. The rising and falling of my chest grew more pronounced as my excitement—and my confidence—flourished. It was exhilarating to be able to arouse someone else so easily, in turn, inciting me.

I took off my bra next, watching his eyes spark as my breasts tumbled free. Then I removed my panties. When I got to my stockings, I paused. “Should I leave these?”

His yes was more of a hiss than an actual word.

I was very glad for my decision indeed. Naked now, except for the hose, I stood proudly for him, my back exposed to the city behind me.

JC loosened his tie. Slowly, but with more assurance than I’d had, he began unbuttoning his shirt. God, it was erotic to watch him undress. To watch him peel away the layers that the rest of the world saw, revealing the parts of him he only showed to me. Provocative on so many levels.

I pressed my thighs together to try and relieve the growing ache.

His smile told me he knew the effect he had on me. He removed his shirt and laid it on the couch and began working on his belt buckle, his eyes never leaving me. “You’re so turned on,” he said with not an ounce of question. It was fact. He knew I was turned on. “Touch yourself.”

I hesitated, waffling between giving him complete control and letting him know what I wanted. He’d been adamant that I tell him before. And I wanted to be quick to learn his lessons, unlike the insipid heroines of Norma’s bodice ripper novels she thought she read in secret.

So I spoke up. “JC, I don’t want to do that this time.” I would do it again. It had been amazing, and if he squashed down my request, I’d give in willingly. But I needed to let him know what I was thinking first.

His eyes widened, and with his belt now in his hand, a bolt of paralyzing fear ran through me. After years of having one slapped across my back, a man with a belt would always cause a stirring of trepidation. This moment was worse, especially since I’d just been contrary. And I was naked, which made me feel more vulnerable than usual.

He seemed to sense my fear. “Hey, Gwen. Relax.” He dropped the belt, and his eyes followed mine as I watched where it landed on the floor. His brow wrinkled in confusion, and then, as if he understood, he kicked it away from him.

I was afraid he’d ask, but he didn’t, and I was grateful.

“Thank you, for telling me what you want. Or don’t want.” He toed his shoes off as he spoke. Then bent to pull off his socks. “You don’t have anything to worry about. I won’t hurt you and this won’t be like last week. You’ll still get off. But this time, I’m going to be inside you when it happens.”

Whatever fear there had been in me a moment before vanished at his sensual promise.

He unzipped his pants and pushed them to the floor. “So I suggest you touch yourself. You need to get yourself wet because I’m not planning on staying in control this time. Once my hands are on you, you better be ready to fuck.”

Moisture pooled between my legs at his words. I was ready to fuck now. I had been since the minute he walked in the door and cast his possessive gaze over my body. So when I pinched a nipple between my fingers and ran my other hand between my legs, I wasn’t priming myself for him.

I was showing him that I was already primed.

JC groaned. He rubbed his hand over his crotch, and I watched as his semi hardened. “You really are breathtaking, Gwen. You have no idea, do you?”

I shook my head. I hadn’t ever cared to be breathtaking until I was with him. Now, not only did I want him to be turned on by me, I also felt that he was turned on by me. Felt like I was that exciting. Felt like I was that beautiful.

“It’s part of what makes you so amazing to look at. Because you’re so unaware.” He stripped off his boxer briefs, and my mouth instantly watered at his impressive erection. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It was big and thick and exquisite in a way I never thought a penis could be.

Not a penis—a cock. Penis was a term that turned me off and made me cringe. But nothing about JC’s cock did that to me. It made me feel just the opposite. Turned me on ferociously. Made me want to open up and invite it in.

It drew me so magnetically that I started to step toward him.

Then JC directed me otherwise. “Turn around, Gwen. Press your body against the glass and let the city see how beautiful you are.”

My fascination with his cock faded as my unease with the window returned. Like he’d said before, probably no one would see me, but it felt like they could. And now that it was about to happen, the idea of being watched was actually more thrilling than I’d first thought.

I spun in and pressed up against the window, the cold glass a stark contrast to my heated skin. I continued to touch myself, playing with my clit in earnest. I spread my legs, wanting him to have a better view of what I was doing.

Was that unlike me? Yes. Was it dirty and naughty and completely empowering? Yes, yes, and yes. I reveled in the naughtiness. I reveled in the power.

“Tell me, Gwen.” JC’s voice was tight and I pictured him stroking himself behind me as he spoke. “Did you wear those stockings for me?”