Forever with You (Page 8)

Forever with You (Fixed #3)(8)
Author: Laurelin Paige

He glared at me for three solid seconds before his features softened. “It’s nothing. An uninvited guest arrived. That’s all.”

I suddenly felt guilty for teasing him about his obligations. Even on a holiday night when he should be enjoying himself, he couldn’t relax. He’d always have to take care of something, manage someone. No wonder these events were such a pain in the ass.

Making up my mind to try to give him the best night possible, I let the subject of the uninvited guest go, even though I was itching to know more of the details. The last thing Hudson needed was me badgering him.

Instead, I worked again to make him more amiable. I leaned into him and whispered, “By the way, I meant to tell you that I got waxed yesterday.” Since he’d been asleep when I got home, I hadn’t gotten a chance to show him. Which was probably best since the recommendation was to wait twenty-four hours after waxing before having sex.

“Waxed?” Hudson said too loudly, his brow furrowed in confusion. Then understanding set in. “Oh.” Immediately his expression lit with interest.

Behind us, a crew member that was helping the captain draw the plank into the ship looked up, obviously also getting my meaning.

Hudson glared at the man, and ushered me further onto the deck with him. “Tell me more.” This time his volume was appropriately quieter.

“I’m talking waxed. Like, all the way. Bare.” Normally, I kept a little more than a landing strip. This was the first time since I’d been with Hudson that I’d gone clean.

Hudson’s eyes narrowed as he adjusted himself. “Are you trying to make this the most uncomfortable night of my life?”

“I was trying to give you something to look forward to, Mr. Grumpy Pants.”

“Mr. Strained Pants, I think you mean.”

I laughed. “Is that going to be a problem?”

“For you.” He pulled me against him so that I could feel his erection against my belly. “It’s going to be a long evening. By the time I finally get to be inside you, I’m going to need to be there for a long time. And I don’t expect that I’ll be able to be gentle.”

Okay, wow. “No complaints here.”

“Good girl.” He stared longingly at my lips, but he didn’t kiss me. Finally, he said, “I’ll try to improve my mood. Let’s go. The sooner the socializing is over, the sooner I can bury my face between your thighs.”

Hudson led me up the stairs to the main deck. I’d never been on a yacht before, but I was pretty sure this one was more luxurious than most. I looked up the side of the boat and counted four decks, plus the mini one that we’d entered on. The deck furniture was simple but in good taste. Amazing taste, actually. At least what I could see of it. Most of it was covered by bodies. Dozens and dozens of bodies. There were at least forty people already in full party mode on this deck. Above me, more people leaned on the deck railings. And we hadn’t even gotten to the inside yet.

I followed Hudson through the throngs of people and inside to a grand lounge. This area was even more packed then the decks. “How many people are here?” I asked.

He nodded at a server across the room who immediately headed our way. “There were two hundred invited. They were each allowed one guest. We only take this many people out for the annual Macy’s fireworks. There are fourteen staterooms, so we’d never actually travel with this many aboard.”

Hudson took two champagne glasses from the server and handed one to me. He clinked his glass to mine before taking a swallow. “Except for a few other important people, we’ll be the only ones sleeping here tonight.”

“Hopefully there won’t be much sleeping.” The bare skin between my thighs was aching for the attention it had been promised.

“You’ll pay for your teasing later.”

Just then, the boat launched smoothly into the river. I grabbed Hudson’s arm to adjust to the motion as the crowd erupted into cheers. The place was utter chaos. Definitely not my boyfriend’s usual type of scene. No wonder he’d been anxious.

We made our way up the grand staircase to an upper level, stopping every so often so that Hudson could greet a guest. He introduced me to all of them, sometimes as his girlfriend, sometimes as the promotions manager of his club. I guessed he chose my title depending on how it would benefit me and my career. Always looking out for me.

The next room we ended up in looked like a large living room. A bar curved around the wall and an abundance of couches and armchairs filled the space. A giant flat-screen TV graced one wall. It was turned onto the telecast of the pre-fireworks show though no one seemed to be paying attention. This room was also crowded, but I heard my name called through the buzz of conversation.

I turned toward the voice and found Hudson’s sister sitting on a couch in the corner. She stood as we approached her, and I bent to embrace the petite woman I’d grown to love nearly as much as her brother. It was amazing how tightly she could hug with her pregnant belly between us.

When she released me, I checked out her dark blue maxi maternity dress. “Mira. You look adorable!”

“Ugh, thanks. I feel like a whale.” She reached to give Hudson a hug, which he tolerated. “Hello, brother. Glad to see you back in the States, though you ruined all my amazing planning.”

Before Hudson had shown up at The Sky Launch on Sunday night, I’d planned to fly to Japan and surprise him. Mira had helped make all the arrangements.

“Not that I’m complaining,” she added before Hudson could respond. “You did good. I’m proud of you.”

Hudson glowered at his little sister. He wasn’t the type to accept praise. And Mira was the type to give it anyway.

I decided to come to Hudson’s rescue before Mira could continue. “Did Adam abandon you?” I looked around for her husband.

“Nah, he’s finding me something nonalcoholic to drink. It’s surprisingly difficult.”

“Ah.” More like he was probably hiding from the crowd. Adam was another antisocial member of the family. At least Hudson knew how to fake it.

Mira sat back down on the couch, hitting the spot next to her. “Come. Sit. How did you manage to get a holiday off from the club?”

I shrugged as I took the seat next to her. “I’m sleeping with the owner.”

“Nice.” She shook her head like she was frustrated with herself. “I’m such a dummy! You were supposed to be in Japan. I guess you already got your shifts covered.”