Forever with You (Page 3)

Forever with You (Fixed #3)(3)
Author: Laurelin Paige

Except we still hadn’t worked out all our trust issues, and that had me feeling edgy. Plus there was this video that Stacy claimed to have. What did it show? Did I want to see it? Was it simply a trick? Or was it actually significant?

It bothered me enough to make me restless and unsure. Make me obsess while I slept.

It’s nothing, I told myself. It won’t affect anything with Hudson.

But the unease that encased me said differently.

“What’s wrong?”

Hudson startled me, but the tempo of my already accelerated heartbeat barely registered the shock. I peered over my shoulder at him standing in the bathroom door. He looked as he always looked—sexy and aloof. The sight of his na**d body caused my breath to intake—every time—even when thoughts of jumping him weren’t on my mind. I bit my lip as my gaze traveled down his body. Well, maybe thoughts of jumping him weren’t as far away as I’d assumed.

He came behind me, his gray eyes probing mine in the mirror. “Are you okay?”

It crossed my mind to lie, but I wasn’t doing that anymore. I’d gotten a second chance with this man, and if we were going to make things work, I’d have to be better at sharing.

I needed to tell him about Stacy’s video.

And I would. But I needed a few minutes to regroup. “I just had a bad dream, and now I can’t sleep.”

His brow creased with worry. “Want to talk about it?”

I shook my head. Then changed my mind. “Yes. But later.”

“Hmm.” He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my head. “How about I get a hot bath going for you in the meantime?”

“That sounds heavenly.”

He let me go and started to the task. I leaned against the shower stall as Hudson bent over the large soaker tub and turned on the faucets. It was impossible not to admire his hard body, not to want to lick along the muscles of his abs, to bite the tight curve of his ass.

He glanced up at me. “Those are naughty thoughts clouding those brown eyes.”

My lips curved up into what I hoped was a suggestive grin. “Are you joining me?”

“In the naughty thoughts or in the tub?”

I swatted at his luscious behind. “The tub.”

“I’ll join you in both.” It was three in the morning on a weeknight. He had work in the morning. And the man had jet lag from a week overseas. But he never faltered at caring for me. He was always there. Even when I kicked him away to Japan, he still made sure I was looked after—sending his sister to check in, calling the doorman to deliver messages. When would I stop being surprised by his attention?

Never. That’s when.

I undid my robe and hung it on a wall hook, enjoying the lust in Hudson’s gaze as I stood na**d before him. I stuck a toe in to test the heat. The water was perfect—almost too hot, just like I liked it. I stepped in and leaned forward so that Hudson could slide in behind me. It dawned on me that we’d never bathed together. How could it feel like we’d been through everything yet there was so much we had left to experience? It was a comforting thought—to realize that we were still only in the new, that we could look forward to more.

When he was settled, I leaned back against his chest.

He nuzzled his nose along my cheek. “This is nice.”

“The temperature is perfect.” My muscles were already loosening in the warmth, the tension of my dream easing.

“I meant holding you.” Hudson’s voice was soft, as though his words were difficult to admit. “I’ve missed this.”

God, I’d missed it too. That was one of the reasons I felt so uneasy—I was still recovering from the time we’d been apart. My mind was still processing what I’d almost lost—everything.

I’d almost lost everything.

That was surely why I was so worried about Stacy’s supposed evidence. The questions that remained between us didn’t help my anxiousness. We still had so many things left undeclared.

We soaked in silence for long comfortable minutes. When the water began to cool, Hudson reached for a bottle from the built-in ledge behind the marble tub. He poured a dab of soap into his hand from my cherry blossom body wash—a new favorite scent of mine—and worked it into my skin with deep massaging strokes. When he’d finished with my arms, he nudged me forward to continue the treatment on my back. Then he pulled me against him and bent my legs so he could reach every part of my body.

Last, his fingers splayed along my belly and up my chest. He spent a sweet amount of time on my br**sts, kneading them with just the right amount of pressure until my ni**les perked up. He nibbled at my earlobe and one hand began its descent to my lower regions. The thickening of his c**k against my lower back told me exactly what was on his mind.

But first there were things to say. I didn’t believe there was anything worrisome enough to crush our potential future together, but big enough that things had to be said.

I turned to straddle him, the water sloshing at my sudden movement.

Lacing his hands in mine to keep them occupied, I began. “We have stuff to work through.”

His eyes stayed pinned on my br**sts, as he raised an eyebrow. “We do?”

“We do.” I bent my head to catch his gaze. “Who’s going to run your club?”

His smile was mischievous. “You.”

I smirked but didn’t agree. I also didn’t disagree. He claimed he wanted me to take over The Sky Launch, but I was convinced it was only an excuse to get rid of David Lindt. Hudson achieved part of his agenda—David was leaving in a little more than a week to take over one of Hudson’s clubs in Atlantic City. I’d been pissed, but as the idea had settled over me, I’d realized it had been the right move on Hudson’s part. Working every day with my ex wasn’t exactly a good idea. I wouldn’t want Hudson working with one of his exes, after all.

It didn’t mean I was ready to run the club myself.

I also wasn’t quite willing to give it to someone else.

Perhaps that would have to be tabled for a time when Hudson’s c**k wasn’t pressing against my core. His c**k could make me say yes to anything.

His fingers still linked with mine, Hudson began to seduce me with his lips, leaning forward to take my breast in his mouth.

I sighed with pleasure, my body yielding to him. My head, however, was still wrapped up in details. “And what happens next with Celia?”

His lips left my breast. “Really? You want to talk about Celia now?”