Beneath These Scars (Page 43)

“Why are you stopping?” My words came out on harsh, panting breaths, and my frustration was impossible to miss.

“Because you’re not begging yet.”

“Get back down there and finish the job, damn it.”

Titan’s hands slid up my thighs, coasting and gripping until he spread my pussy lips and lowered his mouth again.

My body breathed a sigh of relief until he stopped an inch away.

“Beg me to eat this beautiful pussy until you come.”

“Go to hell!”

He shifted, sliding a finger inside me.

Oh. God. I needed more. Right now. I was hanging on the edge and didn’t want to lose my grip on this orgasm. It was huge, intense, and so, so close.


“Ask me nicely, Yve.”

“I hate you,” I swore.

“This has nothing to do with hate and everything to do with dominance. We laid out the rules of this little game, and you agreed. I came tonight at your whim, and I fulfilled my side of the bargain. I told you what you have to do. Just give me one damn word and I’ll give you what you want.”

“Go to—”

He thrust a second finger inside me, twisting and crooking them to hit my G-spot.

“Oh my God.” I was tumbling toward the edge. He wouldn’t be able to stop me, couldn’t hold me back. I’d get what I needed from Titan and . . .

He pulled his fingers out and stepped away. No part of him was touching any part of me, and I wanted to scream.

“You’re such an asshole,” I said, releasing my grip on the counter and reaching for my clit.

“Oh no, you don’t.” Titan wrapped a hand around my wrist and held my fingers just above where I wanted them. “The only person making you come tonight is me. And all you have to do is say, Please, Lucas, let me come. That’s all, Yve.”

It was like staring into the face of the devil while he offered you what you most wanted in exchange for the low, low price of your self-respect.

The battle for dominance waged on as we glared at each other, and I expected my need to slip away, like water cupped in two hands. But it didn’t.

Titan’s burning green gaze on mine kept me on the edge. I needed to go over. I needed this.

“I hate you,” I said again. This time, the words carried less heat and more frustration.

“I’d be disappointed if you didn’t.”

I squeezed my eyes shut and opened my mouth to speak.

“Look at me when you say it,” he ordered.

My eyes snapped open, and I enunciated each word clearly, but through gritted teeth. “Please, Titan, let me come.”

Triumph lit his face, but I ceased caring because he wrapped my hand around the edge of the counter and growled, “Hold on,” before he lowered his mouth to my clit and thrust one finger, and then a second, inside me.


It took only moments before my orgasm ripped through me, shattering my better judgment and my inhibitions. His name echoed off the walls of the store as I came.

I’d just started to float down off the high of my orgasm when Titan stood, gripped me again by the hips, and flipped me over onto my stomach on the counter.


“I can’t fucking look at a countertop these days, especially not in my own damn kitchen, without wanting you naked and bent over it.”

I heard the tearing of a condom packet, and the heat that had just begun to fade spiked to an even higher degree. I remembered the feel of Titan pushing his thick cock into me, stretching me, taking me.

As much as I should have hated it, I’d loved it.

He was confident, commanding, and while he pushed my buttons, he didn’t trigger any of my freak-outs. It made absolutely no sense, but I wasn’t going to question it. Because right now, I was going to get the repeat performance I’d been fantasizing about for days.

“Speak now, or my cock is going to be inside you in less than two seconds.”

“Hurry up. Two seconds is too long,” I shot back.

A hot palm pressed to the small of my back, and I arched at the contact. He seated the head of his cock against my entrance, and I pushed back, wanting him inside me, but the hand on my back held me in place.

I felt his breath on my ear before I heard his words. “I decide how, Yve. How hard I take you. How many times I fuck you. How many times you come. You get me?”

“Yes, goddamn it!”

“Good girl.”

His teeth closed over my earlobe as he pressed inside me. I’d expected hard and fast, but what I got was slow, delectable, and mind-blowing. Once he was buried to the hilt, Titan straightened. He wrapped one hand around each of my hips and started to move.

Every slide of his body into mine lit up all the pleasure centers in my brain. It was like Titan’s cock had a magical locator system that pinpointed my G-spot and hit it repeatedly.

And this explained why I remembered his kitchen countertop so fondly and frequently—it had been some of the best sex of my life. Maybe the best.

“Are you going to be thinking of me fucking you right here, when you’re ringing up customers tomorrow? Are you going to remember how tight your pussy was wrapped around my cock and how loud you screamed my name?”

Before his voice and his words had been a distraction from getting to the edge where I could fling myself over into oblivion, but now, Lucas Titan’s voice had become a trigger all by itself. His dirty words pushed me faster and harder toward the point of no return.

“Answer me, Yve. Tell me you’re going to remember this.”

“Yes, damn it. Now make me come.”