Forever with You (Page 12)

Forever with You (Fixed #3)(12)
Author: Laurelin Paige

Until our eyes met.

Then we were lip-locked once again.

With me still wrapped around him, he sat—more like fell—onto the bed. I didn’t hesitate, scrambling down to the floor to my knees so I could undo his belt. He toed his shoes off and lifted his h*ps so I could pull his pants and briefs down.

As soon as his c**k sprang free, my eyes were glued. I wanted to lick it, to take it in my mouth, to feel it filling me, twitching in me. But there were still clothes in the way, and I needed to be naked. Needed him naked.

I reached my arms up so Hudson could pull my dress over my head. The backless nature of the outfit hadn’t allowed for a bra to be worn. Thank god. One less item to be removed. While he worked on unbuttoning his shirt, I circled my hands around his penis. Damn, it was steel. I only had time to stroke him a couple of times before he was pulling me with him onto the bed.

Both of us naked, we pressed into each other with a frantic need to be skin-on-skin in as many places as possible. Our hands explored like it was the first time, like we might never have the chance again—caressing and touching while we kissed with fevered passion. Hudson’s fingers eventually made their way to my lower regions where I wanted him most.

He slid through my wet folds once before tearing abruptly away. “Turn around and kneel above my face. I have to lick you.”

I shook as I clambered into the position. Hudson had gone down on me plenty of times, but never with me hovering over him in such a carnal way. It felt dirty and base and so, so sexy.

When I was bent over his face, he put his hands on my thighs and slid my knees further apart so that my cunt was a half an inch above his mouth. I was squirming before his tongue ever touched me. And he took his time before it did, blowing across my cl*t first, sending delicious little sparks through my limbs.

I peered down at the erotic sight of him between my legs and watched as he buried his nose in my lips and inhaled. “You smell so f**king good,” he groaned.

Holy. Fuck. I almost came right there.

Then—finally—his tongue flicked across my already excited clit. My body lurched and I cried out, fingernails digging into his hips. Amazing…so amazing.

How could it always be so amazing?

As I struggled to hold on, to not go over too quickly, I saw his c**k twitch below me. There was no question that I had to have him in my mouth. Immediately. I grasped my hands around the base of his shaft and slid his crown past my lips like I was sucking on a Popsicle. Only Hudson was much yummier.

His whole body shifted underneath me, his grasp on my thighs tightening. “Fuck, yes! Suck it.”

It was what I loved the most about sucking Hudson off—that I could have power over him. I was always the one who fell under his spell. I enjoyed the way he molded me, manipulated my body, bent me to his will—I craved it. But when I had his c**k in my mouth, I finally understood why he liked being in control. It was quite heady to be the one making him twist and writhe. Making him succumb to me.

And while I bobbed over him, he continued to suckle at my core. The ecstasy warred with my solemn intention to give to the man who was always giving to me. My insides tightened and I felt close to coming, but I held on, focusing on him. He thickened as I hollowed my cheeks and increased my tempo. My free hand ran up and down the inside of his thigh, then moved to cup his balls. He groaned and that was when I knew he was as close as I was. It was a battle—who would get there first? And who would the winner be? The one who came or the one who didn’t?

I considered it my victory when he pushed me away. “That’s enough. On your back. I need to come inside you.”

I swiveled to do as he commanded. I bent my knees, planted my feet on the bed, and spread my legs as Hudson scooted toward me. But instead of covering me with his body, he stayed kneeling. Lifting me under my ass, he urged me up into an arch. One hand moved to support me under my thigh. The other moved to rub my still-throbbing clit.

Talk about a view. I had the perfect vantage point to see his c**k knocking against my bare pu**y.

“I’m so turned on right now, Alayna. It’s going to be rough.”

He was asking my permission. Crazy, because I trusted him implicitly with my body. Trusted him with all of me.

My eyes met his. “Please.”

He groaned. Then he plunged in, deep and hard, just as he’d promised.

I cried out, fisting the sheets. I had already been on the brink and the minute he entered my channel, my orgasm ripped through me.

Hudson wasn’t slowing at all as I clenched around his cock. He drove into me with single-minded fury, over and over. His thighs slapped against mine, the sound driving me mad, stirring up another cl**ax within me. He talked to me—crazy sex talk that I could barely make meaning of in my haze. Each word punctuated as he thrust in, in, in. “You’re. So. God. Damn. Hot. You. Make. Me. Come. So. Hard.”

And then we were both coming. So hard. He pushed into me with a long groan. My eyes were glued to him, and I watched his entire torso stiffen as his h*ps bucked against my pelvis. Then my own vision went white, clouding with the intensity of my release. His name was on my tongue, both a curse and a prayer as I surrendered to the convulsions that begged to overtake me.

God, oh, god.

It seemed ages before I recovered enough to speak—to think. When I could, Hudson had already fallen on the bed beside me. He was equally affected, I knew. If he weren’t, he’d be holding me. Instead, we lay side by side, our shoulders the only parts of our bodies touching, yet the connected feeling was palpable.

I took a final deep breath. “That was incredible.” Incredible was an understatement. There weren’t words for what it really was. I looked over at the glorious lover beside me. “Seriously. How does sex with you just keep getting better and better?”

Hudson didn’t pause in his answer. “We’ve learned to trust each other.”

“Is that what it is?” It meant a lot that he trusted me after the things I’d done. In many ways I didn’t deserve it. But I would never betray him again. I’d grown past that.

“Yes. That’s what it is.” He turned his head toward me, his eyes narrowed. “Did I hurt you?”

“In only the best ways.” He had been rougher than usual. But I’d loved every second of it, even though I now felt raw and a bit tender. “I had no idea you were so into a shaved pu**y.”

He smiled, his shoulder lifting as if in a half-hearted shrug. “I’ve never really cared. It’s you I’m into. Shaved, bushy—I’ll take you.”