Craving Him (Page 52)

Craving Him (Love by Design #2)(52)
Author: Kendall Ryan

Emmy’s eyes flew to mine. She felt my arousal nudging against her. The thin bikini bottoms were the only bit of fabric between us and provided little in the way of a barrier.

“I want to get you pregnant,” I whispered in her ear before giving the lobe a gentle bite.

Emmy’s eyes met mine. “Are you serious?”


A slow, lazy smiled overtook her mouth.

I moved aside her bikini bottoms and pushed one finger slowly inside her. She was soaking wet. I positioned her so that each thigh was beside mine and lifted her up to meet my erection while my eyes met hers.

I pushed inside, entering her slowly, letting her feel every hard inch of me invade her. I wouldn’t rush tonight.

I watched her take me in, her breathing coming in quick pants and her eyes slipping closed.

“Open them,” I growled.

Her pretty gray-blue gaze locked with mine and she began riding me slowly, swirling her hips and rubbing her chest against mine.

“Shit,” I cursed, gripping her hips but letting her use me just how she wanted to.

She slid up and down my length, increasing her speed, and my head fell back against the side of the hot tub. She was too much.

“Emmy . . .” she needed to slow down or I was going to lose it. And there was no way I was finishing before her.

“I’m gonna . . .” she panted, arching her back. Her tight walls pulsed around me and her nails bit into my shoulders as she clung to me.

Pushing deeply into her one last time, I exploded, filling her as I came.

When we’d finished I cradled her in my arms, letting the warm water lull us into relaxation. I held her as our heartbeats slowed, lightly caressing her skin. “I love you, baby,” I whispered, burying my face in the crook of her neck.

She pulled back a fraction to meet my eyes. “I love you, too,” she murmured.

“I know you do. You make me feel like I can do anything, be anything. Like I’m whole. Thank you for loving me despite the millions of reasons not to.”

“I’ve always loved you. Right from the very beginning, even when I knew I shouldn’t.”

I pushed the wet locks of hair back from her face to meet her eyes. “Good girl, Mrs. Shaw.”

Emmy climbed from my lap, rearranging her bottoms but leaving her top floating in the water. I opened the champagne and poured us each a glass.

“Cheers.” I raised my glass to hers.


Hmm. I thought it over. “Sex in hot tubs. Dirty texts.” I took her hand, lacing her fingers between mine. “And love without end.”

A pretty smile uncurled on her lips and she clinked her glass to mine. “Sounds perfect to me.”