Dirty Pleasures (Page 15)

“I haven’t had nearly enough of that dirty little mouth of yours. Now put that hand on your pussy and show me how you make yourself come.”

She lets out a breathy, “Oh my God,” before she faces forward once more and follows my instructions. I cup her ass and give her one more sharp slap for her delay before reaching for the button of my jeans.

I don’t even have my zipper down yet, and her fingers are buried inside her pussy. Gripping my dick, I squeeze it tight. But the moans and whimpers and bobbing of Holly’s ass have precum already dripping from the tip. I reach between her legs and pull her hand away.

“I need some of this.” Dipping my hand into her wetness, I coat my palm before telling her to continue. I start to stroke, my precum and Holly’s slickness easing each slide of my hand.

“You’re such a dirty fucking girl,” I tell her as I see one of her fingers ease out of her pussy and skim the pucker of her ass. “You need something filling your ass to help you come faster, baby?”

She nods.

“Give me the words, Holly.”

“Please,” she whispers.

“You’re not ready for my cock yet.”

She shakes her head.

“Show me what you want, Holly.”

Her curious little finger rims her ass, but doesn’t slip inside.

She looks back at me, teeth sinking into her bottom lip. “Please.”

Holly looks like she’s teetering on the edge of orgasm, desperate for the little push that will send her over. I may not have packed much, but I remembered to pack the important stuff.

“Don’t move.”

I turn and head for my bag. After wiping off my hand, I retrieve the plug and lube in record time. I’ve got the package open and the silicone coated liberally when I step back into the bedroom.

The sight of Holly on her knees, ass in the air and her hand between her legs, nearly has me coming on the spot.

Fuck me, but this woman is perfect.

Creighton stops at the end of the bed and holds up a hot pink butt plug. It’s definitely bigger than the last one we used, but right now, I don’t care. I’m reaching for what might be the most intense orgasm of my life, and I’m beyond caring about anything. I’m begging for him to shove something up my ass, and I know I should feel embarrassed or ashamed, but all I care about is the mind-blowing pleasure I know will follow.

“Fucking perfect.” Or at least I think that’s what he whispers when he lowers his head and presses a kiss to the base of my spine, and then one to each dimple at the top of my ass.

My nipples pucker as he slides the tip of the plug down my crack until it’s resting against my ass. The slick trail of lube tells me he’s already prepared it for me. The pressure is exquisite as he presses it forward just a smidge at a time. I arch my back, shoving back against it, and inhale sharply at the burn.

He backs off immediately, and his palm slaps the outside of my thigh. “Slow down, baby. You’ll get what I give you, and you’ll like it.”

He’s already started nudging the plug back inside me, and my fingers work my clit faster and faster. I can feel my arousal dripping down my hand, and I’m nearly mindless with pleasure when he’s stretched me and seated the plug.

The same palm that slapped me before now caresses my ass, and I push back into it.

“Fucking beautiful,” he says, and in that moment, I feel beautiful. I feel . . .

My thoughts shut down as the orgasm solidifies and shatters inside me. I think I moan his name, but I have no idea.

I drop my hand, ready to ride out the pleasure as it subsides, but Creighton has other ideas. His fingers take over, pinching my clit and stealing another orgasm from me.

“Oh. My. God,” I whisper, my eyes slamming shut as the arm I’m using to hold myself up shakes and my elbows give way.

Creighton catches me before I land face-first on the bed. He lifts me back up onto my knees, but doesn’t stop until my back is against him. His fingers disappear, but then I feel the head of his cock against my pussy.

“I’m taking a rain check on fucking that mouth of yours. Right now, I need to be inside you.” He thrusts, seating himself to the base with one ruthless push.

The plug in my ass makes him seem twice as big, and the stretch of his cock sends my body into pleasure overload.

“Creighton!” Another orgasm rips through me, but he doesn’t slow. He holds me pinned to him with an arm under my breasts as he thrusts into me over and over.

I can feel his breath as he speaks against my ear. “One more time. I’m not stopping until I feel that perfect cunt of yours strangle my cock one more time.” His lips slide across my shoulder just before his teeth press against my skin.

I don’t know if it’s his words, his teeth, or my own hand between my legs, but in that moment, I detonate.

Having a wife was supposed to be convenient, and when I woke up this morning with my cock between my wife’s lips, it was incredibly fucking convenient.

But now? Now I’m starting to realize there is nothing convenient about being married to Holly Wickman Karas, and yet there’s nothing that could drag me away from her. Not even the fact that my uncle is causing trouble and riling up Wall Street. If there was ever a time I should be at the helm, showing the world that the company I’ve built from nothing is the center of my life, it’s now.

But I’m not at my desk. I’m in Dallas, still living in Holly’s world, and trying to figure out how one formerly innocent country girl claimed that center spot.

Everything I feel about her is unsettling, and I’m not ready to fucking talk about any of it. So instead, I focus on the here and now, and leave the complicated little fuckers called emotions to another day.