Focus (Page 46)

I was contemplating going in search of a chair when everyone in the room bowed slightly.

“Our cue.” Levi took my arm and led me from the room and out to the car.

“Can we go home now?”

“Anxious are you?” He arched an eyebrow.

“Not for the reason you think.”

He opened my door, and hesitated before closing it. “No? Are you sure about that?”

“Positive. I just needed to get off my feet,” I challenged. There was no way I was giving up that easily.

“We’ll see about that.” He closed my door and went around to the driver’s side.

The drive took longer than I expected. “Are you lost?”


“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely. I just wanted to go for a drive.” He grinned.

“Levi, this isn’t funny.” We were on some dark back road, and all I wanted to do was get changed and into bed—preferably with Levi next to me.

“Tell me the truth, and I’ll be done driving.”

“The truth? Are we really playing this game?”

“Apparently. I really thought we were finally done with the games though.”

“I wasn’t lying. I needed to get off my feet.”

“But is that the only reason you were in a hurry to get home?”

“No,” I admitted.

“I’m listening.”

“Why should I have to say anything? You’re not.”

“You want me to tell you why I want to get home? Not a problem. I want to get home so I can undress you and get you into bed underneath me.” He placed a hand on my leg, slowly moving it under the fabric of my dress. “Your turn.”

I closed my eyes, loving how nice his hand felt, and thinking about the hours we’d spent together in bed earlier. “I want you. Is that what you want to hear?”

“Exactly what I wanted to hear. Open communication is important to a healthy relationship.”

I shook my head. “Take me home.”

“My pleasure.”

Levi made another turn and within five minutes we were pulling up out front of the guest house. He hadn’t moved his hand the whole time, and I felt its absence when he removed it to get out. He must have noticed my expression. “Don’t worry. I’ll have my hands all over you in about a minute.”

He came around to open my door. “Make that thirty seconds.” He picked me up and carried me inside, slamming the door and locking it behind us.

He carried me right to the bedroom. “Now where were we?”

“Right here.” I smiled, as he laid me down on the bed.

Chapter Nineteen

Levi looked fantastic in his suit. He always looked nice dressed up, but his excitement made him look even better. I’d settled on a pair of black dress pants and a pink merino wool sweater. I’d correctly assumed the court chambers would be freezing—paranormals seemed to always run a few degrees warmer than humans.

I was seated in a cushioned chair that might be described as a throne. My chair was only separated from Levi’s by a few inches, and it was weird to be sitting in such a position of authority. I looked out at the crowded room. Every chair was taken, and hundreds of people were standing in the back.

A tall man who had introduced himself as Ray had a long list written on parchment that, when unfolded, went all the way to the floor. If it weren’t for the fact that the guy was young, and in shape, it would have been like looking at Santa with his naughty and nice list. I snickered, picturing Ray with a hat and coat.

Levi looked at me. “What’s so funny?”


“Tell me.”

It was hard to keep anything from Levi after the night we’d shared. “I was picturing Ray as Santa.”

He grinned. “A Pteron Santa…interesting.”

“So he is a Pteron… I wondered.”

“Yup, he’s our point man here.”

“Levi, are you ready?” Ray interrupted nervously.

“Of course.” Levi kissed my cheek before straightening in his chair to face the front of the room.

“First up is Norman Taylor, a Were.”

“Very well,” Levi said formally.

An older man with sandy hair approached the elevated platform where we sat. He bowed slightly. “Thank you for the opportunity to present my grievances.”

“It is your right.”

“As you know, the Canton pack has claim to the land directly east of Baton Rouge.”

Levi nodded. “Yes, I understand you have rights to the land.”

“We’ve repeatedly caught members of the Talbot Coven on our land. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t find a need to address the royal court, but we believe they are using spells against some of our men.”

“What evidence do you have?”

“The words of the men themselves. They’ve been waking up in the woods with only blurred memories of what happened.”

“Is that the only evidence?”

“No.” Norman turned red.

“What is it?”

“I don’t know if I should say it in front of your mate, Sir.”

“You know it is proper to have her present.”

“Of course. I will continue.”

Levi nodded.

“The men have only vague memories of engaging in activities with the women of the coven.”

“Activities?” Levi smiled slightly. “Are you trying to say that the men have had sex with coven members?”

“Yes.” Norman looked down at the ground.

“Is there a member of the Talbot Coven present?”

“Yes, Sir.” Gloria, the brunette from the night before, strode forward.

I watched, completely transfixed. This was better than any soap opera.

“Hello, Gloria. What do you have to say to his claim?”

“It’s true.”

“You are admitting that members of your coven trespassed on Were land and used spells against them?”

“No. I’m admitting that members of my coven have had sexual relations with members of his pack. The last time I checked, sex between paranormals wasn’t a violation of any rule.”

Norman interrupted. “It is when it’s coerced.”

“Coerced? Do most men have to be coerced into sex?” she purred.

“Sir, I beg you to put her in line. I run my pack traditionally. My men must find mates within the pack, or join with women from other Were groups. They do not fraternize with witches.”