Filthy Beautiful Lust (Page 30)

Filthy Beautiful Lust (Filthy Beautiful Lies #3)(30)
Author: Kendall Ryan

When Pace finishes the massage, I’m lax and almost boneless. I could curl into him and fall asleep. He turns me to face him and meets my eyes, while running his fingers through the long strands of my hair. "How did that feel?" he asks, his voice quiet.

"Really good," I admit. "Thank you. For dinner, for the toys, for everything…" He is too much, his kindness shines through with every action. My own words float through my head. I’d once told Pace that the quality I was looking for in a man is someone who was kind to my child. But he’s shown me something even more – he’s amazing with Max, but he’s also there for me. My throat gets tight.

"You’re welcome." His voice is hoarse, and suddenly I realize he’s aroused. I glance down and see a bulge pressing against his trousers. Touching me, even in an innocent fashion, has turned him on. Remembering that he doesn’t wear boxers makes me realize if I were to unzip the front of his pants, I could have his hot length in my greedy hands.

Feeling bold, I settle my hand over the front of his pants, lightly palming his erection.

A strangled groan pushes past his lips and his eyes land on mine. "Kylie…" His voice is a tender plea in the silent room, and the coarse quality to it sends shivers along my body. He wants me. And, even if it’s just for tonight, I want to feel wanted.

Sinking to the floor between his feet, my shaky hands fumble with his button and zipper while my eyes stay on his. I’m too filled with my need for him to worry about the consequences of Max finding us.

Pace’s breathing increases and his hand cups my cheek, his thumb lightly dancing along my skin.

I don’t know what I’m doing, but I know that I want my mouth on him. I want to give back all the pleasure he’s given to me. I want to make him feel as helpless and out of control as I do.

Once his pants are open and his big, beautiful cock is in my hand, I lower my mouth to the tip, and open wide, trying to fit my mouth around him. I inadvertently make a sucking sound against him and Pace groans out a curse word.

“Fuck.” His hands push into my hair and I think he’s going to take control, to push himself deep into my throat and fuck my mouth, but he only massages my scalp and plays with my hair while I continue working him over. I sweep my tongue across the head of him and tease him with broad licks of my tongue before lowering my mouth all the way down his shaft. His hands still and he groans. "That feels so good," he encourages when I ease up and slid down again. His hands stay buried in my hair while I bob up and down his length, eagerly sucking him.

He moves his hands move from my hair, and places one palm against my cheek. I open my eyes and look up at him. The smoldering look in his eyes makes my panties wet. He’s so utterly strong and sexy, and his cock is buried in my mouth.

"Goddamn, you’re so good at this," he moans.

He’s pulsing and wet with my saliva, and I slip my hand up and down over his steely length. Pace wraps his hand around mine, showing me that he likes a firmer grip and chokes out a groan when I tighten my hand on him. "That’s it."

His eyes stay on mine while my hand pumps up and down. My tongue licks at the tip of him, tasting the drop of liquid that appears.

"If you don’t want me to come, you need to stop now," he warns.

Of course I want him to. I continue my slow, wet kisses to the head while my hand slides up and down.

A rich rumble erupts in his chest and his hand grips mine once again, stilling my movements. I close my mouth around him as hot jets of semen slide down my throat. He is so perfect, so masculine and sexy, and geez, he even tastes good. I swallow every bit of him while he growls out another curse and his hand involuntarily tightens in my hair.

I wipe my lips with the back of my hand and glance up at him.

He’s smiling his gorgeous crooked smile that shows off his dimple. "I don’t know what I did to deserve that, but shit, that was good. Come here." He takes my hand and pulls me up into his lap.

I can’t help the girly giggle that rises from my throat. Being near him, letting go, it all just makes me feel so light and carefree. Moments like this are rare for me, and I want to savor this feeling, to bottle it up.

Pace, not seeming to mind in the least that his semen was just in my mouth, brings his lips to mine and kisses me, gently at first, then with a heated passion that makes my toes curl.

His hands slide under my shirt and his thumbs graze my nipples. I shiver at the pleasurable contact. It’s exactly what I’ve been craving. He’s always so sure and confident with his movements, it makes me love the commanding, masculine side to him. His hands move around to my back, where he quickly unclasps my bra, and then his hands are once again at my breasts, massaging them and stroking my tight nipples.

"I love your chest," he whispers, burying his face against my neck and lightly kissing. My head falls back, giving him access to my throat. I love the feel of his mouth on me. I squirm in his lap, my wet panties clinging to my sensitive flesh, as he caresses my breasts.

"Pace," I groan.

I feel him begin to harden beneath me and a surprised gasp leaves my throat. "Again?" I ask, unable to hide my shock that he can be hard again so quickly.

He shrugs. "I’m twenty-five, babe. I can come two or three times before I need a break." His smile is cocky and sure, but I guess it’s not cocky if it’s true.

Dear God, this information wreaks havoc on my libido. Any man who has that type of control over his body is just freaking sexy.

He pushes his hips up and grinds his erect cock into me. "Are you wet for me?" he asks, his tone direct.

My inner muscles clench in excitement. "Y-yes," I stammer. I’m unsure why but he’s turned me into a complete wanton mess.

"Can I make love to you right here on the couch?" he asks.

My eyes dart to the bedroom door. Max never wakes once he’s down for the night. My gaze returns to Pace’s and his navy eyes burn hotly on mine. "Yes," I say.

He pulls my shirt off over my head and his mouth lowers to my right breast, sucking my nipple into the hot cavern of his mouth and licking his tongue over it again and again. I toss my head back and groan, and Pace moves to the other breast, treating it to the same pleasure.

"Stand up, baby."

I rise off his lap and stand in front of him. Pace’s jeans are still pushed down his hips and his heavy cock is resting against his belly. It is a beautiful sight. His fingers reach for the button on my jeans and once he undoes it and tugs down my zipper, I help him push my jeans and underwear down my hips. I step out of them, and then I’m back in his lap.

Pace grips his erection, his hand sliding up and down lazily over his shaft while my eyes grow wide watching him. I love watching him touch himself. The way he tugs on his thick cock, while his eyes are glazed over with lust is incredibly sexy. I feel like I’m being treated to a private erotic show.