Filthy Beautiful Forever (Page 40)

Filthy Beautiful Forever (Filthy Beautiful Lies #4)(40)
Author: Kendall Ryan

“A little while,” he says, as if it’s no big deal.

This morning seems like weeks ago, when he was up early and getting ready to go into ‘work.’ He must have been preparing all day getting ready. “How did your business deal turn out?”

“The business deal?”

“The one you’ve been working so hard on for the past few weeks.” I smile playfully at him.

His lips tug up in a grin. “So far so good. No, scratch that. It’s perfect.”



Six Months Later

Pace is in the pool with Max, and Colton is stationed at the grill, cooking succulent pieces of shrimp and steaks, but his eyes keep wandering over to his very pregnant wife.

Reluctant to leave Mia’s side, I’ve been hovering near the lounge chairs where the women are sunning themselves, occasionally fetching drinks, sunscreen and food for their growing bellies.

“I still can’t believe we’re all pregnant at the same time,” Mia says, placing her hand over her firm, round belly. She looks beautiful, full with my child, glowing and pretty. We had to change up our regular yachting tradition on the weekends since Sophie and Kylie’s queasy stomachs didn’t tolerate boating. Colton’s pool has been well-used this summer.

“I can’t believe we’re all brave enough to be wearing swimsuits while pregnant,” Kylie laughs. “Then again, Pace hasn’t minded the extra junk in my trunk, he says it’s an added bonus.”

I mentally file that under information I did not need to know about my little brother’s ass fetish. But, damn straight. Because that’s the fucking truth.

Sophie shifts, an attempt to get more comfortable and sighs. “Well, my bikini days are done after today, my top is about to burst open, I’m quite certain of it. And I refuse to buy a bigger size.”

Every time Sophie has to pee, which is about every fifteen minutes, Colton stops what he’s doing and hefts her to her feet, where she promptly waddles inside to relieve her over-used bladder. It’s actually quite adorable, but when I told her that, she shot me a death glare, so I’m keeping my trap shut.

Mia and Kylie are each about four months along, but Sophie is due any day now. She and Colton are having a little girl, who they plan to name Becca Grace in honor of Sophie’s late sister. I think it’s a touching tribute. Mia and I talk about names everyday—text them to each other when I’m at work, but so far, we’re not sure. I’m guessing once we find out what we’re having, it’ll make things more clear. We didn’t want to waste any time starting our family. We’re both thirty, and want to have a few kids—so Mia stopped taking her birth control, and a couple months later—we were expecting.

The women have spent most of this morning talking about their pregnancy woes, a topic which I’ve become accustomed to in the last several months, but when the conversation around me shifts to pregnancy sex, Mia turns as red as a beet, and I have to excuse myself. There is only so much girl talk I can take. I’ll be back to check on them soon, but I need a dose of testosterone before I lose my man card.

I head toward Colton and the appetizing smells emanating from the grill. “How are they doing?” he asks when I get close.

“Good. But a man can only take so much discussion of food cravings, nipple sensitivity and the best methods for breast feeding.” I shudder.

Colton’s eyebrows shoot up, but before he can respond, a burst of laughter drifts over. “What are they talking about now?”

“Sex,” I say blankly.

Paces wanders over holding Max. They are both wrapped up in beach towels. “What’s so funny over there?” He tips his head in the direction of our women.

“Apparently pregnancy sex,” Colton comments.

Pace frowns and looks over at Kylie. “I have mixed feelings about the whole thing.”

“What do you mean?” I ask. Lord knows, I haven’t been able to keep my hands off Mia. Between her swollen breasts, round hips, and her increased sex drive, we’ve spent entire Saturdays in bed.

“Dude. I don’t want to poke my baby in the head,” he admits.

Colton and I share an amused look, and then break out in a fit of hearty laughter.

Colton removes a shrimp from the grill and blows on it until it’s cool, then offers it to Max. “Here you go, buddy.”

Max babbles something at Colton, then nibbles on his shrimp before toddling over to his mom.

With Max over by the women, Colton thumps Pace on the back of the head. “Don’t be a dumbass, bro. The baby’s far away inside the uterus.”

“He’s right,” I say. “There’s no way your teeny weeny is going to hurt the baby.”

Pace grunts in disgust. “Teeny my ass. Step inside that pool house boys, and I’ll show you what a real man looks like.”

“No thanks,” Colton says, rolling his eyes. “My point is that your woman has needs. Needs that you would be fulfilling if you weren’t such a pussy,” Colton finishes and turns back to the grill.

“Pregnancy hormones increase the libido,” Colton says.

“Indeed,” I confirm, nodding while Colton and I share a fist-bump. Apparently Mia and I aren’t the only ones humping like bunnies these days. Good to know.

“Lunch is almost ready, do you want to gather the women and children?” Colton asks.

Crossing the stone patio together, Pace picks up Max, while I offer to help Sophie to her feet. “Ready?” I ask her.

She nods and holds out her hands to me. “Thank you, Coll.”

“Anytime.” I wait while Mia rises to her feet and slips into her sundress. “Ready for lunch?” I ask, before pressing a kiss to her lips.

“Absolutely. It smells amazing.”

When we’re all seated at the outdoor dining table, that Colton has designed to accommodate multiple highchairs, we clink glasses, toasting to family, health and safe deliveries of all three babies.

“So will Dad be flying into town soon?” I ask, after swallowing a bite of steak. He’s been here several times in the past few months, meeting Kylie and his first grandson after she and Pace got engaged, and again for my wedding, and then Pace’s wedding, which happened a few weeks later.

“Yeah, he flies in on Tuesday,” Colton says.

Sophie places her hand on top of her belly. “Hopefully I can make it that long.”

We all smile politely at her, and Colton kisses the top of her head. She’s been convinced she was in labor three times now.