Filthy Beautiful Love (Page 27)

Filthy Beautiful Love (Filthy Beautiful Lies #2)(27)
Author: Kendall Ryan

I want to fuck you.


"I’m gonna go for a swim," Becca says.

Shit, I’m so wrapped up in my naughty text conversation with Colton that I’d forgotten she was beside me. "Okay. Have fun." I watch as she saunters away toward the pool, and see Pace looking longingly after her, but not making a move. I briefly wonder if Colton’s warned him to stay away from her.

Once Becca’s in the water, I glance back down at my phone.

My cock misses you. I told him we’d have you later, but he’s pretty fucking adamant it needs to be now.

Now? As in NOW?

Is he insane? We can’t possibly. Just as my head is spinning, my phone chimes in my hand.


I glance up at him and watch him type out another message.

Meet me in the pool house.

My nipples harden against my bikini top and my heart trips over itself in its fight to pick up speed. Without waiting for me to respond, Colton tucks his phone into the pocket of his board shorts. He says something to my father, who nods once, and then he strolls casually toward the pool house.

My own walk to the pool house is not so casual. I feel as guilty as a criminal on death row, certain that everyone is watching me and knows exactly what I’m headed off to do. My cheeks are already flaming bright red and my breathing is coming too fast. Apparently I suck at secret sex rendezvous.

When I reach the door to the pool house – that to any normal person would be a generously sized home – Colton is standing at the door waiting for me with an expectant smile.

"You came."

"Did you really think I’d turn you down?" I ask.


Taking my hand, he pulls me inside and shuts and locks the door behind us. The three bedroom – two bath home is under construction. The wallpaper has been stripped from the walls and there are tarps covering the floors. Dust and random tools are scattered about.

All the silly little things I was worried about earlier fade away as I focus entirely on my man and this beautiful moment.

Taking my wrists in his hands, he brings each to his mouth, kissing the underside of each one. His smirk tells me he can feel the way my pulse is rioting at his touch. He guides me into the kitchen and stops us beside the stone counter top.

"Hands on the counter," he whispers low near my ear, his lips tickling the sensitive skin at my neck.

I swallow and comply, turning around placing my palms flat on the counter.

He moves behind me and I feel him slowly untie the string at my back. His hands move under the cups of my bikini top and he massages my breasts, plucking my hard nipples until I gasp out at the sensation.

Sweeping my ponytail out of the way, he tugs at the string behind my neck and removes my top completely, setting it onto the counter beside my outstretched hands. He kisses all along the back of my neck and my spine while his hands continuing rubbing my breasts and nipples. I push my ass back against him and am greeted by his thick erection, that I’m sure is barely contained by his board shorts. He releases a sharp grunt.

Colton’s hands skim down my sides and push into the back of my bikini bottoms. He cups my ass, kneading it in his hands and then continues pushing my bottoms down until they pool around my ankles.

"Spread your legs," he breathes against my ear.

I tremble all over, but widen my stance, readying my body for him.

I hear him unlace his swim shorts, the crinkle of fabric is the most delicious sound, as he pushes them down his hips.

"I’m going to feed you my cock. One inch at a time. Stay nice and quiet, okay?"

I nod and feel him begin to rub the head of his cock against me, testing my wetness.

Colton presses forward, just the broad tip of him entering me. I whimper and turn my bottom up, needing to feel him push deeper.

He retreats back. "You have to stay quiet, sweetness. We wouldn’t want anyone to know I was fucking you in here, would we?"

I nod again. "I’ll be quiet. I promise." Just keep fucking me.

One hand remains anchored to my hip and the other comes around to my front. He reaches between my legs and uses his fingers to rub my slick clit in tiny circles.

Pleasure rocks through me as an unexpected orgasm slams into me. I pump my hips back into his, taking him deeper with each thrust.

"Colton…" I moan, unable to keep quiet.

He stuffs my bikini top into my mouth, muffling my cries of pleasure. "Shh…" he reminds me, "I want to make you come again."

I whimper softly, biting down on the fabric that smells faintly of chlorine and sweat.

Taking both of my hips into his hands, he pulls me back against him each time he thrusts forward, slamming into me, making me cry out. "You look so fucking hot, baby. I want to fuck your ass so bad."

He presses one finger inside my ass and the sensation–while completely foreign–is like nothing else. Pleasure grips me from the inside out. It’s fucking hot. His finger presses deeper and he releases a strangled groan.

"So. Fucking. Sexy," he growls.

His cock swells and I know he’s close.

"I’m going to come all over your ass."

He continues pumping into me while dragging his finger in and out of my backside and soon I feel my insides trembling.

My climax bursts through me and my muffled screams fill the quiet room. Colton wraps one hand around my mouth and slams into me again and again, milking every last ounce of pleasure from my body.

Then he pulls his cock free and I feel warm semen spurting onto my ass and lower back as he empties himself, marking my skin.

Holy shit that was hot.

He plants a damp kiss to the back of my neck, and then bends down and slides my bikini bottoms back up my legs. I’m all wet and messy from both of our climaxes, but the house has been cleaned out–there’s no paper towels or running water even.

"Colton?" I ask, wondering how I’m going to clean myself up.

"You can use the outdoor shower." His easy smile and eyes, bright with desire, challenges me.

I don’t know what game he’s playing, but if I go outside like this, there’s a chance people could see me. Yet there’s no way I’m backing down. I’m feeling spunky and full of life after our mid-day sexual adventure.

"Not a problem, Mr. Drake." I smile sweetly and his mouth drops open.

I saunter out into the sunlight with him following closely behind me, hoping that none of our guests notice the semen marking my lower back and thighs.

Chapter Eleven


She pulls the chain above her, water cascading down from the rainfall shower head, drenching her from head to toe.

I get half-hard again watching her. Streams of water run down her body and her nipples harden from the cool water. I have to force myself to look away to try and tame my erection. I’ve hit it off with her parents nicely and I wouldn’t want to undo all my good first impressions by getting an awkward boner while I ogle their daughter.