Dirty Billionaire (Page 36)

She stops, and her teeth dig into her lower lip.

I wait, curious to see what she’s going to say. With Holly, I never really know—and I’m finding I like that unknown.

“Can you . . . help me out?”

I almost say that I’ll help her with any fucking thing she wants, but I don’t. “With what?”

She bites her lower lip again and lets it slide between her teeth. “With, um, the plug?”

A small smile curves my lips. “You didn’t take it out in the shower?”

A short, jerky shake of her head is her only answer.

“And why’s that, Holly?”

Her gaze drops to the floor, which won’t do. Sliding back into the roles that we’ve carved out is easier for me than addressing the events of tonight, and maybe that’s exactly what it takes to bring back the Holly I’m already addicted to.

“Look at me when you answer me.”

A blush I’m becoming more and more familiar with stains her cheeks as she lifts her gaze to mine once more.

“I thought since . . . you know, you put it in, that you should be the one to, um, take it out.”

She’s perfect.

“Good girl. If you’d taken it out without my permission, I would’ve had to spank that pretty ass.”

I toss the covers aside, swing my legs over the edge of the bed, and stand. Her attention immediately falls to my dick. I don’t correct her, because I like her attention there. She’ll be paying it a whole hell of a lot more attention in a few minutes. But first . . .

“Turn around and bend over.”

Her blush turns from a luscious pink to a fiery red.

“Excuse me?”

“Do I need to repeat myself? Because if so, your ass is going to be as red as your cheeks, sweet girl.”

Her throat works as she swallows. I open my mouth to repeat my command, but she spins on her heel and bends over before I can get out the words.

My hand flexes with the need to smack that heart-shaped ass. I don’t want to confuse her, but I can’t resist. I pull back and deliver a stinging slap just under the curve of her right ass cheek. She inhales sharply and starts to rise, but my hand at the small of her back holds her in position.

“Don’t move.”

“But—but why?”

I crouch and trail my hand down the side of her body, stopping to cup her breast and roll her nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

“Because I can, Holly. Because your body belongs to me. And because you want it.”

A shiver races through her and her nipple stiffens further, confirming my words.

I release my hold on her nipple and drop my hand to the back of her calf. I rise slowly as I drag my palm up the back of her leg to her ass. I find the base of the plug with my thumb and press against it.

I’m rewarded with another harsh intake of breath.

“I’m taking it out, but a bigger one is going back in tomorrow. I don’t have a lot of patience, and I can’t wait much longer to fuck this gorgeous ass.” I pull the plug out by the base and fuck her with it a few times before withdrawing it completely.

I turn toward the bathroom, but pause to tell her, “Be on your knees when I come back out. I’m going to fuck your mouth before we go to bed.”

She shivers visibly. My dirty girl.

I take care of the plug in the bathroom and return to find her waiting on her knees . . . just missing the mark of obedient because her hand is between her legs, and her eyes are closed as she rides out an orgasm.

I watch—raptly—because Holly in the throes of climax is the hottest fucking sight on the goddamn planet. But my enjoyment in watching her doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy punishing her even more.

“Couldn’t wait for me, I see.”

Her eyes snap open, and if it’s possible, her cheeks turn even redder. “I . . . I needed—”

“You needed to wait and take what I give you. And since you’ve already gotten yourself off, I guess that means you don’t need me to eat that pretty pussy until you’re so drunk off the pleasure, you can’t move.”

Crestfallen. That’s the word that perfectly describes her expression.


“Keep that mouth open, baby, because you’re about to take my cock down that gorgeous throat of yours.”

Her jaw drops, and I smile.

“Perfect.” I step toward her, cupping her chin and running a thumb along her lower lip. “Fucking perfect.”

My cock is straining up toward my navel, so I grip the base and bring it to her lips. Her tongue slips out and flicks the head.

“Grab my ass with both hands. I want you in position, and I don’t want you tempted to fuck yourself with your fingers.”

She complies, and I feed my cock into her mouth. She takes more than she did the last time, and I know this won’t last long. I bump the back of her throat, and she gags a little.

“Swallow me, baby. I want to feel your throat work me.”

Again, she complies, and I begin to thrust. In and out, reveling in the hot, wet heaven of her mouth. She takes me like a champ, her little moans sending out vibrations I can feel in my balls.

I have the primitive urge to mark her as mine. I feel my sac tighten, and I decide I’ll finish on her tits next time.

“Ready, baby?”

She nods, and her nails dig into the muscles of my ass. I fucking love it.

My orgasm shoots down from my spine, and she swallows every drop that I give her. She’s the perfect fucking woman. The perfect fucking wife.

I help her off her knees after I’m finished, and wipe the edges of her mouth with my thumb.