Filthy Beautiful Forever (Page 41)

Filthy Beautiful Forever (Filthy Beautiful Lies #4)(41)
Author: Kendall Ryan

“You’ll be great,” Kylie encourages. “Just get the drugs,” she says with a wink.

I see Mia cutting her food into small bites.

“Are you getting enough to eat?” I ask, feeding her a bite from my plate.

“I’m getting plenty,” she smiles at me.

I kiss her hand and give our baby a gentle pat. My brothers are used to seeing me act all mushy by now, and they rarely complain. Shit, they’re in the exact same boat.

It’s crazy that what started as three brothers whose idea of relationships was a one night stand with no commitments and no expectations has grown into what will soon be a family of ten. It’s kind of astounding when you think about it. Life may not be a fairytale—there are bumps and detours along the way—but I know Mia is my happily ever after. She is my forever.